Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cedar City, UT

Cedar City, UT 8:40 am 1/13/09

I was at Albertson's in Cedar City and when I was about to leave, a women with several suitcases and a plastic bag of toilet paper asked where she could get some breakfast. I told her that Denny's and IHOP would be her best choice. She then asked if I could give her a ride to the Denny's. I told I would and once she got in my jeep she asked if I could instead take her to WalMart on the other side of town. I told her I would and while we were on our way she then asked if I could take her to New Harmony which was about 15 min from Cedar. I told her I couldn't because I had to get back to the University to go to a class. Unphased, she then asked if I could take her to Kannaraville, which was also far and I repeated that I couldn't because of class. Finally when we got to WalMart she asked for some money so she could get breakfast. I gave her $5 and then she took out those flyers, didn't write anything, and handed me them. I read them when I got back to my dorm and saw that it made no sense.

Later that night, I called the Police Department in Cedar City and told her about the woman. They then told me that she was doing nothing criminal so they couldn't arrest her and that she is paranoid schitzophrenic but not so much that they can institutionalize her. I think the next person to encounter her should definitly take her to a mental health clinic because she really shouldn't be travelling the country in this state.