Friday, August 29, 2008

Danville, IN

My husband, daughter & I were on our way home to Indianapolis, Indiana from a fun filled weekend at Raccoon Lake. We decided to stop at McDonald's in Danville, Indiana for a bite to eat. After going through the drive through driving slowly through the parking lot we were stopped by a older black lady in a blue dress. If you are familiar w/ Danville Ind. you know there are not that many blacks in this small town if any.

As my husband rolled down the window the lady looked surprised & said, "Oh, you're a white man." He asked, "Can I help you?" She said, "Three black police officers are trying to ruin my life and you can help me by telling ten of your friends." Since I always ride in the back w/ our 4yr old daughter she dropped 10 copies of a letter in our front passenger seat & walked off into the night. My husband started to talk on the phone to his friend in the truck in front of us and I sort of read through the gibberish on the paper. It wasn't actually until today at work that I actually read the whole thing. I have attached copies of both sides of the paper.

The paper she gave us had a standardized welcome letter to the Family Violence Prevention Center of Greene County P.O. Box 271 Xenia, Oh 45385 in the middle of one side. It had her name hand written in the space labeled: Dear______ & was dated August 27 & 28, 2008. (It is written in the exact same handwriting as the rest of the paper).
On the other side was a copy of a TV Channel guide for Regency Inn of Xenia, Oh.

All over the paper top, bottom, & down both sides was lots of crazy gibberish.... It was confusing, sad & disturbing because obviously the person who wrote it may have some mental issues. So I thought to myself what if she is someones loved one who has gone off of her meds & wondered off. Someone may be looking for her? So I decided to Google the name to see if I could find an article about a missing person fitting her description.... and to my surprise I found this website tracking her & tons of similar encounters from all over the country all over the web.

Please someone explain Marilyn to me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zanesville, OH

I live in Zanesville Ohio and I had a meeting with this woman. I am going to start with this bothers me. Some of the things I have read really honestly bother me. yesterday August 26 2008, we pulled up to a red light to turn right when a decent dressed, fairly clean looking woman aproached the car and asked us for a ride to Columbus Ohio which is about an hour away from here. We told her no and she asked if she would give us five dollars if we would and we told her no. Then she threw some letters in our window and and told us that we needed to make sure that we gave them to the white man so that the white woman can stay on top. I don't understand the whole thing. How did she get to here?? What is she doing??? Is this for real because the letter is very desriptive about some very horrific things and I am very bothered.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pittsburg, PA

Hello, I live in Mt. Lebanon, just south of Pittsburgh, PA. Yesterday, August 21, 2008 I was stopped in traffic on my way to work and saw a nicely dressed, older, black woman stopping each car. Thinking she was advertising some sort of church event or looking for donations, I rolled down my window. She was talking fast (since we were at a red light about to change) but said that people had come into her shelter last night, and said "Roll your windows up and lock your car doors.... He likes girls that look like you." And handed me a photocopied flyer, with handwritten writing on both sides, and an Eat N' Park menu. I've attached the flyer. It was very bizarre for this to happen in the super suburban area where I was. I wish I knew what any of this meant. What is "Microwave Weapons Technology"? And what are the "frames" she references throughout the letter. Well, thought I'd share. Email me if you want more details.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Washington, PA

Just doing my part to continue the tracking of our favorite "lobbyist". Yesterday Marilyn stopped in Washington, PA where I work as a bartender at TGIFridays. On this particular evening I was working a shift as a server (which is a rarity in and of itself) when around 6:30 a middle aged woman in a blue dress was seated in my section. I say "seated", but as I approached the table, she was standing next to it attempting to organize a large stack of papers tucked into a yellow folder. I introduced myself, and she asked me if I was the manager. I informed her that I was not the manager, but could find one for her as I got her a drink. She politely requested three large glasses of water with no ice. I immediately located my manager and informed him that there was an odd woman seeking his presence. I kept my distance, but watched my manager as he approached Marilyn's table. I could not hear any of their conversation but based on my manager's facial
expressions, I could see he was clearly confused. After a few seconds of dialogue she handed him a folded piece of paper. (I don't have a scanner so I will transcribe what Marilyn had hastily written in messy cursive. With the exception of the check marks, all capitalization/punctuation/spelling is exactly as she had written.)

On the back of what was a folded flier for an abused women's shelter, Marilyn had written:

A Black Police Officer. JOHN RODWIN [5 check marks]
1. Brutality
2. Corruption
3. Through The Black Church
4. He Got Away With My Money
Saying HUSBAND [husband is underlined 3 times]
5. He Looks Like A White Man Now.
6. His 5th Bigamist Wife, Mrs. Ku

She was in the middle of writing this as my manager approached so she didn't quite finish, but I'm guessing she was attempting to write "Mrs. Kurston Sawyer Rodwin Ringwald"

My manager, upon leaving the table, informed me that Marilyn claimed she was the victim of some sort of abuse, and would he kindly donate to her cause by buying her a meal, as she had not eaten today. He told me (and her) that he would buy her meal on the condition that she not speak to any other patrons of the restaurant, and that she leave as soon as she was done eating...she politely obliged.
When I returned to her table with her food, she had used 2 of the glasses of water to hold up a makeshift sign about 2 feet wide by 1 foot high, written on white paper, stuck to cardboard and wrapped in plastic. I did not get a very good look at it, but it was all the same cursive writing as on her handout (I believe it may have been the rest of her manifesto)
She was sipping from the third glass of water, while spraying herself down with what appeared to be perfume, but must have been plain water as it had no smell. She gladly took the food from me, but then proceeded to stand up and move to another table...carrying only her plate and leaving her paperwork behind. When my manager came over to ask her to stay at one table, she became very flustered, quickly gathered her things, and proceeded to walk out of the restaurant BACKWARDS. She continued to walk backwards all the way down the sidewalk and around the building until she was in the parking lot of the restaurant next door, when she turned and walked normal again, leaving all of us dumbfounded in her wake.

It was my manager who actually came across this blog when he googled "John Rodwin", but since our meeting I cannot stop thinking about it. I find her story so twisted and brother actually likened it to a stephen king novel, where so many strangers become intertwined over such an odd and trivial encounter. I hope she finally finds her raft and gets the U.N. to ban microwave technology 667, but in the meantime I can't wait to hear about other peoples' run-ins with Marilyn

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mt Lebanon, PA

Hello, I also live in Mt. Lebanon and on August 21, 2008 came across the same nicely dressed black lady. She handed me the same items. It was a disturbing feeling. Especially, trying to make sense of what was written on her hand out. I had just dropped my husband off at the trolley and was sitting in traffic when she handed me the flyer and the Eat n' Park menu. What she said to me was that the police had kicked her out of her Domestic Violence woman shelter last night. That's all that I remember her saying and then I drove off. Couldn't make sense of the hand written notes. Kind of look like documentations she had made on different days. It is obviously a woman crying out for help. Sadly, we can't make sense of it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Altoona, PA

Apparently I encounterd the same woman at the Greyhound Bus Stop in Altoona yesterday. The handout was signed AKA Erynn Hanford, Lobbyist, Activist, Marilyn Gibbs. A One woman Fight.
I was quite distubed bythe handout because I work for a domestic violence program and I know these things to NOT be true at our level.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Everett, PA

On Sunday August 10, 2008 Marilyn Gibbs came to our church along with one of our regular attendees. They had picked her up the night before in Bedford, Pennsylanvia, at a restaurant thinking she might need food. They took her into their home, feed, and provided a bed for the evening. That was Saturday August 9th.

Sunday morning they brought to our Church in Everett, Pa. Her mission at that time was to get to Pittsburg Pa. by Sunday Afternoon. She passed out papers about the abuse topic/thing. We were of course totally confused and did not understand her mission. However, let me point out we knew she was not right in the head about what she was talking about.

We took her to lunch and the bus station in Altoona, PA Sunday afternoon. Bought her a non-refundable ticket to Pittsburg, Pa. and left her there at 5:00 p.m. The bus was scheduled to left at 6:30 p.m.

After reading you article, it seems to me she never left Altoona because she was sighted in Altoona, Pa on August 11th., as it was reported to you.

Her visit left us in a daze and cloudy state about her mission, however, inside of us we knew there was something wrong about her mission and her mind.

PS After her visit my spirit was so trouble I felt I needed to know more about the Marilyn Gibbs. I went to the internet and put her name on Google and up she popped. How strange. I' am so glad I now know the rest of the story.......

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sterling, VA

I just wanted to let you know that I ran into this lady yesterday, August 7, 2008. I was leaving work and on my way home, when I saw her on the side of the street. She looked like she needed help and when I slowed down, she flagged me over. I asked her if she needed a ride anywhere, and she told me that she was trying to get out of Virginia, because her ex-boyfriend had a lot of influence over the blacks in Virginia. She said she was trying to get to Charlestown, West Virginia. I felt sorry for her, not knowing her whole story. I thought she might be fleeing from some sort of domestic abuse or something, so I gave her a ride from Sterling, VA to Leesburg, VA. She then asked me for a donation, and I gave her about 9 bucks, all I had in my wallet at the time and told her to get herself a meal with it. She gave me a copy of that same printed letter that you posted on the Internet with maybe some minor changes. It kind of freaked me out a little. I wasn't sure exactly what her problem was, but she did say she had to get away from Washington. She said she had tried to fight her ex-boyfriend, but had not been prepared enough, so now she had to get as far away as possible. I dropped her off next to a Luthern Church on the West side of Leesburg, VA. She seemed nice enough, but after reading the copy of the letter she gave me, I'm not sure what's going on. I was just trying to be a good samaritan.