Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chico, CA

We met Marilyn in Chico, CA in front of Enloe Memorial Hospital on 5/31/2008.
She was standing on the corner wearing her Social Security Card on her dress.
She handed us a letter regarding abuse of the bus lines from Klamath, OR to
Sacramento, CA. She wrote that she was being stopped by black police officers
who had their skin "depigmented" compliments of Carl Wyman. These police
officers were trying to kill her and had been following her for 6 years. They
were abusing microwaves and raping bus drivers, as well as not paying to ride
on the bus. Mrs. Kurston Sawyer has a main frame (a whole microwave
technology) to control the town. She is trying to stop microwave abuse.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Springfield, OR

Wow...this one weirded me out. Gave her a ride to a
Jehovah's witness church, she looked like a nice old
"Rosa Parks" type gal. Very calm, and quiet. Then, she
wouldn't get out of the car, and began writing on a
flier she had. She wrote a note on the top of her
flier,"carjacking offense, tell them to pay for
abusing this white woman ride." She started doing a
weird head twitch thing,and said she was a little
dizzy, and I began to wonder if she was going to pull
out an oozie or something! She was so sweet and nice!
But, creepily scary like a Ted Bundy! I actually
checked my whole car after reading her flier to make
sure she didn't stick some sort of crazy government
tracker to it! lol..

Also, her flier says to call her Friend, Cheryl Welsh,
in Davis california, The phone number was a Cafe, so I
called information. the phone # she had on her flier
was 530-758-2626, and the directory # I was given, was
530-758-1626...she said the calls were being blocked ,
and to internet her friend, at Citizens Against Human
Rights Abuse. If you google that, it takes you to a
web site authored by Cheryl Welsh, and has all this
supposed research on microwave technology! Very creepy...

(no city), OR

I think my son had an encounter with Marilyn in Oregon last night! she gave him a very strange coded handwritten letter when you google search items on the letter it appears that we are dealing with a mental case who is traveling the country using symapthy. It is very sad that people need to stoop to this level in the GOD given USA. :(

Friday, May 23, 2008

St Helens, OR

We received a letter from Marilyn Friday evening, around 6:30 pm, at the Klondike restaurant in St. Helens, Oregon. She came to our table, said she was on a national tour, something to do with helping a women's shelter, then gave us the letter and quickly walked away. My husband and I read through the letter and soon realized she must be mentally ill. We decided to google some of the phrases, and were very surprised to see that we could actually find out who she is!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kelso, WA

She arrived in Kelso, WA on May 21, 2008. I met her at my church today the 22nd, she handed flyers around to ladies but did talk with a gentleman of my church. She seemed to be quiet gentle but when I read her flyer I can't help but wonder where her family is to contact them. A couple from church gave her a ride somewhere but I have been unable to call because they go to bed early. She needs some help

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chicago, IL

I just saw her on the Train between Chicago and Round Lake Beach in Illinois!!

My wife and two kids (3 1/2 yo and 9 mo old) boarded the train at Western and she was already there with her bags. My wife and I noticed that she had some hand written signs taped to the back of her jacket and on her bags. After awhile she stood up and stared out the window for about 20 minutes, then after most of the car had emptied (there were still quite a few people), she started handing out her fliers. She gave them to all the women EXCEPT my wife. There was a couple sitting in front of me, so I was reading the flier over the guy's shoulder, and asked if I could have it, then posted it to my Live Journal.

This was on the 10th. She got off the train I "think" in Northbrook. I had my wife and several other people sitting near us laughing so hard when I said she was passing out "100% Pure, Weapons Grade Crazy".

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chicago, IL

here is my account:

I was on the 8:30am Metra train travelling from Chicago to Aurora. At about hinsdale, or Clarendon hills, or Downers grove a woman came into the car and began speaking loudly. I was on the upper deck of the train and could not see her - only hear her. I didn't fully understand what she was saying - something about a woman's shelter - and her name "Marilynn Gibbs." there was an authority and a conviction in her voice and I assumed she was probably a social activist of some stature who had taken it upon herself to personally campaign for a woman's shelter in the place we were passing through. I was very impressed and inspired by her as she then proceeded to walk around and hand out her flyers. Of course, as I read I soon found that what i was reading was mental paranoia, conspiracy theory, reminiscent of bad mental breakdowns. she walked to the next car leaving a confused audience in her wake. People were actually taking her semi-seriously up until the point they started reading what she had handed out. Eventually she came back into the car and I had the opportunity to look at her as she sat in one seat, got up and moved to another, and then another before leaving the car for good. she was wearing a long tan trenchcoat with a copy of her manifesto safety-pinned on to the back of the coat. Also, from my birds eye vantage point it appeared that she was wearing a bad wig - it was easy to spot a big section where the hair was missing - and what was underneath was not her scalp. There was a black kid across from me studying his chemistry book and he asked her why she did not also give him a copy of her sheet and she told him it was because he was black.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Chambersburg, PA

Ms. Gibbs attempted to gain admittance to our shelter in down town Chambersburg, Pa. When asked why she was homeless she released little helpful information. The shelter was full, and as such she could not be admitted. Shortly before leaving the premises, she through a three page document through the office window. The document contained odd, delusional, and racist messages describing microwave abuse, rape, and a list of several people she liked or disliked. Within the letter she said white women pimps should be shot / blown up.