Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Davis, CA

She was in the UC Davis library today handing out fliers with seemingly random business cards attached to them. She handed out three copies of the same letter to everyone she saw. When she handed her letter to my friends and I, she mumbled something about Dr. King.

(hand written in the margins)
and a Michael Jackson in the cemetary army that are transported in white tractor trailer trucks big white fish trucks, U-Haul hitch trailers, white works vans and white pick-up trucks imported from Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco. Look for the side doors on the trucks.


Carl Wyman 20,0000 Traveling Ghetto Amry, (Mrs. Hazel Wyman)

A $20 Pimp. He Got Too Big For His Britches.

A Black Minister. The Salvation Army Shelter In A Ghetto,
Drug and prostitution Area. The earlington Heights Train Stop. Miami, Florida.

A Black Police Officer.
He look White Now. They Change Technology Twilight Appearances Every Hour And Business Frames Every Hour To Continue The Illegal Microwave Abuse Oppression Offense Funds Collections and Racketeering Microwave Abuse Oral Sex- Bathroom Rape Offenses on Wealthy Whites And The Whole Town, And Robberies and Murders.

They Chip And Attack There Whole Set -up. We All Got Chipped And Attacked At The Same Times. (Owners, Managers, Staff and Patrons)

You Will Know Him By The Oral Sex-Bathroom Rape Offense And Microwave Technology 667. (the following is and written) He put the offenses on a cheap microwave technology. They are not worth a dime!

He Is Traveling With Enough Technology to Abuse Every Town In America And He Is Traveling with a Team Of Hard Core Street Women That He Technology Twilight To Look Like Anna Nicole Smith, Miss White America, The Police Dept, The FBI, The Military and The Pentagon. They Microchip and Implant There Sex Deals On The Whole Town By Injection. (Mrs. Kurston Rodwin) They Are In Every Building In Town Making Deals On My Fifteen (15) Year Offense Offense, My Raft 2257 And My Microwave Technology 667. $900 Million, $800 Trillion And All Of The Money Made On My Raft 2257 And My Microwave Technology 667.

All of My FIfteen (15) Year Offense Funds Are Banked Under The National Black Church. (the following is handwritten) I don't know them. I am not a married woman.

Lobbyists, Activists, Marilyn Gibbs (Rodrigues) Race Separation to the Hispanic Race To Stop Black Race Abuse From Attacking Me For My 15 Year Offense Funds. I Am Traveling As A Hispanic Woman And I Don't Want To Be Mistaken As Black Woman.
I Have Shaved Off All Cultural Connection To The Black Race. They Need My Travel To Travel Safe, Stalking Me Saying Black Protection. They Tell You That They Are Going To Kill Me For You To Take There Bad Deals, E-Mail My White Friends And Let Them Send Help To Kill Every Black Voo Doo Witchcoat In America And Haiti.
They Have The Whole Life After Death Process From Carolyn Haiti And Jasmire Haiti From Safe Space Domestic Violence Shelter in Little Haiti, Miami, Florida.

Mrs. Hazel Wyman's Raft 207 Says That They Have Always Written For Me. They Are Reading Back to Me my Old Letters. There National Black Church Line Abuse On Both Ears. They Are Switching And Rewriting My Letters. A John Rodwin And A Howard Warner Offense. 911 Police Bomb Them Right now. (And There ELKS Organization White Men In The Night

Monday, February 22, 2010

Richmond, VA

I recently saw the words " chemical white processed black woman" on a forum and immediately recognized them. So I googled it and found this sight.
I was living in the Fan/Museum District of Richmond, VA from June of 2006 to June of 2007. Not sure of the exact date, most likely in the fall of '06, but my roommate's folks were visiting from Georgia. They we out seeing the town,my roommate and I were both at work, and this elderly black lady on the sidewalk asked them to roll their car window down while they were stopped at a stop sign. They did and she handed them a business card from a local Holiday Inn, said "thanks" and walked away. She had written "her manifesto" on the back.
We all kind of laughed about it, I stuck it in a corner of a picture frame we had hanging on the wall. It was just some random scribblings of some random lady. I guess not. We kept it, really, because it was funny but this website gives it a whole new meaning.
Attached is a photo of the back of the card. I still have it, hanging on my wall in GA. This places her in Richmond, VA in late summer/early fall of '06. Cannot really add much detail as I did not have any personal interaction with Mrs. Gibbs. Feel free to use anything from this or contact me.
This site is great, her story has me enthralled, I want to know as much about this lady as possible. Thanks for this.

[back of card]

Mrs. Kunston Sawyer Rodwin
Ringwald. She Is A Chemical
White Processed Black Woman.
Street Trash From California.

Microwave Abuse

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Auburn, CA

Feb 20th Auburn Ca Aprox 7PM at and in and out buger

My friends and i were leaving the in and out burger on our way back from Lake Tahoe, while we were getting into our car a lady came up to us and asked us for a ride to the local kinkos to make some copys. We had a full car and were headed the opposite direction so we decided not to give her a ride. She proceeded to give us each a paper. The writing was typed and been copied over and over so it was not only un clear as to what the message was trying to say but hard to read. Complete gibberish. We then proceeded to google "Microwave Technology 667" because her paper said that so many times. Eventually we came across this blog about her. Crazy woman on a mission. Just wanted to share my experience with her.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Santa Rosa, CA

We found Marilyn G Rodriguez at a friends funeral in Santa Rosa 2/12/10 .

She drooped in after going to another church near by. She finds her way to churches apparently and if they are open or active just goes in. She has a church background. We although Anglo attended a Church of God in Christ, and she speaks with the gracious courtesy of a woman raised up in the African American church family.

We felt compelled to let her spend the night and prayed with her. She was very gracious, well spoken and gentle. Obviously traumatized and deeply in need of understanding and compassion. In review a few of these posts we see a stream of consistency that suggest pieces of reality. But buried under a construct for security.

She spent the night, took a bath, helped wash dishes and wanted to be dropped off at the local Catholic Church.

She expressed that she is ready to be done with her battles, is weary of the fight and we prayed with her that she could lay them down, trust in G-d to be be her protection, vindication and deliverer. We will continue as compelled to pray for this sweet kind gracious yet burdened woman. It is so very clear to us the importance of forgiveness of those that offend. The need to trust G-d to be the defender and vindication of those outside of our sphere of influence, lest we get consumed with battles we can never win. David the king of Israel put it best.."I have learned how to quiet my self like a weened chilled on my mothers breast, I do not worry about things to great for me" May Marilyn find such peace with the G-d she surely knows and has kept her "in her travels".

We pray the L-rd G-d king of heaven's armies protect, guard and release this precious person to peace, restoration, and wholeness. May those that have done her harm receive their just desserts.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Petaluma, CA

I was leaving the hospital because I was dropping off my father. My dad told me not to wait around because it was going to take a long time. moments before I left i noticed the a black women walk Thur the waiting area and out the door. Not but a couple minutes I left for home too. As I was leaving the parking lot I phoned a friend and as i was waiting for my friend to pick up my call, I was flagged down by a older black female. At first I thought that the lady just needed directions. So I pulled over and rolled down the window and the lady asked if she could get a ride to the nearest bus station. I was on the phone with my friend still and was not really thinking much about so I said yes. Shortly after my phone call I asked her which one she wanted to be dropped off at. In the few seconds I was on the phone it went for the nearest bus station to the Santa Rosa (a town about an half hour drive away) city hall. I wasn't happy wit it but I thought that I could do a good deed and wold receive some good karma for it. So the I started driving to Santa Rosa and got about half way there before any conversation got started. She asked me if I was hungry and I told her that I just eat. She said that she had some cheese and went into her bag but pulled out a whole loaf of bread. The she tried to tell me that she was an activist and was trying to got her money for some white cop. I acted like I was reding the paper but I was drivingand didnt think much of it. So we were coming up on City Hall and the she changed her mind and wanted to be droped off on the corner of Hazel and Olive. Then I asked her where that was at and she didn't know. At this piont I was getting mad but she was a little old lady and couldn't jus kick her out of my car. So I called my friend form earlier and asked him to look up the street. Luckily I was in the remote area so I finally got to the corner of the two streets. When we got there I was trying to get her out my car and awnswering ya to every thging she was saying. Then she broke out into this storie that she was chiped by this cop and gave me a stack of papers that were all the same. She told me if I did what was on the papers that i would be intitled to some of her money. Then she told me that i was her mexican brother forever. I told all my friends about what happened and they didnt belive me so I showed them the paper she gave to me. we were cracking up when we read it and then found this website.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sebastopol, CA

She was in the Sebastopol Library (Sonoma County) today asking us to make free photocopies of her letter. We declined. She made copies herself, and handed them to people in the library.
I googled her later, seeing that others had the same experiences with her.