Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Hope, MN

I became a member of the Microwave Marilyn Club last night around 6pm. I was filling up with gas at a station along 169 in New Hope and she approached me asking for a ride to the Applebee's on 42nd. It was sort of on my way home, and she looked harmless enough so I agreed. She got in the truck while I went in and paid for my fuel.
When I got in, she was busy with her papers, circling different things like others have said. She had the window rolled down and as we got underway, I asked her to roll it up as it would be pretty chilly.
I wished that I hadn't asked her to do that, as it didn't smell very good in the truck afterwards. I don't think the poor gal has been in the shower for a few days.

Anyway, the ride went peaceful, with neither of us saying anything. She never asked for any money. When I got to where Applebee's was, she opened the door to get out along the street, told me that I "was a gentleman and a scholar", and said that she was leaving me one of her papers.
Then she proceeded to ramble on with some of the things that others have talked about, most of which I couldn't make out except for the part about this guy "that's able to car jack your car military style".

I was pretty amazed after putting Ringwalds name into a search engine that all this stuff popped up. She's got quite a following.

I wonder if she'll ever be on Letterman or Leno? :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

New Hope, MN

Marilyn flagged down our car (my wife and I) at 5:45 PM in New Hope, MN - Rockford Rd and Hwy 169. She said she needed a ride Maple Grove and from there would get to Chicago which would get her halfway to Washington DC for her lobbying / activist work. She was to testify to the Supreme Court. We were going in the opposite direction so she said she would go there too. She ended up going to our Alpha church meeting, had dinner with us at church. She was polite and orderly throughout. She said her #1 priority was to get Aloe Vera gel for her high blood pressure. During our Alpha talk, she wrote a 13 point rambling treatise along the same Black Church / microwave conspiracy lines.

We dropped her off at a battered women's shelter - she said she lives there.

New Hope, MN

I was at the library in Crystal / New Hope. On Monday March 24 at about 3:00 PM I was walking through the library and noticed a person at a table. She had a stack of papers that had fallen on the floor. As I walked by I mentioned the items on the floor and she asked me to pick them up for her. It would have been easier for her to reach over and pick them up but I did anyway. She was busy applying strips of scotch tape to her briefcase. They were a stack of the sheets she handed out as she left a short time later. I was one of the persons she gave her sheet on her Microwave Conspiracies that I picked up off the floor for her earlier. I found your site after a quick google search to try to figure out what this Microwave conspiracy is. It looks like from the posts she made it to 169 and Rockford Road about 2 hours later, that's about 2 miles.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mendota Heights, MN

I encountered Marilyn Gibbs today while driving home from my gym. I was stopped at a red light, but I could see her before I stopped, perturbed because I though she was a political person. I dreaded that it was a red light because I knew she would come to my vehicle. She politely knocked on my window and told me she was a domestic abuse activist. I took her literature and drove away. I was interested to read what she had handed me because it was thick (15 pages long). I got home, read it and was so confused. I could not make any sense of it. So I turned to the trusty internet and found all of you! Now I am feeling terrible because these are written by a woman in desperate need of help, and I just drove away. Had I read them directly when I got home, I could have possibly driven back to look for her. My husband went out to run an errand shortly after reading this and she was gone. I pray that her soul finds peace and she stays safe.

Added 3/19:

Minneapolis, MN

I encountered Marilyn Gibbs in Minneapolis, MN at apple bees yesterday the 18Th of March. The encounter sounds typical to the experiences of others. She was passing out two-sided photocopies of her message to me and everyone in the restaurant. She had asked a couple to give her a ride to Medina MN and they had agreed to do so. As soon as they had left the whole restaurant was talking we were all hoping that she wasn’t some killer who just walked out with these two poor people. So as soon as I got home I searched her name and it turns out she is quit a traveler. Nothing in her note had made any sense to me or my husband. But it goes like this.

A National Black Church microwave abuse oppression 20 million black church frames controlled by there old black church women frames; hazel the offense own the oral sex offense given to them by Carl Wyman. They are a national four stalking my travel to recollect on the 2002 Boston Massachusetts $800 trillion dollar illegal offense fund $900 million dollar illegal collection in Illinois, Indiana was a documented collection in 2001. Race Separation is in the supreme court. Tortured lobbyist. Marilyn Gibbs
This man and woman is in the building now.
Mr. + Mrs. John and Kurston Sawyer Rodwin Ringwald.
1. Black Minister, Police officer uniform set up and Drug addict, and elks organization, Ghetto street Minister pimp in the night in his coat Racketeering oral sex prostitution offenses. His ghetto church army is fifteen (15) street ghetto drug addicts in coats abusing patrons, staff and children 24 hour, hourly hits.
2. Directions from Mrs. Kurston Sawyer Rodwin ringwald. She collects as me a white woman saying white racism and microwave abuse oppression. Her rich white boy friend deals are on the town. They oral sex and there rich white deals.
3. They are racketeering trillion dollar oral sex prostitution offenses bad paper payment plan.she own the lock down mental ward offense stalking my travel through her husband’s police uniform job set up and her rich white boyfriend deals on the town. Check the box on your frame, your microwave technology.
4. John rodwin Ringwald look like a white man now. Carl Wyman, Howard warper . 667 microwave technology.
5. Carl wyman own them. Howard warner, Hazel flu offense and they are employed white men in the night to travel them safe.
They are in the recollect on the trillion dollar disbursed to Minneapolis illegally from my raft 2257. a national four. to put the money back in the black church.
The back side reads;
They Are Pimping Military CIA Technology. Carl Wyman They Have Technology That No One See There Travel.
Black Church Ghetto Army. Directives From Kurston Sawyer. [illegible] Organization Black Man, Howard Warner, Pimp Man In The Night. A National Black Microwave Abuse Oppression For Ten Years In Every Building. Controlling My Was In A Prostitution Oppression. Black Man, Howard Warner Own The White Boy From Atlanta, GA. To Control The Whole Town In A Prostitution Oppression To Abuse Everything. Black Coat Woman Oppression Black Men And Women In The Night Of The Black Church. Pimps In The Night. The Gutter Of The Black Church And The Ghetto.
Send For SWAT And The Military To Get Them Off The White Towns.
1. There Main Frames, (Whole Microwave Technology) The Have Enough Technology To Control Three (3) Countries. It takes Ten (10) Black Frames To Control A Country. Ten Main Frames. Thirty (30) Black Ministers. Chemical Processed White Niggers. To Collect On The Offense Funds Stalking My Travel. Racketeering.
2. Black Line Abuse. John Rodwin Ringwald’s Pimp Line Up. The Say That They Are My Brain, Spiritual Direction. They Have A White Box Saying White Racism And Microwave Abuse.
3. Black Box Abuse. Carl Wyman Own The Black Box To Ad Control The Whole Town In A Prostitution Oppression To Abuse Everything. He Employs White Men In The Night To Travel Them Safe And Open The Lines To The Town To Attack Me And Hand Over White Towns To There Black Men And Women In The Night To Abuse In Prostitution.
(4) Microwave Technology 667. A Prostitution Technology Now. John Rodwin Ringwald Put A Klansman Raft On My Technology To Attack Black Women. He Is A Chemical Processed White Nigger Police Officer Now. They Travel The Technology Saying White Racism Is Attacking Me.
5. Microwave Moron Technology The Whole Town For Prostitution [illegible] The Offense, Oral Sex Offense On the White Wealthy Towns, Men Women And Children And Government Officials And White Domestic Violence Shelters. No One Sees the Offense.
6. My Raft 2257. My Raft Says I Am Not To Be Refused A Service. They Are Separating Technology To Keep It Safe. They Have Technology That No One Sees There Travel.
7. Twenty Million Black Frames. Hazel The Offense Controls The Black Frames. She Owns The Oral Sex Offense On Your Wealthy White Men, Women And Children. Government Officials Reals. Twenty Million Black Church Frames Stalking My Travel.
A Tortured Microwave Lobbyist, Marilyn Gibbs, A One Woman Fight.

Plymouth, MN

I dropped some work colleagues off at a Radisson Hotel in Plymouth, MN tonight and Marilyn asked for a ride to the Mall of America. I drove her about 15 min south and then she figured out we had gone to far - she didn't want the MOA after all. She clarified that she wanted to be dropped off at the Arby's in Plymouth. All along the way I heard about Microwave Technology and how the pimps implanted chips in her. She gave me a photo copy of her issues with John Rodwin Ringwald etc. What is the lipstick offense fungus??? Not much is adding up - but one thing is clear, it is a One Woman Fight - God bless Marilyn Gibbs a tortured microwave lobbyist.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Minneapolis, MN

Today I encountered Marilyn in Minneapolis, MN. The encounter sounds typical to the experiences of others. It began quite simply with nice conversation about where she might find a restaurant. She explained that she was from California and didn't know the areas all that well. She asked if she might have a ride and get dropped off, to which I obliged. While driving her to her requested drop-ff point, a mall in Minnetonka, she explained that she was on her way to Washington D.C. to lobby the Supreme Court. At no point during the drive did we discuss the topic(s) that she was advocating for. Conversation mostly focused on her travels and appeared quite coherent. After dropping her off, she thanked me and gave me a copy of her letter. Not having the opportunity to read it until I was done driving, it would be an understatement to say I was astonished. Had I read her letter prior to dropping her off, I would have suggested a stop at the psychiatric hospital.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Roseville, MN

March 14, about midnight, a woman calling herself Marilyn came in a bar in Roseville, Minnesota. She sat down next to me and started a conversation saying she needed to get to Washington DC. She said she had an issue with some guy and needed to bring it up with Federal authorities. She handed me a paper titled "Protocol". I asked her if she needed a ride somewhere and she said if I could take her to a Perkins Restaurant she could spend the night there. I asked her if there was anyplace else and she suggested the Dorothy Day Center which lodges homeless people in downtown St. Paul. I drove her there and on the way she spotted a White Castle so I bought her some burgers. Dropped her off and made sure they had room for her for the night.

This after noon I tried to read her 'Protocol' and googled John Rodwin Ringwald to figure out what this was about. That brought me to your web site and this email. I have no idea what this is about just thought I would report on her location.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grand Forks, ND

Hi there,

My teenage son and I were given a copy of a rambling letter by a middle-age black woman while we were eating at a Chinese restaurant in Grand Forks, North Dakota, last night (March 10, 2008). From the posts I’ve come across, apparently we encountered Marilyn Gibbs. She was walking quietly through the restaurant and dropping off a letter at each table, saying “I am an activist” to each table. She didn’t appear distraught or upset, but rather had a fairly content look on her face. She was wearing a black overcoat and appeared to be well groomed. My son and I didn’t really read the letter until we got in the car. Needless to say we were blown away by the content of the letter. Some wild, weird stuff. She appears to really get around. In less than a month it appears she’s been on both coasts and now the heart of the continent. Maybe she’s using the microwave travel technology that she keeps referring to.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fargo, ND

I met Marilyn today at the Mall in Fargo, ND around 8:00pm. She seemed completely normal when she first started asking me questions (where a certain restaurant was located, how many blocks the mall was from the downtown area, etc) but then she asked if I would buy her lunch. Immediately after asking she told me "Forget I asked, I am guessing you are a struggling college student..." I tried to sneak away but she again cornered me and asked for a ride to a downtown restaurant. It was 20 below zero outside so I figured I would be nice and give her a ride but before we left she ran around the food court in the mall frantically handing out these papers to everyone in the room.
When we got in the car she had a roll of scotch tape she kept unrolling and taping on her purse. Then she took out the papers she was carrying and began scribbling notes on each one with a red pen. Eventually, she starting telling me about her "cause". I didn't get much out of it, just something about a church taking her money, something about black segregation, her being charged with a car jacking, and then about how the army and CIA were after was then I realized she was crazy. I dropped her off at the restaurant and she left me one of her "Protocols". After reading through it I realized the stuff she had wrote in red ink while in my car said this: "8:03 pm The Mall, 667 Microwave Technology Bathroom Button offense" (8:03 was about the time I met her) and "8:20 carjacking offense, Racketeering offense, oral sex ride. JOHN RIDE." (8:20 was the time we left the mall) kind of creeps me out. Was she thinking of taking my car? I am confused...? What do you know about this woman?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nandan, ND

I had the pleasure of running into Marilyn in Mandan, ND at the Post Office. I had just gotten into my car and she was waving at me, so I waved back, then she ran up to my window, so I rolled it down. She said, "Honey, can you give me a ride to Burger King", I replied "Sure". I asked her where she was from and she said she was an activist fighting for people's rights. Intrigued, because I also fight for human rights for my job, I asked her to explain. She talked about fighting for black rights and lobbying in Washington, DC and at the time it all seemed to make enough sense to me. She did have a piece of paper taped to the back of her coat and on her suitcase. She asked for money when we got to Burger King, so I gave her a few dollars. She kept telling me about these papers she would give me to read. I was suprised when I read the content. She didn't seem mentally ill to me when we talked, but she obviously is. I hope she gets the help she needs.