Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Helena, MT

So... Marilyn came in to applebees, and passed around a 4 page rambling and incoherent manifesto about abuse and microwave technology 667, in Helena Montana tonight. when i have time i will be happy to transcibe it!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Butte, MT

Hi, my name is Stephany, and I saw Marilyn today in Butte, Montana. I was at school, Montana Tech of the University of Montana, when she walked over to where I was sitting in our Student Union Building and asked if she could join me. I allowed her to and then, after she sat there organizing papers of some sort, she asked for a dollar and I obliged. After she asked some office workers for a pen and some whiteout she came back by my table with her wig off and layed down two folded up papers and told me thanks for the donation. After that no one saw her on campus for the rest of the day. I was really weirded out so I googled the name circled at the bottom of the second page and found your website. Anyways here are the pages she handed me, thanks.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Butte, MT

Marilyn Gibbs was just in Butte, MT last night, October 26 2008, we were at a restaurant and she passed around her papers to everyone in the building

Butte, MT

My name is Kayc and I work as a front desk clerk at the Holiday Inn Express in Butte, Montana. I was working the evening shift on October 26th, 2008 when a strange, African-American woman approached me at the desk asking if we allowed guests to make free copies. I said that we did and she rustled a few papers, asked for some whiteout, and then continued to proofread what had appeared to be a handwritten document. She stood there for awhile and then, upon finishing her editing, gave me her two-page long document and asked me to make her 40 copies of each page! She also had very meticulous instructions concerning the margins and appearance of the text. I had to make several sample copies before she was satisfied with the look of it. While the copies were being made, she asked me to find the email address of a man involved with the Union of Canadian Postal Workers and another email of an activist group in California. I found both emails, but upon looking at these websites more in depth I was directed to pages concerning anarchy, communism, and general anti-capitalist sentiment. I finally gave her these emails and her 80 copies expecting her to leave, but she lingered and eventually wanted me to send the email from the hotel. I said I would and she left in a taxi cab bound for Wal-Mart after an hour. After she left, I contacted one of my managers and told her the whole story. She told me not to send the email and she asked me what her name was and whether or not she was a current guest in the hotel. I didn't know her name, and the only name that appeared on the document (I had a copy of the whole thing because I had made several that were not up to her standards) was Marilyn Gibbs. I looked this name up in the hotel's system and she wasn't a regestered guest at all! Marilyn's clever way of asking for my help and the fact that I am still a novice, led me to believe she was actually staying here as a paying guest. Her document, just like the many I have read about online, conforms to the sensless stream of babble that she seems to be known for. I heard about this website from one of my managers today who decided to research this crazy lady for herself.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Idaho Falls, ID

My friends and I just saw Marilyn Gibbs on Oct. 24th in Idaho Falls, Id. She passed out her fliers without saying a word to anyone. She had written accounts of "bathroom rape offenses" occuring in nearby Blackfoot Idaho. She also referenced Microwave 667 abuses, Carly Wyman and his prostitutes, and referenced a "they" as controlling her brain. A nurse arrived and ushered her out of the building. She must have made it out of jail from North Platte, Ne. Wonder what happens next.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

North Platte, NE

This was posted on one of our local radio station's web sites in North Platte Ne:

The California woman who hitchhiked then assaulted and robbed a Ruby Tuesday waitress who gave her a ride is nationally known. According to Cpt. Jim Parish with the Nebraska State Patrol, a waitress working at Ruby Tuesday had just finished her shift on Friday when 53-year-old Marilyn Gibbs of Auburn, Calif. approached her.

Gibbs asked for a ride to Hershey and the waitress obliged. However, when they got to Hershey, Gibbs changed her mind, saying she had gotten into an altercation with a New York detective and he had advised her to go to Stapleton.

The waitress took Gibbs to Stapleton, intending to drop her off at a gas station, but as she left the car, Gibbs allegedly assaulted the waitress, pulling her hair and stealing $15 from the center console. The waitress drove home and called law enforcement. A state patrolman tracked down Gibbs, who was standing along Highway 83 trying to hitchhike again.

Parish said Gibbs was arrested for simple assault and robbery, at which time she accused the trooper of murdering Martin Luther King Jr. The patrolman who arrested her said there was no indication that drugs were to blame for her mental condition.

Gibbs had been wandering through North Platte earlier in the day, handing out copies of her personal manifesto. According to the Patrol, Gibbs is homeless and travels throughout the U.S., often with messages from her manifesto pinned to her clothes. She has been the feature of numerous Web sites, having turned up everywhere from New Hampshire to Kansas.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In the news

As seen on the North Platte Bulletin.

Friday, October 10, 2008

North Platte, NE

We are a small office supply store in NOrth Platte NE. Marily was here today. One of my co-workers googled the microwave tecnology 667 and we found your web site. We knew she was crazy, but not known all over the USA. Freaked me out! Anyway, she was in NE as of today.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lawrence, KS

I just encountered Marilyn in Lawrence, Kansas (although I didn't learn her name until I googled 'Carl Wyman' and found this blog). She said something about a bad black police officer, and told me I was the only person who had ever approached HER.

Actually, I'd seen her approach a car and thought she said something about a "bad-driving police officer," which I found interesting (I've seen and been somewhat annoyed by how fast and recklessly cops sometimes drive, and thought maybe she was taking a stand somewhere along those lines. Boy was I wrong).

She gave me the flyer (which seems to be different than some of the other ones shown on this site; evidently she rewrites and alters her message...). Eventually she asked if I could help her out, and I told her that I had no cash on me. She then asked if I could help her out with plastic for some photocopying she had to do. I politely declined, which she seemed gracious about.

She was wearing a ton of perfume and the 2-sided photocopied sheet she gave me still smells strongly. She didn't seem as crazy as the handout makes her out to be. I was hoping what she'd written would clearly spell out her cause, or at least give some indication thereof, but it seems to be a jumbled, incoherent mess...

Still, I'd like to know more. Is there something there? Was she wronged? Does she need help?

Lawrence, KS

I just encountered her in Lawrence, Kansas. She said something about a bad black police officer, and needing money for photocopies. She was wearing a ton of perfume and the 2-sided photocopied sheet of paper she gave me still smells strongly. She didn't seem as crazy as the handout makes her out to be. I was hoping what she'd written would clearly spell out her cause, but the madness is definitely in the writing...