Thursday, March 18, 2010

Casa Grande, AZ

I am a Librarian with the City of Casa Grande in Arizona. I have not met Marilyn Gibbs personally, but several of our staff have. On Thursday, March 18, Marilyn Gibbs Rodriguez came up to the circulation desk and asked to use some office supplies. When she was told that she could only use it at the desk, she became angry and said she could use it wherever she wanted and proceeded to take the stapler away and staple things on top of the glass plate of our photo copier. After she was done, she went around the library passing out her manifesto (almost identical to what was written in the Davis entry) and before she left, whispered in the ear of one of the staff when she was looking away "(something something) is Puerto Rican". Unbeknown to us, she later hung her manifesto attached to cups filled with urine, bags filled with soiled diapers, used tampons, and other cups filled with unknown materials on a tree outside the library. The police were called and an officer came by and told us that other such hangings were found around town, including a church. They all had the name Marilyn Gibbs Rodriguez with the same, crazy writings and waste.

Staff who saw her personally said that other than her hair looking frazzled, she looked normal, though they felt uneasy around her.