Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Las Cruces, NM


My name is Adam, and I manage a restaurant in Las Cruces NM. This morning (March 31st) I was doing some routine paperwork at my desk when I saw an older black woman posting something on a light post through my window. At the time I really didn't think anything of it. Perhaps a "Lost Dog" poster or something.

Shortly thereafter, I peered out my office window to find that she decorated the light post with fliers, newspapers, and a mysterious bag flailing in the wind. The newspapers were taped together to create a paper chain of sorts. I assumed it was done to draw attention to her shrine as the noisy newsprint flapped viciously in the New Mexico wind. After finding this website and reading the other testimonials I decided the paper chain could be attributed more so to the fact that she is bat shit crazy, rather than an advertisement ploy.

Needless to say, the light post looked a bit trashy. So I went outside to get rid of the mess. Of course the center piece was the infamous photocopied letter. I will spare you the details of the specifics of her manifesto for they're chronicled many times over on this website (and still makes no sense whatsoever). Rape, Carl Wyman, Microwave Tech. etc.

Where my story differs from the other contributors is what I would like to focus on here. To add information to the mystery and motivation of this woman rather than repeat what has already been said. Which brings me to the bag.

The woman tapped a bag of feces to a pole! Yes, a bag of poop. Totally ruined my day! Called the cops. They took some pictures and said "They weren't trained how to handle bio-hazards". They called the city. They sent out a guy who didn't even get out of his truck, took a few pictures on his phone, and sped away. So I got stuck with the responsibility of the BM bag disposal. Thanks Marilyn!

I too am now captivated with this woman. I need to get to the bottom of this! What happened to her? When and where did this happen? What was the catalyst that sent this tortured soul into action and on her mission? And most importantly, why did she feel the need to tape a bag of shit to a pole?

Adam in New Mexico

p.s. I would love to hear what a psychiatrist has to say about her manifesto if anybody knows one.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Casa Grande, AZ

I am a Librarian with the City of Casa Grande in Arizona. I have not met Marilyn Gibbs personally, but several of our staff have. On Thursday, March 18, Marilyn Gibbs Rodriguez came up to the circulation desk and asked to use some office supplies. When she was told that she could only use it at the desk, she became angry and said she could use it wherever she wanted and proceeded to take the stapler away and staple things on top of the glass plate of our photo copier. After she was done, she went around the library passing out her manifesto (almost identical to what was written in the Davis entry) and before she left, whispered in the ear of one of the staff when she was looking away "(something something) is Puerto Rican". Unbeknown to us, she later hung her manifesto attached to cups filled with urine, bags filled with soiled diapers, used tampons, and other cups filled with unknown materials on a tree outside the library. The police were called and an officer came by and told us that other such hangings were found around town, including a church. They all had the name Marilyn Gibbs Rodriguez with the same, crazy writings and waste.

Staff who saw her personally said that other than her hair looking frazzled, she looked normal, though they felt uneasy around her.