Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tempe, AZ


I just came across this woman on the light rail in Tempe to Mesa Arizona. She just handed me a folded up piece of paper with
very nice writing.

"Tell the whole town of Phoenix, Arizona to Watch my Domestic Violence Shelter"
The whole night: The men are on the inside. The elks lodge.

She goes on about the the 20$ pimp Carl Wyman. I really wanted to talk to her to satisfy my entertainment for
the day but I was just too exausted from studying the night before. This was about 9am going eastbound.
She had 2 black bags that were on the floor. For each bag there was a laminated paper pinned for display of
her writings. She wore sunglasses and her heals were badly chapped. I sat there and read it sitting across from her and
after I was done I looked at her but she didn't pay me any mind.

After all of this I went home and googled the 20 dollar pimp haha I just wanted to see what the hell she was talking about and I found this site.