Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Flagstaff, AZ

I was walking into a Kinkos/FedEx this afternoon near Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ) where I go to school and opened a door for a well-dressed black woman. She had a suitcase. She was trying to give a piece of paper to a couple who had just exited, and then returned back inside to hand me her manifesto. It was typical of the rest - microwaves, race separation, oral sex abuse, etc - and was written on her Greyhound bus ticket. She told me she was on her way to New Mexico and then DC. Her ticket was from Kingman, AZ to Santa Fe, NM with a stop in Flagstaff... although she obviously got off before her apparent destination. She was getting a ride with the couple, presumably to the train/bus station... although her ticket to NM was for January 26, yesterday.

Flagstaff, AZ

Well, Marilyn is now in Flagstaff, Arizona. Her letter is hand written
on a Greyhound ticket that shows her traveling from Kingman AZ, to Santa
Fe, NM.

She came by City Hall today and handed out her "letters" to everyone
she came across. I was at lunch at the time and did not get the
pleasure of meeting her.

Her letters all seem to have the same theme.

I cannot believe I actually found information about her on the
internet... CRAZY!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Boulder City, NV

I work in a hotel in Boulder City, NV (about 20 miles from Vegas), and had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Gibbs today. Apparantly she has been quite busy. A local church paid for one night at our hotel. When she arrived, I helped her to her room. She told me that she was a prophet like Dr. King, and gave me a flier. I went back to the office and started reading the strangest thing I've ever read in my life. About halfway through, a police officer pulled up and started asking questions about her - namely was a teenager with her. I said no, she was alone, but I let him read her flier. I then spotted her outside standing in the middle of the parking lot, holding a bunch of papers above her head. I told the cop that that was her. He went outside to talk to her, and when he came back told me that she was "confused" but seemed nice enough, and left. The housekeeper came in. I showed her the flier. She read it, said that she thinks it was the same lady she had met in Searchlight, NV. She said the lady had threatened people there with a very large knife. Then, another lady came in that works for a nonprofit org. out here. Apparantly Ms. Gibbs had been at there too. They had paid for a week at another hotel, but Ms. Gibbs refused to stay there. Then she started picking her nose and trying to wipe it on the volunteers. She also stated to them that she had a knife in her suitcase. Also, a teenager was waiting for her outside there too. Finally, the lady from the church that had paid for her stay came in (where she was trying to get copies made there too, btw) and we all compared notes. It was enough for me to become very concerned about the safety of the other guests and employees at my work, so I called the police back. They came, and checked her room for this mystery boy that was seen with her. Nobody was in her room, but the cop said that she had defecated on one of our sheets and put it in the sink. He said it stunk in the room. Does anyone else know of any violent tendancies on her part of has she mentioned this knife to anyone else? What about a young boy with her? I am quite concerned about this.

I attached the copies of the letter I got from her.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cedar City, UT

Cedar City, UT 8:40 am 1/13/09

I was at Albertson's in Cedar City and when I was about to leave, a women with several suitcases and a plastic bag of toilet paper asked where she could get some breakfast. I told her that Denny's and IHOP would be her best choice. She then asked if I could give her a ride to the Denny's. I told I would and once she got in my jeep she asked if I could instead take her to WalMart on the other side of town. I told her I would and while we were on our way she then asked if I could take her to New Harmony which was about 15 min from Cedar. I told her I couldn't because I had to get back to the University to go to a class. Unphased, she then asked if I could take her to Kannaraville, which was also far and I repeated that I couldn't because of class. Finally when we got to WalMart she asked for some money so she could get breakfast. I gave her $5 and then she took out those flyers, didn't write anything, and handed me them. I read them when I got back to my dorm and saw that it made no sense.

Later that night, I called the Police Department in Cedar City and told her about the woman. They then told me that she was doing nothing criminal so they couldn't arrest her and that she is paranoid schitzophrenic but not so much that they can institutionalize her. I think the next person to encounter her should definitly take her to a mental health clinic because she really shouldn't be travelling the country in this state.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cedar City, UT

My wife and her girlfriend picked her up to give her a ride to a local coffee shop in Cedar City UT yesterday, January 4th. She gave both of them the handouts and spoke to them as if they already knew who these people in her writings were. The experience was unsettling to both of them and expressed a disinterest in ever giving someone a ride somewhere, no matter how nice and friendly they looked. After reading some of the writings, I was beginning to think the would make good lyrics for some Indy band. The "Microwave Abuse Oppression Offense" caught my eye, and I just had to find out if there was such a thing. Good use of abstract imagery. A white, racist Ani DiFranco might enjoy the inspiration.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Cedar City, UT

I Encountered Miss Gibbs January 2nd around 5 pm at the cedar city utah staples. and she gave me a letter that makes no sense?