Thursday, November 13, 2008

West Yellowstone, MT

I work at the front desk of the Holiday Inn in West Yellowstone, MT. A older black woman, dressed nicely and seemingly here on a professional visit of some kind, approached the desk. She asked me if my manager was available. I told her that everyone had left for the weekend, including our General Manager. She said, quite forcefully, "You guys are shutting me down again! It's not even 5 o'clock yet!" She then asked me to call my manager on his cell phone so that she could talk to him over the phone. I asked her what it was in regards to and she said, "A civil rights issue." At this point I was starting to pick up an iffy vibe from her, so I told her that I could not call my manager from the front desk because he has Oregon cell phone number and our phones do not dial long distance. She then asked me where he lived. I, of course, declined to share that information with her. I told her again that if she wanted to talk to him, she should come back on Monday. She started to get a bit pushy then and and said, "So, you're trying to tell me that in the event of an emergency you couldn't call him." I then advised her that, while I didn't have long distance codes, other people did and could use them IF there was an emergency. She continued to stand at the front desk and stare at me (at this point I was getting REALLY uncomfortable) and then she pointed at me with this crazy look in her eye. I thought, "Shit. She knows that I'm giving her the run around and she's gonna lose it on me." That wasn't the case, she told me that I was "the woman". I walked away from the front desk to help a co-worker in the back (AND in the hopes that she'd go away) and when I came back she was STILL there. I asked if there was anything else I could do for her and she asked me if I had something to drink. I directed her to the bar and the restaurant down the hall. She then said that she needed to send an e-mail to someone. I told her that she could use the lobby computer if she made it quick. She told me that she's "computer illiterate" and wanted ME to send her e-mail for her. I told her that I couldn't use the internet behind the desk. Again, she stood and looked at me for awhile and then said "Now I know how Martin Luther King, Jr. felt" and walked into the bar.

She stood in the bar for quite some time watching TV, drinking water and eating the bar snacks. From talking to my co-workers, it sounds like she was back there talking about the same kinds of things that she writes about in her manifestos. I had stepped away from the desk to have a smoke break, but stood at the door to the lobby so I could see the desk. She came back into the lobby and spent a long time putting her coat on and then combing her hair, using the glass of the front doors as a mirror. When it looked like she was ready to leave, I walked back into the lobby. I avoided eye contact because I REALLY didn't want to have another staring contest with her. She turned and walked up to me and asked if she could ask me a question. I said yes and then she realized that I was the person she'd already talked to and told me to have a good night and left.

Ten minutes later, a silver Suburban pulls up in front of the hotel and she gets out of the passenger side. She walks up to the desk and hands me a sheet of paper, folded in thirds, covered on front and back with handwriting. She asked me to give it to the GM and then left again.

Being very curious about all of this "Microwave Technology", I decided to Google it and see what happened. That's how I found this blog. I am amazed at how far she's travelled and it seems that she's done it COMPLETELY on the mercy of others. I would be really interested in hearing her real story.

Following is the manifesto that she left with us, verbatim:

(On front)

I want the town of Billings Montana To:

1. Shut the town down, your Microwave Technology.
2. Kill the ghetto off of my travel. The ghetto connection to the police dept.
3. And keep the 15 year microwave abuse oppression offense funds: $900 Million, $800 Trillion and all of the money made on my Microwave Technology 667.

Black church line abuse on both ears. They say that they have always written for me. Hazel Wyman's Raft 207. They say that they are my spiritual directions. My brain, my thoughts, my soul. They write as I write and they travel with a photocopier to control my writing and lobby handouts switching letters. They are readin back to me my old letters. The Black women gave there black men my wash. They look white now.

Activist, lobbyist, Marilyn Gibbs. A One Woman Fight. I am not a married woman. I don't know these Black and White men in the night. Give this letter to someone who will know the process of race separation. White sisterhood for protection to stop the Black Race abuse, Black racism. Black Race owning me to Black Race abuse me for profit. Handing me over to every opposition to racketeer offenses. Black line abuse on every organ to kill me. A life expectancy is on each organ. They have taken every protection off of me that White America put on me. Protocol: even if they kill me the money have to be put back. Don't take Carl Wyman's night private deals. He is from Miami, Florida. A gutter ghetto street Minister Pimp In the Night through the police dept and Salvation Army.

(On back)

White Sisterhood For Protection. My Raft 2257 and Microwave Technology 667.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008. 11:45AM. Billings, Montana. Taxi cab to the bus station via the library to get directions on my travel to Washington, D.C. Give this letter to someone who know the process of race separation. The racketeering rape offense are not worth a dime. Oral sex offense.

Your police dept. is helping Carl Wyman, John Rodwin Ringwald, Howard Warner and Mrs. Kunston Sawyer Rodvain Ringwald To Stalk Me to mental ward me, lock me down to racketeer microwave abuse rape offenses and killings and robberies on wealthy whites. I was leaving the YWCA domestic violence shelter, Billings. I knew the police would be at the bus station but not the library. The ghetto connection to the police dept: Hazel Wyman, Rita Wyman and there Elks organization White Men in the Night. (Pimps, Ministers and Klansmen) IDENTITY THEFT AND FINANCIAL THEFT: $900 million dollors, $800 trillion dollars and all of the money made on my Microwave Technology 667. The 15 year Microwave Abuse Oppression Offense Funds. Domestic Violence organization and the police dept. are brother sister organization to protect women. They are not protecting me.

(In a box off to the side)

A margin offense.
A Howard Warner offense.

We've all spent the evening talking about our Marilyn encounter and now that we've read more information about her, we're all kind of sad that we didn't take the time to talk to her. It really does seem like something horrible happened to her at some point...