Tuesday, December 30, 2008

St George, UT

My wife and I were leaving the Chuck-O-Rama restaurant in St George, UT this afternoon when we were approached by a very nice mannered black lady. She excused herself for intruding and asked if we could help her get to Washington just a few miles north of where we were at. At first I hesitated, then seeing that she appeared to be a very sincere and cordial lady in need of help, my wife and I agreed that we would take her, even though it was in the opposite direction of where we wanted to go.

After we all got into our car we began a discussion with her by making introductions. She introduced herself as Ms Marilyn and told us a similar story that we have now found on this blog and numerous other preceding it. She told us she was an activist similar to Martin Luther King Jr. but that for her it was not a willing participation but something she was being compelled to do. To be truthful, we seemed to disarm much of the manner of Ms Marilyn we are reading about in this blog by asking her where she was from. She mentioned that she had recently been in Park City and several places north – but that she was currently staying in Cedar City though she’d come to St George on business. We told her we were from Cedar and that we would be returning later that evening. She seemed to not have heard that we were not returning immediately when she asked us if we were now returning to Cedar could she ride with us. We restated that we had children we had to pick up from other activities and that we would not be driving back to Cedar until later. She then stated that the Washington On-Ramp to I-15 headed North would be the place she would like us to drop her off.

Before getting to the inter-change I told her that it would be more-likely she could find someone returning to Cedar City by going to the local Costco. She stated with some hesitancy that she wouldn’t mind being let off of the on-ramp but that if we thought it best at Costco for her she would accept that. We told her that we would check back later on our way and look for her. She seemed very concerned that she had to be back in Cedar before nightfall and back into the lodging that was being provided for her. My wife asked her if she had a cell-phone that we could check up on her later, and she stated she did not and asked if we had a cell-phone and when we confirmed we did, she asked if we would place a call for her. My wife handed her a cell phone and she passed it back asking my wife if she would dial a number for her. My wife dialed the number and handed her the phone which had begun to ring. Ms Marilyn stated that perhaps she should have let my wife talk to the person she wanted to leave a message with concerning her where-about, but then leaves a fairly detailed message on an answering machine. In the message Ms. Marilyn states where she is (Washington, UT) and that she is headed back to Cedar to the lodgings this person had provided for her. In her message she asks this person to please clear the lines for her and make certain everything is safe for her.

As Ms Marilyn is getting out of the vehicle in the Costco parking lot she then reaches into her packages and retrieves a Sales Receipt from the local UPS store. Thinking that she is reaching for some money to pay for the short trip we had just provided my wife begins to protest. Ms Marilyn who up to now had not really talked about any of the things we are reading about in this blog, tells her to please take the receipt that shows how much she has just paid to get her papers printed. She also pushes a package of five papers folded into a bundle into my wife’s hands and asks her to please pass them onto five of our friends. We notice she has several more such bundles in her packages. We had noticed that big shopping bag of toilet paper rolls.., and thought it to be very curious – but it was not part of our conversation. Later it was as we read the paper she left us that we read almost verbatim the type of things this blog is reporting.

My wife and I visited with family a short time later while still in St George. A son-in-law is a member of the local police force in St George and out of curiosity he called in to see if there were any reports on this strange, but very nice lady we had just met. There were none to be of any concern as we really could not identify any thing of bad report on her. My wife and I expressed our concern that perhaps she may have trouble getting back to Cedar and asked him to watch for any reports that might indicate she had further problems or incidents. We have now returned home and out of curiosity I’ve done some research on the number Ms Marilyn called and left a message with using my cell phone. The number was an Ottowa-Hull number in Ontario, Canada. I have the name of the person on the answering machine she left the message on. I am wondering if she really knew who she was calling or if she’d just picked the number at random.

My wife and I really enjoyed our short visit with Ms. Marilyn. She was very cordial and gave no indication at all during our short encounter of any of the things we are reading in her paper and on this blog. We are very concerned for her and wondering if there is something more we can do for her before she leaves Cedar. We are wondering how she has been in such a state for the time she has and no one has been able to help her. She told us that she has family in Davis, California but that she has not been close to them for some time. In our conversation during the drive we told her how many children we had, and she expressed that her grandmother would have had the same number if they had all lived. She seemed impressed by the woman her grandmother had been and wished she could be the same.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

St George, UT

We just met this lady at Walmart in St. George UT. She seemed normal and handed us a flier stating "Merry Christmas". We thought it would be some handout for a church or something. When we started reading it we discovered it was totally incoherent. Stuff about a microwave technology 667, my raft 2257, etc. My wife and I could not stop laughing. There are some messed up things going on in that woman's head.

Monday, December 22, 2008

St George, UT

I gave Marilyn Gibbs a ride to the "busiest intersection in St. George , UT" today around 12:00. she gave me copies of her writings.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cedar City, UT

I met Marilyn Gibbs in Cedar City, UT today. My friend and I were sitting down for lunch and a nicely dressed, well-mannered black woman with a shaved head asked us where the UPS store was. We told her where to find the Office Depot and she thanked us. I notice that as she was preparing to leave (it was snowing pretty steadily) that she was adjusting a wig. I told her that her shaved head looked very good and she did not need a wig. She thanked me for being very kind and gave my friend and I a copy of her manifesto (the same one as the previous post from Sandy, UT on 12/11/09). I wish I would have known because we would have talked to her and taken her picture. Only after searching some terms from the manifesto on the internet did we realize that we came in contact with an underground celebrity. We looked for her around town (it’s a small town), and though we met several people who remembered her, we never found her again. Some ladies at Staples mentioned that she handed them some information that was for women’s eyes only. Unfortunately, they shredded the paper because it seemed too weird.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sandy, UT

I just had a Marilyn Gibbs encounter in Sandy, UT today (12/11/2008).

Ms. Gibbs approached me and a couple of other unsuspecting passengers aboard TRAX this morning and gave us copies of her "manifesto." It is a photocopied flier that appeared to be a women's shelter handout on one side and a Greyhound itinerary on the other, with her handwritten treatise scattered about most of the white space.

I have transcribed the pages below and have attached scans of the originals.


White Sisterhood For Protection. My Raft 2257 And My Microwave Technology 667. Give this Letter To Someone Who Know The Process Of Race Separation. The Black Church Women Gave My Wash To There Black Men. They Are On The Oppression In There Witchcoats. They Said No Help Will Come To Me But Through Them. The Black Woman Have No Business On My Life. AKA. Julie Hanary. Dave Rodrigues Is Not My Boy Friend.

The Ghetto Connection to the Police Dept: Carol Wyman, John Rodwin, Howard Warner And There White Men In The Night. Identity And Financial Theft: $900 Million, $800 Trillion, And All of The Money Made On My Microwave Technology 667. Mrs. Kurston Sawyer Rodwin + Hazel Wyman.

The Men Are On The Inside. Selling And Racketeering Microwave Abuse Oral Sex offenses That Are Not Worth A Dime. There Are Two (2) Black Women Residents In The Shelters. They Will Black Race Own Me To Black Race Abuse Me. Racketeering Offenses. Put Them Out of The Shelter To Keep Me And the Shelter Safe.

Check The Box On There Frame Every Hour. Technology Abuse.

A Technology Sleep Rape. Hourly Rapes Are Assigned.

West Jordan, Utah. Dec. 5, 6, 7, 2008. Room 104.

20 Million Black Church Frames And Old Frames Black Church Women. 2257 And 667 - OBAMA.

You Are Ansering To Killers, Robbers, Rapists, Pimps And There Street Women. Call Them All In At The Same Time. You Need To See Who You Are Answering To. They Look White Now. They Are Not Checking Their Microwave Technology Close Enough. Activist, Lobbyist, Marilyn Gibbs.


6:30 AM. Thurs. 12-4-08. Salt Lake. The Police Put Me Out of The Bus Station. 6:00 AM. Fri. 12-5-08. Provo. The Bus Never Came And The Bus Station Didn't open at 7:45 AM. I Left at 8:15 AM.

Interception By The Provo Police Dept For Kurston Sawyer.

Park City Peace Shelter. Utah. Domestic Violence Organization.

Evanston, WY 18 Blacks
Rock Springs, WY 201 Blacks
Rawlins, WY 69 Blacks
Laramie, WY 237 Blacks

Tell The Whole Town of Auburn, California To Avenge The Abuse And Peace For Families Domestic Violence Organization And Shelter.

St. Mary Canyon Paid For The ticket.

Peace D.V. Shelter.

Tell Them To Pay Now For The Abuse On The National Organization For Six (6) Years From The Boston 2002, Illegal Collection On The Microwave Abuse Opression Offense Funds On The 15 year Abuse On My Life. Show The Town Down And Kill The Ghetto Off Of The Organization NOW.

Park City, Ogden, YWCA Salt Lake, Provo And West Jordon Domestic Violence Shelters (A.K.A. Julie Hanary)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Park City, UT

Ms. Gibbs is currently in Park City, Utah and has been here for several days. At this moment (12:49 pm MST) Ms. Gibbs is at an ATM machine at the Wells Fargo Bank. No criminal behavior observed.

Park City Police Department

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Salt Lake City, UT

Late in the afternoon while walking to one of our local train stations in Salt Lake City, UT. I was approached by a black woman identifying herself as “An activist like Dr. King”. She handed me a copy of a three page hand written manifesto. I put the papers in my pocket and didn’t think much of it. I just tried to decipher what I was reading and pretty much got the same stuff that I have been seeing in this blog (Microwave technology 667, etc..). Like the others on the blog I did a Google search using the keyword “Carl Wyman” and found this blog. I do have the papers that she gave me and would be happy to scan them and attach then to an email if you would like.

Marilyn Gibbs waved me down in front of St. Mary’s Church in Park City, Utah, and asked for a ride to Sandy on Sunday November 30, 2008. That’s exactly where I was headed so I obliged. She was dressed very well, and immediately taped her Manifesto to the side window of the car. She had duct tape on the zippers of her bag, due to being robbed several times, she stated. Since the drive is about 40 minutes, we had time to talk. After about 5 minutes, her story wasn’t making much sense. Corrupt police officers, black on black offenses, etc. I just listened.

She asked if I would take her to the Office Depot in Sandy, and if I would contribute $15.00 to making copies of her manifesto. I agreed. As we got into Salt Lake, I suggested we stop in Murray, since it was closer, but Marilyn insisted that we go to the Office Depot in Sandy, near the McGrath’s Fish House. Since, I was actually familiar with the area she was referring to, we kept driving. When we arrived in Sandy, we drove by Staples, and Marilyn suggested we go there instead. Once inside, Marilyn asked for a female store manager, and proceeded to tell her that she only had $15.00 and would the manager agree to donate the remaining cost of making 150 copies of her manifesto. The manager agreed. I bought Marilyn some cashews, gave her the $15.00 and she gave me a big hug and thank you.

After reading her manifesto, it seems she may have been violently abused in some way in the past. There is a much reference to sex abuse. She struck me as well spoken, intelligent, but mentally disturbed. I have been thinking a lot about her since we met. She is exceptionally street savvy, and seems skilled with dealing with people and getting what she needs. I just hope that somewhere along her travels she meets someone who can help with her mental instability and she finds some peace of mind. I wouldn’t know how to help. I asked her of all the places she has traveled which was her favorite city; and she said Auburn, California. I asked her why, and she replied that everyone there was very nice and treated her well. I hope she gets back to Auburn and finds a home.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Midvale, UT

I work the night audit at [an] inn, in midvale ut. (suburb of Salt Lake City.) the hotel was close to empty only about 15 people in house and it was around 2 am. I usually walk the halls some nights to kill time and keep awake. I had finished walking the halls and entered the lobby. I had propped the bathroom door open with a chair earlier because I was carrying water in out to boil the eggs for breakfast with.

I noticed 2 luggage bags sitting outside the door and what sounded like someone washing their hands. I took my post behind the desk and waited for the person to come out. A black woman came out, dressed fairly professional, purple pants suit and a black overcoat. She looked to be simply tired (as are most people on my shift). She begins "please tell me that you are the night auditor, or night manager." I replied "Night auditor. Why? What can I do for you?" She told me that she needed help that the local women's abuse center would not take her, and she needed somewhere to stay. I assumed she was running from either a husband, boyfriend etc.

I believe myself to be a fairly compassionate person and reluctantly told her I could help her out. She asked me if I could keep some stuff behind the desk for her. She handed me two large luggage bags with papers in protective covers safety pinned to them. She asked me: "Please keep them in a locked room, covered. I can't have them get to them." I replied "They being...." "A cop, well he's not a cop. But he looks like one. They have everything about me. There are letters in the post office box at the post office I mailed. Please call the postmaster as soon as possible to make sure they get mailed. They are very good at what they do, they can get the mail, they are that good. The invisible men will come for my stuff. They are quiet and sneaky you will never see them coming, and never know they were here. When stuff starts moving around you, you will know."

She told me to look through her papers and handed me a page protector full of papers, and books taped tightly together at the top. She then left to her hotel room. I set all the stuff behind the desk and sat back down dumbfounded and sympathetic. I figured this lady probably needs help but I don't necessarily have the means to do so. So I let her go hoping that I have helped her out. A couple minutes later she came back down because she couldn't get the door open. (which happens to almost everyone, we have keys that look electronic but have to be left in the door and then removed after the door is opened.) So I escorted her to her room opened the door for her and told her to get some rest.

She handed me the room key back and said "I won't be coming out." I said "Excuse me?" She said "I won't be back out. Thank you, goodnight." The door shuts quickly and I hear the deadbolt, and security latch close, along with what sounds like a chair being pushed up against the back of the door. I shake my head and just head back to the desk. Curiosity gets the better of me and I read the outside of her page protector. Like many my jaw drops and utter disbelief hits me. I think back to the remark, that "I won't be back out." I feared that she may take an attempt on her life, or never leave... After chatting with the security guard we decided to contact police dispatch. So I called and basically said "I just wanted to make sure that she hasn't escaped from a hospital, or that she is not supposed to be here." I told them she wasn't really doing anyone any harm, and I was concerned about her remark that she wasn't coming out.

The police and I go up to her room, knock on her door and ask her if she is ok. She tells us that she is ok and getting ready for her bath. So we say ok, and just leave her alone. The police tell me that she more than likely conned me out of room. I said ok no big deal, hopefully for every 5 people that con me, 1 really needed help. The police leave, and curiosity gets the best of me again, and I open her packet. (only because she told me it was ok to look through her papers, all of her bags smelled really odd by the way.)

She picked up her bags at 7 am and left me with only these words.

"I own your town, I own your jobs. We will meet at the end of the line."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Draper, UT

I bar tend at a restaurant/bar in Draper Utah and on November 25 2008 we had ourselves a Marilyn encounter. She looked very clean and normal except for a brace on her right arm. She brought with her a suitcase and a huge jar of Aloe Vera. She sat at the end of the bar and drank raspberry tea and talked to some of my regulars. She said she was on her way to a battered woman's shelter and wanted a ride. One of my bar guests paid for a cab to take her there. She told us her name was Cheryl and that she was from California and that she was running away from her abusive boyfriend who also happened to be a cop. She said he was stalking her and that she was trying to get to Washington D.C. so that she could talk to the FBI about it. When we asked her why she couldn't talk to the authorities in Utah she said that they were all corrupt and that "they" were all connected. As soon as her cab arrived she handed all of us her 3 page letter about microwave technology and about her being raped and all sorts of terrible things. She told us that we were the white sisterhood and we were in danger. It seriously took me a half an hour to try to read the letter. I decided to google it and I seriously cant believe the places she has been. I feel so bad for her, something had to have happened to her to make her this way. I am honestly surprised she can take care of herself cause at first glance she almost looks like a professional black woman. Anyways I wonder where she will end up next or how long this will go on.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Idaho Falls, ID

My sister and I had a Marilyn encounter on Oct 22 in Idaho Falls. Of course the regular MO, we got a manifesto and a lot of slurred jibe about abuses, etc. The wierd thing about this sighting, is that we took Marilyn to a hotel nearby and got her a room for the night, and while paying for her room, Marilyn used the bathroom in the lobby. She was only in there for 5 minutes, and when she came out she was yelling that what happened in there was "WRONG!". While in the bathroom she wrote in red ink on her manifesto and list of abuses that she was raped by microwave technology 667 in the bathroom.

I feel for this woman, and I think it's time we do more than just blog about this. She needs to be taken off the streets and given the proper care. Just not sure who to even take this matter to??

Anyone have any ideas?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rigby, ID

I was driving into town, on Nov. 15th 2008, to walk my dog in the local parks and that's when I saw Marilyn on the side of the Main street trying to get someone's attention.
I live in Rigby, Idaho. Its a small town of about 3000 people.
She was asking for directions to the local hospital which we don't have in Rigby. Then she asked about a place to get copies and a place to eat. She wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant but settled for Subway since we were right near one.
On the way to Subway I asked her how she arrived here and she said a rude bus driver dropped her off in town. She also said she was on her way to Boise Id. I dropped her off at Subway and told her I would be back. I assumed she was going to grab a bite to eat but I noticed a sign on her back and when I asked her about it she said she was a protester and could I direct her to the printers. I told her I would be back and take her there. When I got back from walking the dog she was still sitting in subway and was writing feverishly. I didn't see food so I asked her if she had already eaten and she said she had no money and would I be able to afford a sandwich for her. This is when I started to realize the poor woman was not all there. I got her a sandwich,chips and a drink and I sat with her and read her sign. I couldn't understand what I read. It was a bunch of accusations.
I asked her where she wanted to go and she asked if I could let her stay at my house or if I knew someone that would put her up. I told her I didn't and couldn't and she asked me to drop her off ant the local grocery store because it was busy and she may find someone there to help her.
She then thanked me for buying her lunch and gave me a 3 page copy of her manifesto. She asked my name and phone number, which I gave her and it may show up in the next rendition of her manifesto. She said I was her new white, best friend and to pay close attention to articles 12 and 13 of her manifesto.
As most people have noticed she was dressed in a nice looking beige outfit and a beige raincoat. I noticed her wig was itching her badly.
After dropping her off I went home and read the papers she gave me and gooled like others here and found this site. I have a scan of the papers she gave me if anyone is interested you may write to me at lab_rat15@yahoo.com.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bozeman, MT

10pm 11/13 Bozeman. Perkins
4 of us students were taking a study break in Perkins. One of the guys
noticed a professionally dressed black woman walk in, and take her wig
off. I didn't see her walk in, but when I looked, sure enough there was
a bald black woman eating alone. Once she was done doing whatever, she
approached me with the typical hand written photo copied letter you've
been reading about. on the outside was a different note on each one, it
said something like. "Come abuse me in the Blue Sky Motel. Room .....
8:30 tomorrow night. Look for broken door latch and crooked window." We
read parts of the note, but couldn't understand a damn thing. She
reminds me of the old white lady who lives outside of the White House
in DC, wearing an aluminum foil hat and protesting the gvt. Anyways, we
get back to the MSU library, and I noticed a hand written photo copied
note on one of the tables. Apparently she had been there shortly before
us. She never really went into detail about what she was doing. She
never really gave descriptive sentences. It was always something like
"Microwave technology, research it" or "wealthy white women," shit like
that. on one of her notes, she made reference to some of the smaller
Montana towns which surprised me, but I'm guessing she just chose
random towns and I-90 cities. Butte, Bozeman, Terry, Billings, Laurel,
Park City. Then the small rural or indian towns Fort Belknap Lewistown,

West Yellowstone, MT

I work at the front desk of the Holiday Inn in West Yellowstone, MT. A older black woman, dressed nicely and seemingly here on a professional visit of some kind, approached the desk. She asked me if my manager was available. I told her that everyone had left for the weekend, including our General Manager. She said, quite forcefully, "You guys are shutting me down again! It's not even 5 o'clock yet!" She then asked me to call my manager on his cell phone so that she could talk to him over the phone. I asked her what it was in regards to and she said, "A civil rights issue." At this point I was starting to pick up an iffy vibe from her, so I told her that I could not call my manager from the front desk because he has Oregon cell phone number and our phones do not dial long distance. She then asked me where he lived. I, of course, declined to share that information with her. I told her again that if she wanted to talk to him, she should come back on Monday. She started to get a bit pushy then and and said, "So, you're trying to tell me that in the event of an emergency you couldn't call him." I then advised her that, while I didn't have long distance codes, other people did and could use them IF there was an emergency. She continued to stand at the front desk and stare at me (at this point I was getting REALLY uncomfortable) and then she pointed at me with this crazy look in her eye. I thought, "Shit. She knows that I'm giving her the run around and she's gonna lose it on me." That wasn't the case, she told me that I was "the woman". I walked away from the front desk to help a co-worker in the back (AND in the hopes that she'd go away) and when I came back she was STILL there. I asked if there was anything else I could do for her and she asked me if I had something to drink. I directed her to the bar and the restaurant down the hall. She then said that she needed to send an e-mail to someone. I told her that she could use the lobby computer if she made it quick. She told me that she's "computer illiterate" and wanted ME to send her e-mail for her. I told her that I couldn't use the internet behind the desk. Again, she stood and looked at me for awhile and then said "Now I know how Martin Luther King, Jr. felt" and walked into the bar.

She stood in the bar for quite some time watching TV, drinking water and eating the bar snacks. From talking to my co-workers, it sounds like she was back there talking about the same kinds of things that she writes about in her manifestos. I had stepped away from the desk to have a smoke break, but stood at the door to the lobby so I could see the desk. She came back into the lobby and spent a long time putting her coat on and then combing her hair, using the glass of the front doors as a mirror. When it looked like she was ready to leave, I walked back into the lobby. I avoided eye contact because I REALLY didn't want to have another staring contest with her. She turned and walked up to me and asked if she could ask me a question. I said yes and then she realized that I was the person she'd already talked to and told me to have a good night and left.

Ten minutes later, a silver Suburban pulls up in front of the hotel and she gets out of the passenger side. She walks up to the desk and hands me a sheet of paper, folded in thirds, covered on front and back with handwriting. She asked me to give it to the GM and then left again.

Being very curious about all of this "Microwave Technology", I decided to Google it and see what happened. That's how I found this blog. I am amazed at how far she's travelled and it seems that she's done it COMPLETELY on the mercy of others. I would be really interested in hearing her real story.

Following is the manifesto that she left with us, verbatim:

(On front)

I want the town of Billings Montana To:

1. Shut the town down, your Microwave Technology.
2. Kill the ghetto off of my travel. The ghetto connection to the police dept.
3. And keep the 15 year microwave abuse oppression offense funds: $900 Million, $800 Trillion and all of the money made on my Microwave Technology 667.

Black church line abuse on both ears. They say that they have always written for me. Hazel Wyman's Raft 207. They say that they are my spiritual directions. My brain, my thoughts, my soul. They write as I write and they travel with a photocopier to control my writing and lobby handouts switching letters. They are readin back to me my old letters. The Black women gave there black men my wash. They look white now.

Activist, lobbyist, Marilyn Gibbs. A One Woman Fight. I am not a married woman. I don't know these Black and White men in the night. Give this letter to someone who will know the process of race separation. White sisterhood for protection to stop the Black Race abuse, Black racism. Black Race owning me to Black Race abuse me for profit. Handing me over to every opposition to racketeer offenses. Black line abuse on every organ to kill me. A life expectancy is on each organ. They have taken every protection off of me that White America put on me. Protocol: even if they kill me the money have to be put back. Don't take Carl Wyman's night private deals. He is from Miami, Florida. A gutter ghetto street Minister Pimp In the Night through the police dept and Salvation Army.

(On back)

White Sisterhood For Protection. My Raft 2257 and Microwave Technology 667.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008. 11:45AM. Billings, Montana. Taxi cab to the bus station via the library to get directions on my travel to Washington, D.C. Give this letter to someone who know the process of race separation. The racketeering rape offense are not worth a dime. Oral sex offense.

Your police dept. is helping Carl Wyman, John Rodwin Ringwald, Howard Warner and Mrs. Kunston Sawyer Rodvain Ringwald To Stalk Me to mental ward me, lock me down to racketeer microwave abuse rape offenses and killings and robberies on wealthy whites. I was leaving the YWCA domestic violence shelter, Billings. I knew the police would be at the bus station but not the library. The ghetto connection to the police dept: Hazel Wyman, Rita Wyman and there Elks organization White Men in the Night. (Pimps, Ministers and Klansmen) IDENTITY THEFT AND FINANCIAL THEFT: $900 million dollors, $800 trillion dollars and all of the money made on my Microwave Technology 667. The 15 year Microwave Abuse Oppression Offense Funds. Domestic Violence organization and the police dept. are brother sister organization to protect women. They are not protecting me.

(In a box off to the side)

A margin offense.
A Howard Warner offense.

We've all spent the evening talking about our Marilyn encounter and now that we've read more information about her, we're all kind of sad that we didn't take the time to talk to her. It really does seem like something horrible happened to her at some point...

Bozeman, MT

She came into the MSU Library at 6:30-7:00 and tried to hand out her letters to students. She seemed very normal. And she was then asked to leave.

Bozeman, MT

Marilyn came into the Bozeman, Mt Holiday Inn and asked for 42 copies of her 3 page letter. It had the whole microwave gibberish and stuff on it. She seemed pretty normal, and was dressed well. I wouldn't have thought anything of it except for the strange letter which led me to google her name. And boy was I surprised. Shes famous apparently and sure knows how to get around the States!

Bozeman, MT

So i am in bozeman and i work as a night auditor Marilyn came to my hotel last night looking for a place to stay. I am not allowed to comp rooms but she seemed like a nice enough woman so I let her stay at my house. She wanted me to help her get her money to cuba and gave me several copies of her manifesto. I am wonderring if she has a family somewhere that need her or are worried she seems to just have had the sense ground out of her by life and she seems so sweet. I hope in her future travels she is alright. Please if you encounter Marilyn just be nice to her.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Billings, MT

Marilyn Gibbs came into the offices of the Billings Gazette in Billings, Montana at about 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 11.
She was nicely dressed in a beige checked blouse and matching jacket. She gave me 10 copies of a newsletter and requested I pass them out to people who work at the Billings Gazette. She said there was a conspiracy to take her money away from her and she's against microchips. She did not say if she'd been the victim of a microchip assault. She was clean, looked nice and wasn't overbearing. She left quickly. She told me she was from Florida.

Billings, MT

Marilyn came into the library at Rocky Mountain College with her literature on Tuesday November 11. She was fairly reasonable…odd…but not really anything too bad. She did need quite a lot of assistance looking up things online, using the photocopier, borrowing staples, whiteout, and a red pen. She was working on her literature, which she did hand out to some students and library staff. She asked for donations to pay for additional copies, which we declined, as we don’t even really give free copies to students. She did say one “off” thing to one of the students that made the student pretty uncomfortable, but Marilyn left shortly thereafter so it wasn’t much of an issue. She was pretty well dressed and smelled very strongly of perfume and took her wig off and on several times during her visit. She was just more odd, than anything else. I personally didn’t really have a problem with her.

It had been a while since we had gotten any “characters” in the library though, so I suppose it was time.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Great Falls, MT

I live in Great Falls, MT, and work at a country club here in town. On the 4th or 5th, a balck woman in her 50's came in w/a suitcase, drank 3 glasses of water, ate a box of crackers, and had a airline ticket in a plastic bag safety pinned to her back. I assumed she was waiting to have lunch w/ a member. Boy was I wrong! She asked the secretary to photocopy a 37 page manifesto that she then tried to hand out to the members. Obviously, being a private club, this was not acceptable. The police were called, but they said there was nothing they could do. Sh left, only to come back 20 min. later in a brown car, and continue to try to hand out her manifesto. Police were called again, and that was the last I heard. Then the secretary googled her name, and all this info popped up! She is truly a tortured soul in need of help, and I help she gets it sooner, rather than later.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Great Falls, MT

Hi I live in Great Falls MT going to the University of Great Falls... I saw this woman on the side of the road, waving people down and going up to cars and handing out these letters... When she gave me mine she told me "3 black cops" I saw how long the letter was and decided to continue driving to school since i was only 5 minutes away then I read it once I got to class.. It was very hard to read and follow since none of it really made sense... so I googled one of the names mentioned in the letter many times "Carl Wyman" and suprisingly a bunch of stuff appearred! It's amazing to me all the stuff I found on this woman and how "famous" she is almost lmao... But I was just reporting a sighting so people can track her =)

Great Falls, MT

Hi I live in Great Falls Montana and I have had a recent run in with this woman earlier today... i was confused by the letter she gave me and googled on of the names in the letter and found a whole bunch of stuff on this woman. I thought I would like to let you know since you seem very interested in her whereabouts lol ttyl

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Great Falls, MT

Well, this seemingly crazy lady showed up at our store (Big Bear ) in Great Falls Montana on Nov. 6th 2008 at approximentaly 2:00 PM. Of course we received a copy of her bizarre manifesto. She claimed to be heading to Washington to protest the President before he leaves office. She is clearly not sane. Her writings are of a jumbled nature at best. I do find it interesting that I was able to so quickly find info on her on the web. Hopefully she will find what she is searching for. Also, she seems to hate microwaves. (ovens? transmissions?) After asking for a staple gun and tape, which we declined to give her, she gave us her 3 page manifesto, which she had several of pinned all over clothing, and left. I will probably watch, out of curiosity, her movements on this site now. Very weird indeed.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Havre, MT

I encountered Marilyn as a result of one of my professors reporting to me about a bald black man in a dress sitting across from my friend Lydia in the Library on our campus MSU-Northern in Havre Mt.
Intrigued, I went to investigate, as I was walking in the door I saw a black woman scratching her head (wig moving all around) talking to Lydia. Then Lydia pointed pointed to me. Hmmm this was sure to be interesting. Anyhow I work in the campus copy center so this was right up her ally with the letter copying and all. White out and last minute corrections, I made her copies for her and she ate several of our cookies, and stuffed half our kleenex box in her pocket. She was pushy but polite, and having been "blessed" with several pages of her ramblings myself, am convinced she endured a horrible life altering experience that has left her mentally scarred. Who knows, but I am glad to have encountered her, and glad to have been able to help her. I will be interested to follow her story.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Helena, MT

So... Marilyn came in to applebees, and passed around a 4 page rambling and incoherent manifesto about abuse and microwave technology 667, in Helena Montana tonight. when i have time i will be happy to transcibe it!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Butte, MT

Hi, my name is Stephany, and I saw Marilyn today in Butte, Montana. I was at school, Montana Tech of the University of Montana, when she walked over to where I was sitting in our Student Union Building and asked if she could join me. I allowed her to and then, after she sat there organizing papers of some sort, she asked for a dollar and I obliged. After she asked some office workers for a pen and some whiteout she came back by my table with her wig off and layed down two folded up papers and told me thanks for the donation. After that no one saw her on campus for the rest of the day. I was really weirded out so I googled the name circled at the bottom of the second page and found your website. Anyways here are the pages she handed me, thanks.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Butte, MT

Marilyn Gibbs was just in Butte, MT last night, October 26 2008, we were at a restaurant and she passed around her papers to everyone in the building

Butte, MT

My name is Kayc and I work as a front desk clerk at the Holiday Inn Express in Butte, Montana. I was working the evening shift on October 26th, 2008 when a strange, African-American woman approached me at the desk asking if we allowed guests to make free copies. I said that we did and she rustled a few papers, asked for some whiteout, and then continued to proofread what had appeared to be a handwritten document. She stood there for awhile and then, upon finishing her editing, gave me her two-page long document and asked me to make her 40 copies of each page! She also had very meticulous instructions concerning the margins and appearance of the text. I had to make several sample copies before she was satisfied with the look of it. While the copies were being made, she asked me to find the email address of a man involved with the Union of Canadian Postal Workers and another email of an activist group in California. I found both emails, but upon looking at these websites more in depth I was directed to pages concerning anarchy, communism, and general anti-capitalist sentiment. I finally gave her these emails and her 80 copies expecting her to leave, but she lingered and eventually wanted me to send the email from the hotel. I said I would and she left in a taxi cab bound for Wal-Mart after an hour. After she left, I contacted one of my managers and told her the whole story. She told me not to send the email and she asked me what her name was and whether or not she was a current guest in the hotel. I didn't know her name, and the only name that appeared on the document (I had a copy of the whole thing because I had made several that were not up to her standards) was Marilyn Gibbs. I looked this name up in the hotel's system and she wasn't a regestered guest at all! Marilyn's clever way of asking for my help and the fact that I am still a novice, led me to believe she was actually staying here as a paying guest. Her document, just like the many I have read about online, conforms to the sensless stream of babble that she seems to be known for. I heard about this website from one of my managers today who decided to research this crazy lady for herself.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Idaho Falls, ID

My friends and I just saw Marilyn Gibbs on Oct. 24th in Idaho Falls, Id. She passed out her fliers without saying a word to anyone. She had written accounts of "bathroom rape offenses" occuring in nearby Blackfoot Idaho. She also referenced Microwave 667 abuses, Carly Wyman and his prostitutes, and referenced a "they" as controlling her brain. A nurse arrived and ushered her out of the building. She must have made it out of jail from North Platte, Ne. Wonder what happens next.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

North Platte, NE

This was posted on one of our local radio station's web sites in North Platte Ne:

The California woman who hitchhiked then assaulted and robbed a Ruby Tuesday waitress who gave her a ride is nationally known. According to Cpt. Jim Parish with the Nebraska State Patrol, a waitress working at Ruby Tuesday had just finished her shift on Friday when 53-year-old Marilyn Gibbs of Auburn, Calif. approached her.

Gibbs asked for a ride to Hershey and the waitress obliged. However, when they got to Hershey, Gibbs changed her mind, saying she had gotten into an altercation with a New York detective and he had advised her to go to Stapleton.

The waitress took Gibbs to Stapleton, intending to drop her off at a gas station, but as she left the car, Gibbs allegedly assaulted the waitress, pulling her hair and stealing $15 from the center console. The waitress drove home and called law enforcement. A state patrolman tracked down Gibbs, who was standing along Highway 83 trying to hitchhike again.

Parish said Gibbs was arrested for simple assault and robbery, at which time she accused the trooper of murdering Martin Luther King Jr. The patrolman who arrested her said there was no indication that drugs were to blame for her mental condition.

Gibbs had been wandering through North Platte earlier in the day, handing out copies of her personal manifesto. According to the Patrol, Gibbs is homeless and travels throughout the U.S., often with messages from her manifesto pinned to her clothes. She has been the feature of numerous Web sites, having turned up everywhere from New Hampshire to Kansas.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In the news

As seen on the North Platte Bulletin.

Friday, October 10, 2008

North Platte, NE

We are a small office supply store in NOrth Platte NE. Marily was here today. One of my co-workers googled the microwave tecnology 667 and we found your web site. We knew she was crazy, but not known all over the USA. Freaked me out! Anyway, she was in NE as of today.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lawrence, KS

I just encountered Marilyn in Lawrence, Kansas (although I didn't learn her name until I googled 'Carl Wyman' and found this blog). She said something about a bad black police officer, and told me I was the only person who had ever approached HER.

Actually, I'd seen her approach a car and thought she said something about a "bad-driving police officer," which I found interesting (I've seen and been somewhat annoyed by how fast and recklessly cops sometimes drive, and thought maybe she was taking a stand somewhere along those lines. Boy was I wrong).

She gave me the flyer (which seems to be different than some of the other ones shown on this site; evidently she rewrites and alters her message...). Eventually she asked if I could help her out, and I told her that I had no cash on me. She then asked if I could help her out with plastic for some photocopying she had to do. I politely declined, which she seemed gracious about.

She was wearing a ton of perfume and the 2-sided photocopied sheet she gave me still smells strongly. She didn't seem as crazy as the handout makes her out to be. I was hoping what she'd written would clearly spell out her cause, or at least give some indication thereof, but it seems to be a jumbled, incoherent mess...

Still, I'd like to know more. Is there something there? Was she wronged? Does she need help?

Lawrence, KS

I just encountered her in Lawrence, Kansas. She said something about a bad black police officer, and needing money for photocopies. She was wearing a ton of perfume and the 2-sided photocopied sheet of paper she gave me still smells strongly. She didn't seem as crazy as the handout makes her out to be. I was hoping what she'd written would clearly spell out her cause, but the madness is definitely in the writing...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bonner Springs, KS

I was in a hurry working a service call this evening but had to stop for gas in the small town we live in. About the time I was getting out of the car I notice a rather odd looking black woman walking slowly down the sidewalk in my direction. About the time I was going to swipe my credit card into the gas pump she call out "sir .... sir". I turned to her and she asked me If I could give her a ride to Overland Park, KS. It was a relief to me to be able to politely decline on the basis I was heading for a service call right down the road. She then asked me how long the service call would take and I told her probably a couple of hours. I began fueling the car and expected her to walk away ... instead, she came towards me and handed me a very strange looking flier. I asked her what it was and she turned and walked away without saying a thing. When she turned I saw the same flier pinned to her back. Later in the evening when I arrived home I began reading it to my wife. Even before I was done reading it, my wife had found this blog online.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Warrensburg, MO

She was in Warrensburg MO last week (as another person
noted), and was in and out of businesses last week passing out her fliers, printed out on copies of pamphlets distributed by our local women's shelter.

Warrensburg, MO

Marilyn came by my consignment store today in Warrensburg, Missouri. Nothing really interesting happened. She was about to go on a tirade about how the Salvation Army ruined her life but I told her that the store wasn't the proper format for a political discussion and she politely changed the topic. I felt bad since I couldn't give her the handbag and shoes that she wanted but I was able to give her a slight discount on a pair of open towed shoes that she bought for $4 using what she called "white donation money".

She was a bit bossy but more or less polite calmly leaving two copies of her pamphlet on the counter. After reading the pamphlet the term "microwave abuses" stuck with me and out of boredome I decided to google it stumbling upon this website.

Quite interesting to see her travels being documented in this fashion and dispite her potential mental illness it is impressive to see that she has probably seen more things and been to more places than myself.

She seemed well and hopefully things work out for her...

Warrensburg, MO

I ate at an Applebees in Warrensburg MO, on Wednesday Sep. 24th and she handed out a flyer on an adult abuse center pamphlet. She managed to hand out about three papers before she disappeared. It took me a while to try to decode what she wrote and by the time i read it she was gone. I was a little freaked at first until i found she is all over the internet. Wow, what a traveler.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rolla, MO

Today I was walking back from class with a group of people when I noticed a lady standing on the corner handing out fliers. She approached us, handed out the fliers, and we just kept walking by. After skimming through her writing we wondered what exactly she was talking about. So we started walking back to find her and spotted her a block over still handing out her papers. I managed to get a picture of her as I was catching up to talk with her. She was walking with someone now, but I would imagine it was just someone that randomly ran into her like I did. Once I got up close to her I asked her what her paper was all about and she just kind of shrugged me off. If for some reason I see her again later today I'll try to talk to her some more.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flora, IL

Wow! I just met Marilyn! I was walking outside to get in my car to run some errands and there was an older black lady standing across the alley knocking on the church beside our house's door. She had a paper with a bunch of writing safety pinned to her. She was very polite and asked me for a ride to wal-mart. I assumed she was with a church or something. On the way, she explained that she is an activist for womens abuse and was talking about the local policemen and said that she is a victim of womens abuse. She went into detail about some very weird stuff that i didn't really understand, although i tried and how she has had her identity stolen. Almost to Wal-Mart she asked me for a toiletry donation. I didn't have any cash, so I took her into walmart where she bought some necessities. I also gave her some cash. She then asked me to drop her off at the nearest church, which as i figured was closed. I ended up dropping her off at the local library. She said her main goal is to get to Geneva, Switzerland to speak at the United Nations White Women Human Rights Commission but as of right now she's trying to get to Washington and says she can't live peacefully until some guy is in jail. She gave me some of her handouts, with some absoloutely crazy stuff written on it and told me to fax it to the last white woman at the supreme court. She also documented on my copy a hi-jacking at 1:15. I really don't understand the microwave abuse oppression. She told me that she went to a dermatologist to see about having her skin color changed. I wish I could separate the facts and actually understand what she was doing. I could not believe I found what I did on this blog. The paper has Marilyn Gibbs written on it so I decided to do an internet search and I am absoloutely astounded at what i found. Her story is so interesting. I hope she gets all the help she needs. What an interesting encounter. I will be praying for her.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crawfordsville, IN

Marilyn was in our Goodwill Store Sunday September 7, 2008 in Crawfordsville, Indiana. She came in and was asking for some free clothing. She also went around the store posting a hand written handout titled "Breaking and Entering on My Wash. John Rodwin Ringwald And Microwave Technology 667. It's a lot of rambling on about microwaves and bleach and rape. Not much else to tell…she walked around the store, spoke to a Team Leader and then left after making a purchase. We haven't seen her since.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Greencastle, IN

We met and gave her a ride in greencastle, in. She never asked for a donation, but she did give us very similar paperwork to what was described above.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Danville, IN

Marilyn came to my church/ daycare. She has been here for atleast a week i think and seems to be a nice lady. She came to the church looking for help getting her birth certificate. A co-worker of mine took her to the library in town and she's been seen random places during this week. She was asked to leave the church today and then later we received a letter from her in the mail. The letter was basically the same as all the others. It has a lot of gibberish about microwaves and rape and black police officers who are now white... the disturbing part of the letter was the last sentence... Even if they kill me they still have to return the money. I called our local Sheriff's department and was told that unless she hurts someone they can't do anything. I think its really sad that she's walking around all alone and living in this alternate reality. I feel like we should track down her family members and get the real story on Marilyn. I think its time that we get her some actual help. It seems to me like this poor woman has been drifting around the USA for the past two years believing that people are following her and want to rape and kill her.

Brownsburg, IN

I work in a small print shop in Brownsburg Indiana, just west of Indianapolis. On Thursday of last week we noticed a lady outside the shop handing out something to passig cars. A bit odd in Brownsburg, but see it occassionally in Indy. We assumed she was affilated with some church. On Friday this lady came into the shop to get some copies made. She was a very polite, well dressed black lady who I again assumed was working with some church. As I waited on Her, she first wanted to make sure I understood that she was an activist, much like Martin Luther King. Only even more so because she is woman and is fighting against technology abuses. She then made sure that I understood that She only had almost $30 and could I help her.She needed 63 copies of 6 different pages.I did a little quick figureing ,came up with around $30 worth of copies and told her I could do for about $20. By now having figured out something wasn't right. I made her copies for her. They had to bee done in the order she handed them to me and after each set was made she very carefully counted the copies and then ripped up the orignals and threw them away. She then gave 2 ten dollar bills one of which had a note written on it. It had a lady's name followed by Davis California, white donation then underneath was scrawled microwave oppression rape. Her pages that I copied are same as what you read here in other entries. She told me before she left that she would only be in town for a couple more hours. She then returned to passing out her letters. I'm not sure at what point she left, we just noticed later in the day that she was gone. I'm not sure how she's traveling or how she came to be in Brownsburg. As she left the shop I encouraged her to "stay safe" she replied "that's the main thing". I hope she does

Friday, August 29, 2008

Danville, IN

My husband, daughter & I were on our way home to Indianapolis, Indiana from a fun filled weekend at Raccoon Lake. We decided to stop at McDonald's in Danville, Indiana for a bite to eat. After going through the drive through driving slowly through the parking lot we were stopped by a older black lady in a blue dress. If you are familiar w/ Danville Ind. you know there are not that many blacks in this small town if any.

As my husband rolled down the window the lady looked surprised & said, "Oh, you're a white man." He asked, "Can I help you?" She said, "Three black police officers are trying to ruin my life and you can help me by telling ten of your friends." Since I always ride in the back w/ our 4yr old daughter she dropped 10 copies of a letter in our front passenger seat & walked off into the night. My husband started to talk on the phone to his friend in the truck in front of us and I sort of read through the gibberish on the paper. It wasn't actually until today at work that I actually read the whole thing. I have attached copies of both sides of the paper.

The paper she gave us had a standardized welcome letter to the Family Violence Prevention Center of Greene County P.O. Box 271 Xenia, Oh 45385 in the middle of one side. It had her name hand written in the space labeled: Dear______ & was dated August 27 & 28, 2008. (It is written in the exact same handwriting as the rest of the paper).
On the other side was a copy of a TV Channel guide for Regency Inn of Xenia, Oh.

All over the paper top, bottom, & down both sides was lots of crazy gibberish.... It was confusing, sad & disturbing because obviously the person who wrote it may have some mental issues. So I thought to myself what if she is someones loved one who has gone off of her meds & wondered off. Someone may be looking for her? So I decided to Google the name to see if I could find an article about a missing person fitting her description.... and to my surprise I found this website tracking her & tons of similar encounters from all over the country all over the web.

Please someone explain Marilyn to me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zanesville, OH

I live in Zanesville Ohio and I had a meeting with this woman. I am going to start with this bothers me. Some of the things I have read really honestly bother me. yesterday August 26 2008, we pulled up to a red light to turn right when a decent dressed, fairly clean looking woman aproached the car and asked us for a ride to Columbus Ohio which is about an hour away from here. We told her no and she asked if she would give us five dollars if we would and we told her no. Then she threw some letters in our window and and told us that we needed to make sure that we gave them to the white man so that the white woman can stay on top. I don't understand the whole thing. How did she get to here?? What is she doing??? Is this for real because the letter is very desriptive about some very horrific things and I am very bothered.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pittsburg, PA

Hello, I live in Mt. Lebanon, just south of Pittsburgh, PA. Yesterday, August 21, 2008 I was stopped in traffic on my way to work and saw a nicely dressed, older, black woman stopping each car. Thinking she was advertising some sort of church event or looking for donations, I rolled down my window. She was talking fast (since we were at a red light about to change) but said that people had come into her shelter last night, and said "Roll your windows up and lock your car doors.... He likes girls that look like you." And handed me a photocopied flyer, with handwritten writing on both sides, and an Eat N' Park menu. I've attached the flyer. It was very bizarre for this to happen in the super suburban area where I was. I wish I knew what any of this meant. What is "Microwave Weapons Technology"? And what are the "frames" she references throughout the letter. Well, thought I'd share. Email me if you want more details.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Washington, PA

Just doing my part to continue the tracking of our favorite "lobbyist". Yesterday Marilyn stopped in Washington, PA where I work as a bartender at TGIFridays. On this particular evening I was working a shift as a server (which is a rarity in and of itself) when around 6:30 a middle aged woman in a blue dress was seated in my section. I say "seated", but as I approached the table, she was standing next to it attempting to organize a large stack of papers tucked into a yellow folder. I introduced myself, and she asked me if I was the manager. I informed her that I was not the manager, but could find one for her as I got her a drink. She politely requested three large glasses of water with no ice. I immediately located my manager and informed him that there was an odd woman seeking his presence. I kept my distance, but watched my manager as he approached Marilyn's table. I could not hear any of their conversation but based on my manager's facial
expressions, I could see he was clearly confused. After a few seconds of dialogue she handed him a folded piece of paper. (I don't have a scanner so I will transcribe what Marilyn had hastily written in messy cursive. With the exception of the check marks, all capitalization/punctuation/spelling is exactly as she had written.)

On the back of what was a folded flier for an abused women's shelter, Marilyn had written:

A Black Police Officer. JOHN RODWIN [5 check marks]
1. Brutality
2. Corruption
3. Through The Black Church
4. He Got Away With My Money
Saying HUSBAND [husband is underlined 3 times]
5. He Looks Like A White Man Now.
6. His 5th Bigamist Wife, Mrs. Ku

She was in the middle of writing this as my manager approached so she didn't quite finish, but I'm guessing she was attempting to write "Mrs. Kurston Sawyer Rodwin Ringwald"

My manager, upon leaving the table, informed me that Marilyn claimed she was the victim of some sort of abuse, and would he kindly donate to her cause by buying her a meal, as she had not eaten today. He told me (and her) that he would buy her meal on the condition that she not speak to any other patrons of the restaurant, and that she leave as soon as she was done eating...she politely obliged.
When I returned to her table with her food, she had used 2 of the glasses of water to hold up a makeshift sign about 2 feet wide by 1 foot high, written on white paper, stuck to cardboard and wrapped in plastic. I did not get a very good look at it, but it was all the same cursive writing as on her handout (I believe it may have been the rest of her manifesto)
She was sipping from the third glass of water, while spraying herself down with what appeared to be perfume, but must have been plain water as it had no smell. She gladly took the food from me, but then proceeded to stand up and move to another table...carrying only her plate and leaving her paperwork behind. When my manager came over to ask her to stay at one table, she became very flustered, quickly gathered her things, and proceeded to walk out of the restaurant BACKWARDS. She continued to walk backwards all the way down the sidewalk and around the building until she was in the parking lot of the restaurant next door, when she turned and walked normal again, leaving all of us dumbfounded in her wake.

It was my manager who actually came across this blog when he googled "John Rodwin", but since our meeting I cannot stop thinking about it. I find her story so twisted and intriguing...my brother actually likened it to a stephen king novel, where so many strangers become intertwined over such an odd and trivial encounter. I hope she finally finds her raft and gets the U.N. to ban microwave technology 667, but in the meantime I can't wait to hear about other peoples' run-ins with Marilyn

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mt Lebanon, PA

Hello, I also live in Mt. Lebanon and on August 21, 2008 came across the same nicely dressed black lady. She handed me the same items. It was a disturbing feeling. Especially, trying to make sense of what was written on her hand out. I had just dropped my husband off at the trolley and was sitting in traffic when she handed me the flyer and the Eat n' Park menu. What she said to me was that the police had kicked her out of her Domestic Violence woman shelter last night. That's all that I remember her saying and then I drove off. Couldn't make sense of the hand written notes. Kind of look like documentations she had made on different days. It is obviously a woman crying out for help. Sadly, we can't make sense of it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Altoona, PA

Apparently I encounterd the same woman at the Greyhound Bus Stop in Altoona yesterday. The handout was signed AKA Erynn Hanford, Lobbyist, Activist, Marilyn Gibbs. A One woman Fight.
I was quite distubed bythe handout because I work for a domestic violence program and I know these things to NOT be true at our level.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Everett, PA

On Sunday August 10, 2008 Marilyn Gibbs came to our church along with one of our regular attendees. They had picked her up the night before in Bedford, Pennsylanvia, at a restaurant thinking she might need food. They took her into their home, feed, and provided a bed for the evening. That was Saturday August 9th.

Sunday morning they brought to our Church in Everett, Pa. Her mission at that time was to get to Pittsburg Pa. by Sunday Afternoon. She passed out papers about the abuse topic/thing. We were of course totally confused and did not understand her mission. However, let me point out we knew she was not right in the head about what she was talking about.

We took her to lunch and the bus station in Altoona, PA Sunday afternoon. Bought her a non-refundable ticket to Pittsburg, Pa. and left her there at 5:00 p.m. The bus was scheduled to left at 6:30 p.m.

After reading you article, it seems to me she never left Altoona because she was sighted in Altoona, Pa on August 11th., as it was reported to you.

Her visit left us in a daze and cloudy state about her mission, however, inside of us we knew there was something wrong about her mission and her mind.

PS After her visit my spirit was so trouble I felt I needed to know more about the Marilyn Gibbs. I went to the internet and put her name on Google and up she popped. How strange. I' am so glad I now know the rest of the story.......

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sterling, VA

I just wanted to let you know that I ran into this lady yesterday, August 7, 2008. I was leaving work and on my way home, when I saw her on the side of the street. She looked like she needed help and when I slowed down, she flagged me over. I asked her if she needed a ride anywhere, and she told me that she was trying to get out of Virginia, because her ex-boyfriend had a lot of influence over the blacks in Virginia. She said she was trying to get to Charlestown, West Virginia. I felt sorry for her, not knowing her whole story. I thought she might be fleeing from some sort of domestic abuse or something, so I gave her a ride from Sterling, VA to Leesburg, VA. She then asked me for a donation, and I gave her about 9 bucks, all I had in my wallet at the time and told her to get herself a meal with it. She gave me a copy of that same printed letter that you posted on the Internet with maybe some minor changes. It kind of freaked me out a little. I wasn't sure exactly what her problem was, but she did say she had to get away from Washington. She said she had tried to fight her ex-boyfriend, but had not been prepared enough, so now she had to get as far away as possible. I dropped her off next to a Luthern Church on the West side of Leesburg, VA. She seemed nice enough, but after reading the copy of the letter she gave me, I'm not sure what's going on. I was just trying to be a good samaritan.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spencer, IA

Marilyn was just in my church this morning (7-18-08) in Spencer, Iowa. I
missed her, but hte secretary and another persons were here. She left a
copy of what others have posted. She was seeking a ride to Emmetsburg, Iowa
about 30 minutes away.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

LeMars, IA

She has been in LeMars, Iowa the last couple of days. Have not seen her this afternoon, she may be on the move again.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sioux Falls, SD

Yesterday, July 13th I believe I ran into the famous Marilyn Gibbs. I was excited to see others had ran into her knowing the experience I had. My family and I were driving through a parking lot when she flagged us down. Normally I would not stop for strangers but I thought maybe she just needed some directions. She proceeded to introduce herself and that she was known as the female Martin Luther King. If I remember correctly she mentioned that ‘for her, it wasn’t a compliment’. She described how she was a lobbyist and was wondering if we could give her a ride to the nearest goodwill so she could get a clean change of clothes. Unfortunately, my wife and 2 kids were in the car with me and we were driving our Honda Civic so I responded saying I would, but it looks like we have no room. She then asked if she could ‘squeeze in between my babies’. My ‘stranger red flag’ was now screaming in my ear and we stated that wouldn’t work. Then she grabbed one of many paper handouts from her black case and handed it to me asking me to have my wife read it. I’ve attached the hand out. She then stated ‘take care of your white girls’ and proceeded to walk away. I wish I had another opportunity to speak with her to discuss the content on her handout. I’m hoping she just has very radical beliefs but I’m leaning towards her having a mental disability and really needing help.

Sioux Falls, SD

I was driving past our local bus station, when this lady came running up to my car screaming "They're gonna get me! You gotta help me!" Fearful for her, I opened the passenger side door, and let her climb on in. She went on and on rambling about how I needed to call Tim S in Sacramento California regarding the Microwave Abuse and and need to protect Grocery Stones... I didn't know what the heck she was talking about, so she gave me a piece of paper with a long hand written note printed on both sides (it was a photo copy) and wrote a note on it in red ink. She said her name was Marilyn Gibbs, and she was on a mission to Washington DC, as a One Woman Fight for her beliefs...

I picked her up at Jefferson Bus Lines at 1500 W. Russell, and dropped her off at 18th and Western in Sioux Falls, SD

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Silver Lake, KS

It was 2pm on Tuesday, July 1st when our small-town Silver Lake Library was visited by an older black lady. It was as if she came from nowhere. She had with her a plain, black rolling suitcase and a smaller black tote bag. Two members of the library staff watched her walk quietly to a work table in our main library area. She proceeded to unpack some of her belongings, which included lotion, body spray, numerous paperwork, business cards, and store fliers (in plastic bags). She then removed her 'wig' and set it beside her. As the afternoon progressed, she would politely ask for 3 sheets of copy paper, then a black ink pen, tape, scissors, a red ink pen, and white out, all the while rearranging her items; writing, and lotioning her arm that had no cast. The other was ensconced in a cast to below her elbow. She seemed very nice and polite and was calm throughout the afternoon.

I was working in another room in the library when a very loud belch suddenly reverberated throughout the whole building! I heard her apologize to the staff, who were in the same room as her. She seemed to have shocked herself. A little while later, she stood up and began cleaning the floor with her own toilet paper and disinfectant spray. She again apologized profusely for 'leaking' on the floor. She sprayed about half of her disinfectant spray on the stain and the smell enveloped the library. I asked if she needed any help, but she said, no, she would take care of it herself.

The time was nearing 4:30 and we were beginning to wonder what she was going to do. It was then that she asked to make some copies. I told her they would be 10 Cents a copy. She pulled $10 and some change from her pocket and asked that any extra copies she made would be a donation to her “cause”. She then asked for 125 copies of 3 separate pages - a total of 375 copies. In my state of mind, I didn’t realize the total cost of the copies should be $37.50! I allowed her to start copying and let the other staff prepare to close the library and go home. I glanced at some of the “writings” on the papers and couldn’t understand them, but what I did made me a little nervous. I saw “give the white church Hell back”, etc. It was just her and me in the library at this time. I also realized that she really had no way to get from Silver Lake to another place to stay for the night.

She would ask me if there were any churches in town or if I knew any pastors. I told her that the churches were probably closed by now and that the pastors had probably gone home. She also told me that she wanted to go to Holton, which is a very small town 30 miles north of Silver Lake. I told her that Holton wouldn’t have much in the way of lodging. I said that Topeka would have much more available. She said that she knew there was a University in Topeka that would have a library open there, because of summer school classes. I didn’t feel safe in bringing her to my home, so I called my husband and told him we had a “nice lady” at the library, who needed a ride to Topeka. He picked up our son and arrived to help in the next leg of our journey with this very interesting person. As we prepared to go outside, she proceeded to replace her “wig” on her head. Her hair was a very nice and close cut, so it baffled me that she would wear such an ugly, hot thing on her head. It had a plastic round piece on the top, with straight brown hair starting around that top and hanging down the sides. ( I realize now that it may be to keep the “microwave technology” from invading her thoughts) My husband and I knew she probably wouldn’t have supper, so we took her to Burger King on the way to the library. We tried to make small talk to draw her out but she just had short answers with no elaboration. We had a nice meal and then proceeded to take her to Washburn University to try to find their library. My youngest son was with us. She suggested that he go up to the door and check on the hours they were open. He came back and told us it was open until 9:00. She then gave us 3 of her original papers in a plastic protective sheet sealed with many layers of scotch tape. She told us her name was Marilyn Gibbs at that time and that she was a “Lobbyist to Stop Human Rights Abuse”. We said goodbye as she made her way to the library door. We wondered what we had just experienced!...and what Washburn University Library was about to experience!

We read through her papers to try and understand her “mission” but soon realized it was not possible. Much of it is only a slight variation on what has already been shown on this website. My husband suggested I ‘Google’ her to see if there was anything written about her. I tried…and came across this website. It’s amazing just how many people (from all over the world) have come in contact with Marilyn. We are praying she remains safe and that those who help her will do so in a kind and patient way.

Topeka, KS

Yesterday, July 1, 2008, at about noon, I was on my way home in my work van, pulling a trailer full of things I had removed from my daughter's garage following her garage sale. At a stop sign in northwest Topeka, I was behind a city bus that for some reason wasn't moving from the four-way stop. After a minute or so, it pulled away and I saw a black woman who had just gotten off the bus. She waved to get my attention, so I rolled my passenger window down. She said she was needing to get to Silver Lake, a town that is about 8 miles farther west on Highway 24. She looked pleasant and harmless as well as helpless, so I said, "Get in, I'll take you there."

As we started north, I explained that I needed to change vehicles at my home, so I wouldn't be taking my trailer on the highway and possibly having something blow off. "Oh, that's just fine," she said cheerfully. I asked her why she was going to Silver Lake, and she replied simply, "to find lodging." She indicated that she didn't know anyone in the town. I said I had just spent the morning cleaning out my daughter's garage. She replied, "I bet she really appreciated that!" to which I replied, "Yeah, especially since most of it was my stuff." She laughed. She was truly a pleasant, congenial person, so I tried to draw her out a bit.

"Are you a Christian?" I inquired, "a born-again believer?" She said "Oh yes," but didn't elaborate. She began asking me about Silver Lake, the town. I said it was a small community of less than 2000, but a really nice little town. She wanted to know how many blacks lived there, to which I replied probably 10% or less. I supposed that she might be disappointed that it was a bit whiter than most larger cities. She said that she was on a "one woman fight against domestic and other abuse," and that she had been abused by black police officers. "Here in Topeka?" I asked, and she replied yes. She asked if I was sure that Silver Lake had only 10% blacks, and I said it might be as few as 5%, but those I had met while going to the town's annual city-wide garage sale seemed like nice, respectable sorts.

"I would like it fine if it was only 1%, or none. I don't like black people! White people are much nicer." To this I laughed out loud, and then reassured her that I was laughing with her, not at her. We traded vehicles at my home, I got her a cold diet Coke, which she greatly appreciated, then we hurried off to Silver Lake. I explained to her that I need to be back quickly, so my wife could have her car to go to a funeral.

The trip was uneventful, and while she was not talkative, she was very articulate in her responses to my attempts to initiate conversation. I asked her where she would like me to take her in Silver Lake, and she wanted to go anywhere they might have a copy machine. She had given me a one-page handout describing her "one woman mission," but I hadn't had time to even glance at it. I had left it in my other van anyway. I suggested that one of the chuches might be willing to let her make some copies and perhaps help her find lodging. I pointed them out as we drove through the town. She asked if I knew where the police department was, and I didn't, so she suggested city hall. We stopped there briefly, which is in the same building as the fire department. She went inside and left a brochure. She asked to be dropped off at a grocery store, and then wanted to know if I might be so kind as to make a small donation so she could buy some Depends. I gave her $20, told her to keep the change, and with a smile and expressions of her sincere gratitude, she was gone. She first asked me for my address, so she could send me a thank-you card. I wrote it on the only paper I could find at hand, last Sunday's church bulletin. It will be interesting to see what, if anything she sends. Since our pastor's name and phone number were on the bulletin, I think it is probably more likely that I will receive a thank-you from her, but probably none from our pastor...

Back home again and scolded for being late, I retrieved the photocopied sheet of paper she had given me. I was amazed to find what appeared to be senseless, disconnected ramblings about "microwave abuse," and other strange subjects, nearly identical to those already posted. I won't take the time to reproduce it here. On the flip side was "The Salvation Army, Lawrence, Kansas, Emergency Shelter Resident Agreement." It was dated in hand-written pen, Sunday, June 29, 2008.

Godspeed, Marilyn, whereever and whoever you are. I may be $20 the poorer for having met you, but I am richer for the most unusual experience. I do wish you well, in this life and the next.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grand Junction, CO

I met Marilyn Gibbs today in Grand Junction, CO. She was crossing the street, and I waved her across. She signaled a request to roll down my window. She needed a ride to a "friend's house". I gave her the ride, she handed me one of her copies, shook my hand (her "shaking arm" is in a cast). and called me her hero for life. I googled the Ringwald name on her letter and found this site.

She is an extremely nice lady, reminded me of my late mother-in-law.

I'm not much of a religious person, but keep her in your prayers.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fargo, ND

I can't believe that there is a tiny little community out there of people who have come in contact with this woman. Astounding. Anyway, here's my story:

This was a few months ago, in February (I have no exact date). I work at a hotel/bar/restaurant in Fargo, ND. I had finished my shift and had sat down to have a beer in our lounge with a few coworkers of mine. Before long, someone came over to our table and showed us four napkins that had been written on "by some woman who was hanging around here earlier." We all read them and were confused by them. I kept them because I found their cadence interesting and I thought about using some of her rhythms in a poem. Here is what they read:

"Bus Station Offense, 2:00 p.m.
White Racism And Microwave
Abuse Oppression"

"2:00 pm Police Set Up From Mrs. Kurston Sawyer
Rodwin Ringwald. Mental
Wand, Lock Down Offense
Stalking My Travel To
Recollect In The Illegal
Microwave Abuse Offense Funds"

"Hotel Donaldson
Hits To The Stomach To Bleed
Me To Death. 3:30 pm"

"Hotel Donaldson 3:30 pm
Meal Abuse And Hotel Abuse
On Patrons, Guests and Staff.

1. Warm Up Technology Hit Offense
To Attack Patrons, Guest, Staff

2. 667 Microwave Technology
Bathroom Button Offense To
Own The Hotel And Town
By This Offense."

I didn't get to see her or hear a description of her other than that she appeared to be friendly and a little ... unstable. As a person who has had to deal with schizophrenia in my family, I hope she is safe and finds what she is looking for. I also dig her tactics. She's like Markoff Cheney in the "Illuminatus! Trilogy" running around causing raw chaos.

I'll subscribe to your blog, but if you're updating people about Marilyn over email, count me in.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sandy, UT

Yesterday, June 10 in Sandy, Utah I was approached by a nice woman asking me for directions to WalMart. As I proceeded to point a direction she told me that she was really looking for Alta View hospital which was located near the WalMart. She then stopped, looked at me and asked if I would take her there. In this day of dangerous people I wasn’t sure what to do so I just looked right into her eyes for a minute and tried to decide if she really needed help or if she was a threat of any kind. I didn’t get any bad feeling so I told her to get in my car and I drove her to the hospital. She was a black woman, a little on the heavy side with a purse and what looked like a computer in a case. She was wearing a dark skirt and spring looking blouse and appeared to be freshly showered. She looked like she could have been a company rep or business person.

I asked her a few questions and she said that she said that she originally came from Auburn(I think that’s the name), California. She didn’t initiate any conversation or offer much information and was very quiet and vague with her answers. She said that she had to go to the hospital to have some things tested. She did comment on the beauty of the mountains. I dropped her off at the Emergency Room and as she got out she said that she was having some black cop trouble and that she had left me 10 letters, one for me and the rest for friends. She then said thank you my white friend, today and forever (something like that). It was a one page handwritten letter on both sides that started out with “Stop the night illegal collections and deals on my life. Mrs. Kunston Sawyer Rodwin Ringwald collects as me as a white woman.………..”

The letter was so odd that I googled Rodwin Ringwald to seeif there was anything to it and here I am!!! I realized that Marilyn Gibbs(if that is even her name) was the woman I took to the hospital. A very strange incident. I am amazed that she has gotten around as well as she has and I wonder if she is getting any psychological help along the way. I was also wondering if I should alert anyone about her but I don’t want her to be at greater risk for trouble. It would be very interesting to really know what her story is. I hope she stays safe and gets any help she needs.

West Jordan, UT

On June 10th, 2008 Marilyn Gibbs came to a meeting at my LDS church house for the women. She came in and introduced herself and sat down. It was a game night so we were all laughing and having fun and Marilyn stood up and started talking. Since it was a Spanish ward, my mother was translating. Marilyn compared herself as an activist, at the level of Martin Luther King Jr. She spoke out against the West Jordan Police because they were covering up technology crimes. She said that the Mormons had treated her well before and so she came back to talk to the women. She wasn't making very much sense and my poor mother was scrambling to translate and make sense of what Marilyn was saying. Before she left, she handed out fliers and left the room. I've done reaserch to try and find out more, but I've only come up with more questions....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fallon, NV

On June 5th she made it to Fallon Nevada at my place of employment Holiday Inn Express. She asked my co-worker and I to make 150 front and back copies of her "Equinox.... Domestic Violence Shelter Guidelines & Resources BEDROOM#13" letter. My co-worker and I were reading it VERY CONFUSED and like the rest of you looked some things up on the web. We found this site and got chills.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chico, CA

We met Marilyn in Chico, CA in front of Enloe Memorial Hospital on 5/31/2008.
She was standing on the corner wearing her Social Security Card on her dress.
She handed us a letter regarding abuse of the bus lines from Klamath, OR to
Sacramento, CA. She wrote that she was being stopped by black police officers
who had their skin "depigmented" compliments of Carl Wyman. These police
officers were trying to kill her and had been following her for 6 years. They
were abusing microwaves and raping bus drivers, as well as not paying to ride
on the bus. Mrs. Kurston Sawyer has a main frame (a whole microwave
technology) to control the town. She is trying to stop microwave abuse.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Springfield, OR

Wow...this one weirded me out. Gave her a ride to a
Jehovah's witness church, she looked like a nice old
"Rosa Parks" type gal. Very calm, and quiet. Then, she
wouldn't get out of the car, and began writing on a
flier she had. She wrote a note on the top of her
flier,"carjacking offense, tell them to pay for
abusing this white woman ride." She started doing a
weird head twitch thing,and said she was a little
dizzy, and I began to wonder if she was going to pull
out an oozie or something! She was so sweet and nice!
But, creepily scary like a Ted Bundy! I actually
checked my whole car after reading her flier to make
sure she didn't stick some sort of crazy government
tracker to it! lol..

Also, her flier says to call her Friend, Cheryl Welsh,
in Davis california, The phone number was a Cafe, so I
called information. the phone # she had on her flier
was 530-758-2626, and the directory # I was given, was
530-758-1626...she said the calls were being blocked ,
and to internet her friend, at Citizens Against Human
Rights Abuse. If you google that, it takes you to a
web site authored by Cheryl Welsh, and has all this
supposed research on microwave technology! Very creepy...

(no city), OR

I think my son had an encounter with Marilyn in Oregon last night! she gave him a very strange coded handwritten letter when you google search items on the letter it appears that we are dealing with a mental case who is traveling the country using symapthy. It is very sad that people need to stoop to this level in the GOD given USA. :(

Friday, May 23, 2008

St Helens, OR

We received a letter from Marilyn Friday evening, around 6:30 pm, at the Klondike restaurant in St. Helens, Oregon. She came to our table, said she was on a national tour, something to do with helping a women's shelter, then gave us the letter and quickly walked away. My husband and I read through the letter and soon realized she must be mentally ill. We decided to google some of the phrases, and were very surprised to see that we could actually find out who she is!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kelso, WA

She arrived in Kelso, WA on May 21, 2008. I met her at my church today the 22nd, she handed flyers around to ladies but did talk with a gentleman of my church. She seemed to be quiet gentle but when I read her flyer I can't help but wonder where her family is to contact them. A couple from church gave her a ride somewhere but I have been unable to call because they go to bed early. She needs some help

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chicago, IL

I just saw her on the Train between Chicago and Round Lake Beach in Illinois!!

My wife and two kids (3 1/2 yo and 9 mo old) boarded the train at Western and she was already there with her bags. My wife and I noticed that she had some hand written signs taped to the back of her jacket and on her bags. After awhile she stood up and stared out the window for about 20 minutes, then after most of the car had emptied (there were still quite a few people), she started handing out her fliers. She gave them to all the women EXCEPT my wife. There was a couple sitting in front of me, so I was reading the flier over the guy's shoulder, and asked if I could have it, then posted it to my Live Journal.

This was on the 10th. She got off the train I "think" in Northbrook. I had my wife and several other people sitting near us laughing so hard when I said she was passing out "100% Pure, Weapons Grade Crazy".

Monday, May 12, 2008

Chicago, IL

here is my account:

I was on the 8:30am Metra train travelling from Chicago to Aurora. At about hinsdale, or Clarendon hills, or Downers grove a woman came into the car and began speaking loudly. I was on the upper deck of the train and could not see her - only hear her. I didn't fully understand what she was saying - something about a woman's shelter - and her name "Marilynn Gibbs." there was an authority and a conviction in her voice and I assumed she was probably a social activist of some stature who had taken it upon herself to personally campaign for a woman's shelter in the place we were passing through. I was very impressed and inspired by her as she then proceeded to walk around and hand out her flyers. Of course, as I read I soon found that what i was reading was mental paranoia, conspiracy theory, reminiscent of bad mental breakdowns. she walked to the next car leaving a confused audience in her wake. People were actually taking her semi-seriously up until the point they started reading what she had handed out. Eventually she came back into the car and I had the opportunity to look at her as she sat in one seat, got up and moved to another, and then another before leaving the car for good. she was wearing a long tan trenchcoat with a copy of her manifesto safety-pinned on to the back of the coat. Also, from my birds eye vantage point it appeared that she was wearing a bad wig - it was easy to spot a big section where the hair was missing - and what was underneath was not her scalp. There was a black kid across from me studying his chemistry book and he asked her why she did not also give him a copy of her sheet and she told him it was because he was black.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Chambersburg, PA

Ms. Gibbs attempted to gain admittance to our shelter in down town Chambersburg, Pa. When asked why she was homeless she released little helpful information. The shelter was full, and as such she could not be admitted. Shortly before leaving the premises, she through a three page document through the office window. The document contained odd, delusional, and racist messages describing microwave abuse, rape, and a list of several people she liked or disliked. Within the letter she said white women pimps should be shot / blown up.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chambersburg, PA

Yesterday, April 29th, Marilyn showed up on the campus of Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. She walked into my office in the library and handed me her manifesto. She had apparently handed it to at least one student also. After she left and I had read the manifesto, I gave it to our security crew and suggested that they notify the borough police. I was told that she was still in Chambersburg today but close to the interstate.

I am not qualified to say that she is dangerous but she is probably delusional and that in itself is a big problem on a college campus. Her manifesto includes racist epithets and she urges the reader to “shoot them” or “blow them away.” Rather than just writing to this blog, I really believe someone should be intervening with her and getting her off the street.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Washington, DC

Those of you following Marilyn's journeys will be pleased (?) to know she has made it to the nation's capital where she is busy warning D.C. residents about Microwave Abuse Rape offenses etc. I encountered her today outside Union Station. She handed me the "Room 13" version of her manifesto that has been previously reproduced here. Not sure what to say, other than it's amazing that such an extremely confused delusional person can survive and get around as well as she does. Maybe it says something good about this country and our ability to tolerate and perhaps even care for the marginalized and vulnerable?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

(no location)

23, April, 2008. We had an encounter with Ms Gibbs at 19:15.
As per her oft-repeated MO, she flagged us down at an intersection, inquiring as to where there might be a church holding bible study. When informed that we didn't know the area well enough, she asked us to give her a ride to a Burger King at the other end of town. We were late to pick up our daughter and grandchildren, so we had to decline. She handed us her manifesto from a large stack and hailed a passing cab. I noticed several pieces of extremely well-worn luggage on the sidewalk.
When we returned home, hours later, I did my best to work my way through her white paper. I have to say that in all my years (plenty) I cannot recall having ever read such a rambling, discombooberated hash of gibberish in my life - and I was in the Army and have had to deal with OSHA for 30 years.
I was curious about the Rev. Carl Wyman she vilifies so I Googled up numberous links to Ms. Gibbs. This site >>>http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=756262&blogID=204585029<<< gives an indication of how manic her travels are. She puts Dr. Richard Kimball's pursuit of the One-Armed Man in the classic TV series "The Fugitive" to shame.

I somehow feel connected to all who have encountered the "Lobbyist". An amazing encounter to be sure.

And that's not the rest of the story, but my part of it.

Frederick, MD

I encountered Marilyn as I was leaving my class Wednesday evening (April 23) around 6:12 pm. She politely asked for help finding a church to attend a Bible Study. She seemed nice enough so I told her I would help. We arrived at the church a little early so she asked if I could take her to near by restaurant to wait. There was a Freeze King close by and since it was a very nice day, I took her there. Before getting out of my truck she asked for a red or blue pen. She then began to explain her situation while underlining passages on the paper as well as documenting a carjacking offense. Afterwards she handed me the paper which is similar to everyone else’s. She thanked me for the ride, shook my hand and left.

I contacted the Church she was trying to get to see if she did make it there. It appears she did and is now trying to make her way to D.C.

This has certainly been an interesting experience and I do wish Marilyn well in her journey and hope she finds her answers.

Frederick, MD

In Frederick, Md on April the 23rd at about 3pm.

A neatly dressed middle aged black woman came into the office of our staffing agency in Frederick, Md (30 Minutes outside of Baltimore).
I stood to great her as she entered and asked her how she was. She said that she was doing very well considering that she was "very old."
When I asked how I could help her, she bypassed me and said "I want to talk to the ladies." She walked over to the desk of 2 of my colleagues
who are both Caucasian females. She sat a big handbag on an office desk and pulled out some papers. She handed them to one of the girls and
asked them to give them out to the local woman's shealter. She gave them 4 copies because she saw 4 of my women colleagues in our office. She re-iterated to give them to the battered woman shelters and to give them to the white women. They were photocopies of a hand written letter that appears to have originally written
on the torn out page of a handbook. The writing on it said:"Equinox Inc. Domestic Violence Shelter. Guidlines & Resources. Bedroom #13."

Her thoughts seem to be a tad bid scattered. I don't want to speak out of turn, as I am not a physician, but I have a feeling that she may be somewhat mentally ill.
However, she does make some good points. Plus, being a male, I wouldn't qualify for the White Women Swat Team.

As far as her cause, I have chosen not to get involved because this Carl Wyman sounds like one bad ass that I don't want to aggravate. He does after all Own the Black Box.

I do not have the ability to scan the document but the hand writing read as follows:

Give to the White Women Board of Directors of National Domestic Violence organization in Frederick, Maryland. Heartly Shelter. Check the box on there frame, there microwave technology. When black men and women tell the shelter that they want to protect black women from white racism and microwave abuse oppression, shoot them. Send ten white women that kill. Your white men will take there bad black deals. When Carl Wyman and John Rodwin and Howard Warner and there staff and the blacks in town own the town by white racism and microwave abuse oppression, shoot them. Don't give them goods, services, and employment.

Tell them to pay Heartly Shelter now for the six year abuse on the national organization. Tell peace for families domestic violence organization shelter and the town of Auburn, California to avenge the abuse. Tell them to leave the military, FBI, CIA, and pentagon technology to heartly shelter.

Albany, New York. Change of location. Firestone and Italian restaurant. Every pimp in town know the location of the shelter. Close every shelter in the country before these black men and women in the night of the Black Church pimp domestic violence shelters nationally and internationally. (Canada) What is on line, they don't want to die in the Ghetto Washington DC (and there White Men in the Night). Put the white girls in private homes. Carl Wyman and his national black church, 20 million black church frames controlled by his his old black church women frames, pimp women in the night put there black girls in private homes, give them social services and employment.


Send for the military, a woman swat team to get them off of your white town. Your men will take there black deals.

They know that your town don't have enough technology to stop there black church takeover. They are a traveling prostitution ring racketeering microwave abuse rape offenses nationally and internationally. They are seperating the technology to keep it safe. They have technology that no one see there travel. Tell your white women swat team to radar them and blow them up. A Tourtured Microwave Lobbyist, Marilyn Gibbs.

1. Fifteen Main Frames. 150 Black Ministers to Control the Town Racketeering.
2. 20 Million Black Church Frames Controlled by the Old Black Church Women Frames In the Night. Hazel. The offense own the oral esex offense given to her by Carl Wyman to put on white domestic violence shelters, your wealthy white men, women and children, government officials and wealthy white business frames.
3. Microwave Technology 667. A prostitution technology to attack white women now (his white girl party) and white men and children. They can't sell ghetto offenses.
4. Moron Microwave Technology. The whole town for prostitution, robbery, and killings. Black church black line abuse on both ears telling me what to write.
5. Black church black box abuse. Carl Wyman own the Black Box.

We can only hope that Marilyn can figure our her situation and bring herself some peace.

God Speed, Marilyn.