Friday, March 14, 2008

Roseville, MN

March 14, about midnight, a woman calling herself Marilyn came in a bar in Roseville, Minnesota. She sat down next to me and started a conversation saying she needed to get to Washington DC. She said she had an issue with some guy and needed to bring it up with Federal authorities. She handed me a paper titled "Protocol". I asked her if she needed a ride somewhere and she said if I could take her to a Perkins Restaurant she could spend the night there. I asked her if there was anyplace else and she suggested the Dorothy Day Center which lodges homeless people in downtown St. Paul. I drove her there and on the way she spotted a White Castle so I bought her some burgers. Dropped her off and made sure they had room for her for the night.

This after noon I tried to read her 'Protocol' and googled John Rodwin Ringwald to figure out what this was about. That brought me to your web site and this email. I have no idea what this is about just thought I would report on her location.