Sunday, October 26, 2008

Butte, MT

My name is Kayc and I work as a front desk clerk at the Holiday Inn Express in Butte, Montana. I was working the evening shift on October 26th, 2008 when a strange, African-American woman approached me at the desk asking if we allowed guests to make free copies. I said that we did and she rustled a few papers, asked for some whiteout, and then continued to proofread what had appeared to be a handwritten document. She stood there for awhile and then, upon finishing her editing, gave me her two-page long document and asked me to make her 40 copies of each page! She also had very meticulous instructions concerning the margins and appearance of the text. I had to make several sample copies before she was satisfied with the look of it. While the copies were being made, she asked me to find the email address of a man involved with the Union of Canadian Postal Workers and another email of an activist group in California. I found both emails, but upon looking at these websites more in depth I was directed to pages concerning anarchy, communism, and general anti-capitalist sentiment. I finally gave her these emails and her 80 copies expecting her to leave, but she lingered and eventually wanted me to send the email from the hotel. I said I would and she left in a taxi cab bound for Wal-Mart after an hour. After she left, I contacted one of my managers and told her the whole story. She told me not to send the email and she asked me what her name was and whether or not she was a current guest in the hotel. I didn't know her name, and the only name that appeared on the document (I had a copy of the whole thing because I had made several that were not up to her standards) was Marilyn Gibbs. I looked this name up in the hotel's system and she wasn't a regestered guest at all! Marilyn's clever way of asking for my help and the fact that I am still a novice, led me to believe she was actually staying here as a paying guest. Her document, just like the many I have read about online, conforms to the sensless stream of babble that she seems to be known for. I heard about this website from one of my managers today who decided to research this crazy lady for herself.