Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pittsburg, PA

Hello, I live in Mt. Lebanon, just south of Pittsburgh, PA. Yesterday, August 21, 2008 I was stopped in traffic on my way to work and saw a nicely dressed, older, black woman stopping each car. Thinking she was advertising some sort of church event or looking for donations, I rolled down my window. She was talking fast (since we were at a red light about to change) but said that people had come into her shelter last night, and said "Roll your windows up and lock your car doors.... He likes girls that look like you." And handed me a photocopied flyer, with handwritten writing on both sides, and an Eat N' Park menu. I've attached the flyer. It was very bizarre for this to happen in the super suburban area where I was. I wish I knew what any of this meant. What is "Microwave Weapons Technology"? And what are the "frames" she references throughout the letter. Well, thought I'd share. Email me if you want more details.


Jackie said...

Hello, I also live in Mt. Lebanon and on August 21, 2008 came across the same nicely dressed black lady. She handed me the same items. It was a disturbing feeling. Especially, trying to make sense of what was written on her hand out. I had just dropped my husband off at the trolley and was sitting in traffic when she handed me the flyer and the Eat n' Park menu. What she said to me was that the police had kicked her out of her Domestic Violence woman shelter last night. That's all that I remember her saying and then I drove off. Couldn't make sense of the hand written notes. Kind of look like documentations she had made on different days. It is obviously a woman crying out for help. Sadly, we can't make sense of it.

RedHeadRocker said...

I live in Zanesville Ohio and I had a meeting with this woman. I am going to start with this bothers me. Some of the things I have read really honestly bother me. yesterday August 26 2008, we pulled up to a red light to turn right when a decent dressed, fairly clean looking woman aproached the car and asked us for a ride to Columbus Ohio which is about an hour away from here. We told her no and she asked if she would give us five dollars if we would and we told her no. Then she threw some letters in our window and and told us that we needed to make sure that we gave them to the white man so that the white woman can stay on top. I don't understand the whole thing. How did she get to here?? What is she doing??? Is this for real because the letter is very desriptive about some very horrific things and I am very bothered.