Friday, October 3, 2008

Lawrence, KS

I just encountered Marilyn in Lawrence, Kansas (although I didn't learn her name until I googled 'Carl Wyman' and found this blog). She said something about a bad black police officer, and told me I was the only person who had ever approached HER.

Actually, I'd seen her approach a car and thought she said something about a "bad-driving police officer," which I found interesting (I've seen and been somewhat annoyed by how fast and recklessly cops sometimes drive, and thought maybe she was taking a stand somewhere along those lines. Boy was I wrong).

She gave me the flyer (which seems to be different than some of the other ones shown on this site; evidently she rewrites and alters her message...). Eventually she asked if I could help her out, and I told her that I had no cash on me. She then asked if I could help her out with plastic for some photocopying she had to do. I politely declined, which she seemed gracious about.

She was wearing a ton of perfume and the 2-sided photocopied sheet she gave me still smells strongly. She didn't seem as crazy as the handout makes her out to be. I was hoping what she'd written would clearly spell out her cause, or at least give some indication thereof, but it seems to be a jumbled, incoherent mess...

Still, I'd like to know more. Is there something there? Was she wronged? Does she need help?