Monday, March 24, 2008

New Hope, MN

Marilyn flagged down our car (my wife and I) at 5:45 PM in New Hope, MN - Rockford Rd and Hwy 169. She said she needed a ride Maple Grove and from there would get to Chicago which would get her halfway to Washington DC for her lobbying / activist work. She was to testify to the Supreme Court. We were going in the opposite direction so she said she would go there too. She ended up going to our Alpha church meeting, had dinner with us at church. She was polite and orderly throughout. She said her #1 priority was to get Aloe Vera gel for her high blood pressure. During our Alpha talk, she wrote a 13 point rambling treatise along the same Black Church / microwave conspiracy lines.

We dropped her off at a battered women's shelter - she said she lives there.