Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oxnard, CA

This is an amazing continuing story. My family just had our own "Marilyn experience." After the encounter, I had to Google her and, of course, that's how I came to find your blog. Thanks for keeping this chronicle going. So here is our story:
After attending 12:30 pm services Sunday, December 27, 2009, at Santa Clara Church, in Oxnard, CA, my wife and I remained inside talking with some good friends. As we were speaking, a middle-aged black woman with small rolling suitcase approached us and introduced herself into our conversation as "Marilyn Rodrigues." Her neat appearance and hygiene belied her strange request for help with lodging. We all just looked at each other for a few seconds not knowing how to respond. But finally said we really couldn't personally provide accomodations.
Along with this strange request, she offered a rather incoherent story of having traveled from the East Coast with a goal of reaching Davis, CA. She rambled on about having been victim of "white racism" and "black racism" and how she was disowning her Black heritage in favor of her Hispanic (Rodrigues) roots from San Juan, PR. I couldn't understand much of what she was trying to say, although she spoke clearly, it was a string of nonsense - something about a crusade against the corrupt cops, being robbed of her millions of dollars, microwave oppression, etc., etc.
The upshot is our good friends gave her $40 for her lodging request and I chipped in $15 (I held tight to my wallet, figuring she was cuckoo). Anyway, I was so close to googling her on the spot on my Droid phone but held off until getting home. I wish I had looked her up because I would have found out sooner and gotten her photograph and maybe asked for her written manifest refrenced here. I also would have probably saved my friends and our cash. But, what the heck, the Marilyn Express rolls on towards Davis, thanks to our help. She should be arriving soon in NoCal. Good luck!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Palm Springs, CA

I ran into Ms. Gibbs in Palm Springs, Ca at Office Max where she handed me a page. She asked me if i was hispanic and then told me to be in Cathedral City, Ca on dec. 14, 15, and 16 of 2009. Wieeeeeeeeerd!!! ....... And the Marilyn Gibbs saga continues........

Tune in next week when Marilyn discovers the sub-dermal implant below her right ear! Mwhahahahaha!

And Marilyn, if your reading this, WE'RE WATCHING!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Idaho Falls, ID

Yes, she was. She stayed at the Ruth House women's shelter in Idaho Falls. If I could have taken her to a local hospital and got her some help, I would have. She refused and if you talked to her about getting help or mentally ill she got very upset and felt like you were trying to hurt her. Really I don't know that anyone can do anything because she doesn't hurt anyone. When I came in contact with her I looked online and saw an article about her robbing someone in Nebraska. She asked them for a ride and then took some money out of their console. I don't remember the amount, maybe $10.00, but it's hard to really tell if she's dangerous. I was so blown away by the information that she gave me. I couldn't understand it at all. I thought about her for a long time after she left the shelter. She needs GOD because her thoughts are not healthy.

Friday, October 30, 2009

High Point, NC

Yesterday I was exiting the High Point library and ahead of me was a woman also exiting. As we went through the doors a well dressed black women carrying a large pocket book and a clear plastic garbage bag full of stuff stopped us both and asked” Did we know where Leslie’s house ( a women’s shelter) was in High Point?” She was outside the library at the time.

The other woman quickly said “No” and walked away. I said “I have heard of it but don’t know where it is- perhaps if you ask in the library they will know”. The woman asked me to accompany her into the library – so I did. We asked the lady at the desk but the best she could do was to give her a telephone book to look up the address. At this point I was asked to look up the address. I found it. The woman then asked if she could use the library phone to call to be sure there was space in the shelter. The librarian had to ask her supervisor and the result was she gave the woman 25cents to use the pay phone. She did not call.

The woman now asked if I would drive her to Leslie’s house. It was not that far so I said” sure”. Driving there she told me she was Marilyn Gibbs Rodriguez from Davis California – she also rambled about being robbed – she was very well spoken and well dressed – only suspicious thing was the plastic bag full of stuff. Leslie’s house couldn’t admit her- it was full? She was told that the only person who could admit her under these circumstances was the director of Leslie’s House and she was off that day and the staff dare not contact her on her day off .

Marilyn was told that the Salvation Army would admit her to their shelter. Marilyn wanted to stay in Leslie’s house because it is for women only and she would feel safer- this was not to be! Off we go to the Salvation Army – where she was admitted – here and at Leslie’s house she asked (practically insisted) I accompany her into both places while she talked with the staffs.

She was admitted to the Salvation Army shelter but before I departed she gave me her manifesto – outlining the “troubles” she has been through (real or imaginary?? I don’t know) . In any event ,my encounter with Marilyn was interesting to say the least and short lived – about one hour. After reading the papers she gave me I googled her name. WOW – this is one well traveled lady and her approach to people and places is very consistent. God speed Marilyn – I hope you find contentment some day.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

China Grove, NC

Yesterday, a woman walked into the library where I work. Several staff members interacted with her over the course of the next few hours. As we traded stories later, it was clear that she made an impression with everyone she came in contact with.

Her first order of business upon coming into the library was to introduce herself and ask to be put on a computer. She was dressed nicely and spoke politely to staff. She produced a driver’s license that verified her name was Marilyn Gibbs. Seeing the license myself later, I believe it was issued from Florida or California. Upon sitting down at the computer, Ms. Gibbs asked to use the library’s email account to contact somebody. A staff member informed her that the library does not have a generic email account that she could use, but that he would be willing to help her use her own or set one up for her. She said, “I told you I was computer illiterate!” Her demeanor changed so quickly, that it made the library staff member very uncomfortable.
Next, she asked another staff member to direct her to a bakery in Landis (a town next to us here in China Grove). Well, we happened to have a flyer in the back from Jandira’s Place, a bakery that had just opened, so she was given a copy of that. Little did we know but she had already been to this exact establishment earlier in the morning. Talk about a coincidence! The only reason we know this is that the staff member who gave her a copy of their flyer was concerned that she had gone there later and called to check on them. They had a story or two to tell about Ms. Gibbs involving a bagel and two bags of Sun Chips. Maybe they’ll post to this blog as well.

After a short time, Ms. Gibbs asked to use the copy machine. I was working the reference desk then and offered my assistance. “I want to make these pages into a two-sided copy,” she said as I walked her over to the machine. I told her we could do that but that it would be easier to use the machine back in the staff area which has a feature for making two sided copies. “No,” she said, “I can’t let these papers out of my sight.” I thought that was odd but shrugged it off. I set her up for making her copies and was walking away to give her the privacy I thought she’d want when she said, “Don’t go nowhere! Stand right here while it’s making the copies.” I didn’t really know what to say, but to keep the situation from escalating, I complied. After twenty copies of the first page were completed, I helped her get the next page ready to copy. Again, I tried to walk away and she told me even more emphatically to “Stay here!” She told me her next order of business was to collate all these papers. She asked if she could borrow my stapler and a highlighter. After giving her those items, I saw her highlighting the same phrase on each paper.
The next thing Ms. Gibbs asked me for was two trash bags. I had noticed that she carried some papers (and who knows what else) in a grocery bag already because she had used some of our tape to repair it. I thought she wanted two bags like that, so I gave her two of our ‘Thank You’ bags that we hand out for patrons to carry their books home in. “No,” she said, “I want two clear, garbage bags.” I had to explain that what I gave her was all I had. She then seemed to understand and expressed her thanks.

As I was helping someone in our computer lab, the branch manager saw Ms. Gibbs standing there at the counter shuffling her papers around. She asked her if she needed help and Ms. Gibbs told her no, that she was just getting organized.
She was still at the counter when I sat back down. Naturally, I was curious about what she was doing, but since we were busy, I soon forgot about the whole situation.
Later, as I was talking to the staff in the children’s area, they asked if I had been given some papers by that strange lady. I said I hadn’t, but I knew about her. I was getting ready to leave for a workshop so I asked them for the papers. The manager of the library had stepped out for lunch, so I left the papers and a note on her chair that said, “Ask me about these later.” As I drove off, I did think to look for her in the parking lot. I was afraid that maybe she was out there handing her papers to people coming to the library. But she was gone.

This morning when I got to work, I remembered Ms. Gibbs, and finally read through the writings she had left with us. Some parts of the document read rather clearly, but then trailed off into nonsense. Something is definitely off in her writing. Being a reference librarian, I thought I might try to find out some more about her. I googled the phrase “Marilyn Gibbs” and the word ‘Microwave’ came up attached to it. (In her writings, she talks about all the money she made and had stolen from her microwave technology 667.) I got several hits on Ms. Gibbs, but got no further than this blog which has kept library staff and myself mesmerized since.

I’m finding myself wishing I had asked her more about herself. I don’t have any idea how she left or where she was going, but after learning more about her through this blog, I imagine she asked someone for a ride and has continued her journey.

Godspeed, Ms. Gibbs. Everyone here feels privileged that we were able to be part of your story – at least for a little while. May you stay safe in your travels.

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  • Wednesday, September 30, 2009

    Monday, September 28, 2009

    Charlotte, NC

    Of course, found your blog and am now compelled to contribute... Here is my story:

    Charlotte, North Carolina, 6:22pm, rush-hour traffic and I am sitting at a stoplight on the corner of Elm and Hwy 51 in the affluent South Charlotte. She was three cars ahead of me talking threw the window of a white lexis that slowly starts to move off and drive away. I am now two cars away and I move into the second position and waited for the light to turn. She looks past the car on the corner and straight at me from 20 feet away. Without breaking eye contact she approached my car and started talking through my passenger window. "You have to help me, I'm just an abused woman trying to get to my battered women's shelter." I groaned internally and looked at the clock, I was already late getting home, and not in the habit of picking up hitch hikers. "So what do you actually need?" I asked, knowing already, because she just told me. "I need a ride sir, please... to Randolph and Billingsley... Please?" It was more or less my part of town. The light was now green and the cars behind me were showing signs of being annoyed. "OK I said, let's go." She jumped in as the cars behind us, seeing what was happening started driving around me to get on with their commute.

    We merged into traffic as I reviewed the strange turn of events that brought me to the stunning realization that I was now driving down the road with someone I did not know, her suit case resting in my backseat and she, now rolling up the window she was just moments ago talking through.

    "It's pretty brave of you to jump into a car with someone you don't know." I said. "Sir, after what I've been through with the evil men who have perpetrated their abuse on me over the years you couldn't possibly do anything worse to me." It made since and I accepted her response, she had nothing to lose. "Are you from here, from Charlotte?" "No, I'm from California, by way of Miami." she said and then her story began. For the remainder of the 20-minute ride to Randolph Rd and Billingsley she proceeded to explain (In a not so easy to follow manner) her ordeal. We hit every red light on the way, and even though her story was fairly detailed I understood none of it. Black Nation Church, black police officers, racism that she experienced by both white and black folks.

    I started to realize that she was not the victim, or at least wasn't an immediate victim of a recent physical or sexual abuse and that her story was much older than the recent history I had assigned to it all in my mind. Some highlights from our 25 minutes together:

    - Black ministers and police officers involved with prostitution ring but that she herself was not a victim of sexual abuse but of identity theft (Although earlier in the conversation I could have sworn she said she suffered physical and sexual abuse).

    - She was making her way back to Davis, California because it was getting cooler (here on the east coast) and that she can move faster or better when she's in warm weather - and that there were a lot of "survivors" in Davis and that she was sure she could drum up some support in Davis, CA.

    - She wanted to get out the country and fight them from outside, preferably San Juan, Puerto Rico, but for now Davis, California would have to do.

    - She wanted a plane ticket to Davis, California but is considering a train because the greyhound bus is too crazy and crowded

    - She has a brother named Mike, a twin

    - "The abuse started at year 42"

    - Today is her birthday - She showed me a photocopy of an old drivers license to prove it, (as if I didn't believe her) the date was indeed the 28th of September.

    - she provided me with a UPS Store receipt (for $4.95 for photo copies) as proof "to them that I was her transport for the day"

    - From what I understood there is a man, a black police officer/minister, who is claiming they are married, but they are apparently not and that somehow, he has something to do with the long string of identify theft/abuse/robbing of money.

    - She has apparently lost into the millions of dollars since the day the abuse began

    - She said she didn't have enough copies of her manifesto to give me a copy, but was willing to let me read it if I wanted to. I declined, but wish now that I had read it.

    While we were together she asked if she could call a friend, I let her use my phone and she called Ontario, Canada and talked to someone for about 2 minutes. This person, based on her conversation with them, was clearly aware of her situation. I redialed the number after I dropped her off and talked to a guy name Dave, who thanked me for helping her with the ride and that she was probably very grateful for it. He indicated that she calls him a few times a year to check in and that she was a "survivor" and she's be fine. He indicated she was ill and that she was a good person and that I should look up her name online, which brought me here, to this site.

    All in all she was very polite and kind and by far the highlight of my day. Tonight she's in Charlotte but look out Davis, California, she's heading your way.

    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    Beaufort, SC

    After encountering a strange woman, I googled the phrase "microwave abuse" and found this blog. I'm now disappointed that I did not receive a copy of her manifesto.

    Friday, August 14, 2009

    Beaufort, SC

    Today, Friday, August 14th, 2009 I found myself most intrigued this evening when a lady walked into Ruby Tuesday in Beaufort, South Carolina. She seemed like a normal guest despite the fact she told us how many was in her party and then proceeded to seat herself at the table of her choice. She then ordered a sweet tea and made herself at home. I paid little attention to her for we were busy at the time although i did note she had a stack of papers and seemed to be working on some type of project she had with her.
    As time went on she was still sitting and I noticed she had ordered no food. Not to odd since some people come in on business or come in early to wait for others to arrive. It wasn't until an hour or two later that a server approached me to tell me this homeless woman was bothering our guest asking them for rides to a hotel and asking to use their cell phones. Evidently she was also handing out flyers. I came out to see what was going on and she was once again quietly sitting at her table studying over her documents. I left her alone. Her appearance was almost like that of a nice older church lady. She was light skinned black and had some freckles on her face. She was modestly dressed but appeared as someone who you could just grab and hug if you knew them well enough. She had luggage with her and a few miscellaneous groceries,,, which was the only true sign she might be homeless.
    She soon moved to another servers section, closer to the door and I again received information from one of my servers that she was interrupting our guest so I went to approach her table where , once again she was quietly seated. I barely got two words in before she began to speak to me in a soft and mesmerizing tone. She let me know she had just come from a battered shelter for women and they had given her a reembursement voucher to stay at an inn up the road but she was not sure if they would also pay for the cab and asked if there was any way in which i might be able to help her get there. I told her I would take her myself if i was allowed to leave my position, which I wasn't but I could not obligate my staff or any of my guest to do so but would be more than happy to call the Beaufort Police department to help her if she needed some assistance. She did not become alarmed at this and probably because I gave her no reason to be alarmed for I wasn't trying to get her in any trouble but she clearly stated that her violent relationship with a cop would suggest she not have anything to do with the police since they team together and she was a vicitim of their brutality. There was a lot of conviction in her voice about this.
    My impression of this woman was that she was educated yet almost schizophrenic in nature. She said she knew my position and could see I wanted to help so if maybe I could just see what the fare for a cab was then she could just get to the inn before she fell asleep. She kept telling me she was so tired. I obliged and went to my kitchen where I asked a cook if they could possibly take her when they left who said I had a much bigger heart than they did and they could not. I called a friend and they could not oblige me either but did note that they had heard form several people that I seemed to attract homeless and crazy people. laughing or not, I had someone call the cab company to find out the rate.
    I returned to he lady with a rate of 8 dollars and found she had also took the assistance of the table behind her in using their cell phone. I asked her not to bother the guest but told her she was free to use my phone at any time she needed. At this point she had somehow managed to pass out many of her flyers to our guest through out the restaurant. She said the rate was fair and asked if I could call them. Moments later the cab showed up and I approached her once again and she sweetly told me how kind we all were and that I was a blessed person and she motioned to the bags of food she had with her. She asked if she could leave them. I asked why and she said she had been given the food by a nice person but she had already eaten for the day and she would like for someone in our staff who might have children and need it more than her to take it. She said she needed to lighten her load for her travels. I told her I was sure I could find someone who needed the food.
    I began to help her with her baggage and she thanked me many times. I was never afraid of her nor did I ever feel sorry for her. I walked her out to the cab and when he popped his trunk I asked her if she would like me to place the baggage in his trunk and she declared that she needed to keep it close because it held important documents for her. I helped her into the cab and felt sorry in a way I didn't get to talk to her more. We shook hands and I told her I wished her a great journey, She said she would be leaving soon and handed me a few of her papers so I could be aware of the oppression going on. Said she like to hand them out as she traveled on. We shook hands again and I smiled at her because she was on a mission and doing things most of us only dreamed of doing. ROCK OUT MARILYN GIBBS!
    Anyway I started reading the paper and when I came home I read some to my friends about microwave oppression and so forth and we decided to look it up. This is where we stumbled across the amazing amount of blogs written about this lady. My friends who hadn't even met her became slightly obsessed reading the blogs and they even stopped by the inn to see if she was still there. She wasn't... this is about 6 hours after I have crossed her path btw. i can't even say if she ever even made it to the inn. If you respond to me I will send you a copy of her recent paper she was handing out. It contains receipts from Savannah and the Suntrust Bank in which she was in or I am assuming.
    ai see no date on the Kroger receipt but it has a variety of canned foods and cheeses listed on it. , mostly really healthy items or odd items like kraut and garlic and sardines... and canned veggies like beets pears , spinach. the card on it has Matthew Woodhouse listed as a Suntrust branch manager. I might give hima call. Both of these come from Gwinnett Street.

    i appreciate the sharing on the blog. Thank you for letting me share with you. I sometimes wonder if there is a lot to what this lady is tryng to say but isn't able to say it in a way she can be taken seriously.

    Beaufort, SC

    Monday, August 10, 2009

    Savannah, GA

    I got a flyer from this weirdo today. Older, pudgy black lady in a funny white hat.

    Wow. What a nut ball.

    Monday, July 27, 2009

    Savannah, GA

    I just ran into marilyn gibbs today and recieved a piece of paper that is very similar to the one described in your blog. I live in savannah ga and she was in the campus library when she approached me with the paper.

    Friday, July 17, 2009

    Orange Park, FL

    I just read your blog. Well as of today, 7/17/09 Marilyn is in Orange Park, Florida right outside of Jacksonville. I was at office max today in orange park, faxing something and let me tell you she stuck out, she kept mumbling things to herself she had all of her stuff (many copies, her black backback, water and a can of food sprawled out on the office max copy center counter. I noticed her because she was standing in front of me as I was waiting to ask the customer service rep about faxing. Anyways she had a bunch of bags (grocery bags) with something in them and she was stapling her highlighted papers on them. As I was waiting to pay for my fax, she handed me one of her papers and told me it was about Martin Luther King. So anyways I said okay thank you (I didn't want to be rude). Well anyhow she looked normal, nicely dressed and smelled heavily of perfume (so did the paper she gave me). She flagged me down in the parking lot as I was leaving and asked me if I would give her a ride. I politely told her I couldn't because I had to be somewhere (I DO NOT GIVE STRANGERS RIDES). Anyhow she walked away mumbling. So I get home and look over the copied papers she gave me, I was like what the heck!! IT made no sense. She spoke of her microwave technology and a raft and how Obama got elected from the 900 million, 800 trillion and all the money madeon her microwave technology 667 rackaterring offenses. Everything was quite funny but made abosolutely no sense. She also attached a brochure from some womens care center that she wrote a bunch of mumbo jumbo on about how the center put every black women out of the shelter to keep her and the shelter safe. It was really weird. And I noticed she also gave a white man in office max the paper also. She did not give any of the balck customers her copies. She also attached her Florida driver's license, some other identity card and a benefits security card...very strange...

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    Miami-Dade, FL

    While on the TriRail in Miami-Dade county of Florida I found a copy of Marilyn Gibb's manifesto that seems to be different from any copy or documented record of the letter that I have seen online thus far. I will be scanning and uploading the copy of the letter, which is both back and front, and is addressed to a David Bleakney with the Canadian Postal Union. If anyone has any further information once the scanned images are uploaded please post to this blog as soon as possible.
    Sincerily, TriRail Founder

    Sunday, June 28, 2009

    Tavernier, FL

    This encounter was so odd I was dying to get online to google this woman to find out if she was a missing person or a wanted criminal. Long story short, My family and I were on vacation in the keys and gave Marilyn a ride from Tavernier, Fl to Big Pine Key, Fl. from there we gave her money and put her on a bus to Key West. Before getting on the bus she gave my husband a handful of papers that she insisted we take. I thought at first that it was just the letter she wrote asking for help but, when I got back to where we were staying I discovered that she also gave us a copy of her Birth Certificate (lot of info there),copy of her Fl ID card and a copy of her Social Security Benefits card. There is a greyhound bus ticket receipt with notes written all over it and then there is also a copy of a lot of receipts with notes written all over them re: box and line rape??Warm up technology,sexual assaults in bathrooms, etc. From the info she left with me, I can say that her current plans are to get to San Juan, Puerto Rico (passport not needed there), she wants an identity and a race change. The hour or so she spent in my car she was very polite and very grateful. I am a nurse and about 100% sure that she has a mental illness. Whatever Marilyn is searching for I hope she finds it. Like I stated earlier, I do have her photo ID with address in Miami, her DOB and all of her other info from her Birth Certificate, I would not feel right posting everything about her on this blog. I will say that she has a twin.

    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Minnetonka, MN

    I'd like to report a sighting of Marilyn Gibbs that happened around March, 2008. My dad and I were driving near the Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka, MN, just outside of Minneapolis, and as we stopped at a red light, she approached from the median, and signaled for my dad to roll down his window, which he did. She handed us a 15-page photocopied pamphlet, said something like, "I'm an activist!", and then walked on, presumably to other stopped cars. I still have the pamphlet, and I happened to be typing in the words "Mrs. Kunston Sawyer Rodwin Ringwald" to Google, and that's how I found this blog. The last few pages of the pamphlet include bus and train tickets that appear to map out her itinerary: from Effingham, IL to Sacramento, CA by Greyhound in January, 2008; from Martinsburg, WV to Chicago and then to Minot, ND by Amtrak in February, 2008; then from Bismarck, ND to Fargo and Grand Forks by March 8. She has handwritten next to the ticket "Crookston, Bemidji, St Paul, Golden Valley," which I assume is how she ended up where we encountered her. In retrospect, I feel kind of honored to have run into Marilyn, and I hope she ends up safe.

    Saturday, March 7, 2009

    Valdosta, GA

    I work a domestic violence shelter in Valdosta, a woman called our crisis line around 5:00 pm saying she had been given a ride by a elderly couple because she was walking from another home that she and her boyfriend were at. The woman refused to give her name or tell if there was any abuse. She was told she could not come in unless she could give us her name (its our policy). She gave the phone to the elderly couple and they said that the woman would not leave their home and was becoming upset and yelling. It was suggested that they call the police. Later that evening around 8:00 the lady showed up at our dv shelter. It was explained to her the process in which we accept people into the shelter. She refused to leave saying that her boyfriend was a cop in another county. The shelter was forced to call the police to remove her from the premises, she left but later called back to know why the police was called on her. She stilled wanted to come into the shelter but again she was refused because of behavior. She was volatile and hostile and could not be place in the shelter with other women who were seeking safe shelter.. Later that night the shelter was called again but this time it was from our local homeless shelter, they had the same lady there and she told them that our shelter employees dropped her off there which was not true, but at least she gave them a name, Marilyn Gibbs. All in all it was a really scary situation.

    Saturday, February 28, 2009

    (south) GA

    I came in contact with her in south georgia. She left a letter for me to read. She needs help.

    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    Ty Ty, GA

    My mother had a Marilyn sighting in Ty Ty, Georgia. She came into her office to make copies and use her restroom. I'm sure you can imagine her surprise when she looked her up. She printed out volumes and is reading up on her.

    Orlando, FL

    Tried to add you as a friend but I guess you are being overwhelmed ey? Just an update for you. She was outside City Hall on my way out of work tonight.

    (south) GA

    Marilyn has made her way to South Georgia. She was last
    seen on I-75 at Exit 16 trying to thumb a ride south to
    Florida. She stayed with a local family for a few days and
    they tried to help her get connected with the battered
    woman's shelter. (She told them she was fleeing from an
    abusive husband, a police officer, and was scared because
    he was trying to keep the abuse covered up.) The Woman's
    shelter required a background check and she refused. So
    the shelter turned her away. The family tried to help, and
    in a moment of desperation, brought her to our mid-week

    Long story short, we were able to get her a night in a
    shelter, but the closer she got to the shelter, the more
    of the delusion came out. I am not a clinician, but I
    spent enough time with her to know that she is full-blown
    delusional. everything is a conspiracy and when reality
    strikes, the conspiracy increases. She is still carrying
    the same letter referenced in the original post from
    Boston and somewhat regrettably, we allowed her to make
    copies of the letter to take with her before we read it.

    Her story has changed. She claimed to be from a small town
    in California where a man was falsely claiming to be her
    husband. His motive is the large amount of money that is
    tied to her. He wants it and will stop at nothing to get
    it. He is using the race card and technology to manipulate
    the authorities and the internet to get to her so she can
    be locked away and he can get the money. (He needs the
    money to complete his mainframe structure and secure his
    network to lock down the world grid and thus assume
    leadership of his new world government.) She can only be
    truly safe in Little Havana, so she is going there. That
    is the only place in America not infiltrated by his

    Her goal is to reach Little Havana, secure the protection
    of the Cuban minority once there by signing over the
    rights to her money, but only after they get her passport
    back and deliver her to Cuba. The only way to resolve this
    is to get the minorities fighting on equal turf.

    All of this information was given from Marilyn freely with
    basically no questions asked to receive it. We have prayed
    for her and will continue to do so. Our prayer is that she
    will find her medication and that someone will read this
    blog while they still have the opportunity to bring
    influence to bear.

    I will add that Marilyn carries herself very well and
    makes a pretty good first impression. But it only takes
    about 15 minutes of letting her talk to begin to see the
    delusion. She did not appear to be a threat to herself or
    anyone else. She is simply caught in her conspiracy driven
    delusion and has lost touch with the REAL world. May God
    protect her and those whom she encounters and may He lead
    her to a place of healing.

    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    Tifton, GA

    I found your blog after googling "Marilyn Gibbs" and "Microwave Te
    chnology 667". I work in a small townnear Tifton Georgia. Myco-
    worker was in the office on Tuesday February 24, 2009around1:30 p.m.
    when she heard the door bell go off that signals a customer has entered the
    building.A black woman enteredwith ablack suitcase on wheels and
    a jacket laid overthe top. She was dressed in a burgandy sweat suit and
    wore a wig that had redish highlights. She had freckles on her cheeks
    .She askedfor the Mayor'sdesk because she was advised to
    stop and speak toMayors along her travels. My co-worker asked her wha
    t was this pertaining to andthewoman said "I need to tell him about a
    big bad black cop. He's bad" My co-worker repeated what she said back t
    o her andthe woman said "He looks white now but he's black. His name is
    Rodwin Ringwald. Everyone knows him. The Mayor will know him." My
    co-worker says she felt instantly that something wasn't right. She asked
    if this man had hurt her and she said "yes. He stole my identity." My c
    o-worker asked where he was from and she said "Birmingham, Al." The w
    oman asked to use ourbathroom where she stayed for a long period of time
    . We think she was possibly bathing off.She came out of the bathro
    om and asked my co-worker if she could type a letter for her. My co-worker
    explained to her that she could not. She then stated that she only hat $7.0
    0 and needed to make copies and wanted to know where the print shop was.
    My co-worker told her where she could find one, in the next town, and she
    said she was headed that way to catch the Greyhound. She then asked for
    a pen and paper so she could write the name of the bad cop down for the May
    or. My co-worker gave her a small message pad where she proceeded to write
    3 pages of ramblings. She asked for a hi-liter and began to hi-lite cert
    ain things on the paper. Here is what she wrote exactly as she wrote it:
    Page 1:Mr & Mrs. John and Kurston Sawyer Rodwin Ringwald. Identity
    Theft and Financial Theft.They are the ghetto connection to the poli
    ce dept: Trash that got on my travel.Brutality.Corruption.Technolo
    gy Abuse. Tell the Mayor to check the box on his frame. Page 2:His
    microwave technology. 1:40 p.m. @ 2-24-09 @ Tues. I used the bathroo
    m in his office. The White Men In the Night (that is hi-lited) of the el
    ks organization. He will send his deal through his wife. She is a bla
    ck hard core gutter street woman. They look white now (that is hi-lited)
    .Send for them, they will destroy there staff to save themselves.
    f Sylvester, Ga. (She included his license plate number)He is a wh
    ite male driver.The Rodwins Black Ghetto Carjack in Good White Towns
    on 667 Microwave Technology.At this point she was at the bottom of
    the 3rd page and my co-worker asked her if she needed more paper. She t
    hen said she did not, so my co-worker said, "Let me read this back to you s
    o that I'm sure the Mayor is reading this correct." My co-worker read a
    few lines and asked her, "You think the Mayor knows this man?" and she said
    "OH yes, everyone knows him." My co-worker read some more and said, "Hi
    s Frame Box? The Mayor will know what you're talking about?" and she said,
    "Yes. All Mayors know this information. He will know. Tell him he nee
    ds to speak to the women of the Elks Lodge, VFW, Moose Lodge. My co-work
    er asked her what she did and she said she was a traveling lobbyist and tha
    t she was traveling by knocking on doors and using her thumb. She said s
    he was careful and knew if someone was safe when they came to the door.
    She then decided she wanted the papers back she wrote and tried to get them
    back but my co-worker said she would
    just put it on the mayor's desk. She knew at this point that this woman
    wasn't right and possibly the information she wrote down would be of some
    use if the police would come looking for her. Shortly after that, she he
    aded out the door with her suitcase. It was very strange.I really
    hope she doesn't end up dead somewhere. She doesn't seem to be mentally sta
    ble after reading about her on this blog.

    Monroe, LA

    A woman at work was at the local grocery store on her lunch break and a friendly unassuming woman walked up to her and handed her this letter...i was so confused and intrigued about what I was reading, that I scanned it and took it home to see if any of this is legit..THIS IS GREAT!! Anyways, here is the scan of the 2-page letter Marilyn was handing out at Brookshire's....

    Monday, February 9, 2009

    El Paso, TX

    Marilyn Gibbs was at City Hall in El Paso Texas on Monday, February 9, 2009. As stated in all of the previous blogs, she comes across as a very mild mannered female. On this day she requested to speak to the City Manager regarding a civil rights violation by a police officer. Since we take our complaints very seriously we arranged for her to speak to the City Manager. When Marilyn was introduced to the City Manager she asked the City Manager to make her forty copies of her letter. The City Manager stated that she could not make forty copies of a personal letter so Marilyn had the audacity to barter with her – she asked the City Manager how many copies she could make – the CM stated she could make twenty, and Marilyn came back with “Can you make twenty-one?” Unbelievable – never once did she discuss any real issues.

    After reading several entries on your website – it appears as though Marilyn may eventually become very dangerous. Please continue to track her and thank you.

    Thursday, February 5, 2009

    Socorro, NM

    Marilyn was in Socorro, NM on Thursday, February 5th, 2009. She was interesting to say the least. She passed out some flyers and visited SEVERAL people in our town. Her actions sparked enough interest to “google” her and find this site. I wonder where she’s headed now and how long she’s actually been on her journey… I’d like to know more about her, like what she’s done in her life other than this.

    Tuesday, February 3, 2009

    Taos, NM

    Well, she was here in Taos on Tuesday of this week. She visited several of our local banks.
    No one hurt, no one arrested, numerous people suspicious and/or curious.

    Sunday, February 1, 2009


    I too came in contact with Marilyn Gibbs back in about February of 2009. She stayed in the shelter where I was the Director. I really wanted to help her, but I think she got scared and took off. She also gave me all of her microwave technology papers along with Carl Wyman story. I contact the salvation army because she told me he worked there and they had no idea who he was. I made various calls to try and find out if what she was saying was true, but couldn't find anything. We helped her get her birth certificate (born in Tennessee) then later moved to California. She left the shelter before it came. I talked to her about mental illnesses because I knew that she qualified for our program and she could have stayed in a nice room with a kitchen and everything she needed was there. The qualifications were to have been homeless at least 4 times in one year, and I knew this was true, and also to be disable or have a mental illness. She freaked out said I was going to call the police on her and she left down the street. She went to Salt Lake and started handing out these microwave technology information with some documents that I gave her regarding our shelter. The thing is it had my name on it. A lady from Salt Lake City, Ut. bus stop called me at work and told me she was claiming abuse from our shelter. I felt horrible because I really wanted to help her. Be careful about what kind of information you give to her because I have seen various peoples information put on the internet. If she goes into a Walmart store and comes in contact with someone, she may write about it on her papers and then hand them out. Whatever is going on with her-Lord save her...

    Tuesday, January 27, 2009

    Flagstaff, AZ

    I was walking into a Kinkos/FedEx this afternoon near Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ) where I go to school and opened a door for a well-dressed black woman. She had a suitcase. She was trying to give a piece of paper to a couple who had just exited, and then returned back inside to hand me her manifesto. It was typical of the rest - microwaves, race separation, oral sex abuse, etc - and was written on her Greyhound bus ticket. She told me she was on her way to New Mexico and then DC. Her ticket was from Kingman, AZ to Santa Fe, NM with a stop in Flagstaff... although she obviously got off before her apparent destination. She was getting a ride with the couple, presumably to the train/bus station... although her ticket to NM was for January 26, yesterday.

    Flagstaff, AZ

    Well, Marilyn is now in Flagstaff, Arizona. Her letter is hand written
    on a Greyhound ticket that shows her traveling from Kingman AZ, to Santa
    Fe, NM.

    She came by City Hall today and handed out her "letters" to everyone
    she came across. I was at lunch at the time and did not get the
    pleasure of meeting her.

    Her letters all seem to have the same theme.

    I cannot believe I actually found information about her on the
    internet... CRAZY!!!

    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    Boulder City, NV

    I work in a hotel in Boulder City, NV (about 20 miles from Vegas), and had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Gibbs today. Apparantly she has been quite busy. A local church paid for one night at our hotel. When she arrived, I helped her to her room. She told me that she was a prophet like Dr. King, and gave me a flier. I went back to the office and started reading the strangest thing I've ever read in my life. About halfway through, a police officer pulled up and started asking questions about her - namely was a teenager with her. I said no, she was alone, but I let him read her flier. I then spotted her outside standing in the middle of the parking lot, holding a bunch of papers above her head. I told the cop that that was her. He went outside to talk to her, and when he came back told me that she was "confused" but seemed nice enough, and left. The housekeeper came in. I showed her the flier. She read it, said that she thinks it was the same lady she had met in Searchlight, NV. She said the lady had threatened people there with a very large knife. Then, another lady came in that works for a nonprofit org. out here. Apparantly Ms. Gibbs had been at there too. They had paid for a week at another hotel, but Ms. Gibbs refused to stay there. Then she started picking her nose and trying to wipe it on the volunteers. She also stated to them that she had a knife in her suitcase. Also, a teenager was waiting for her outside there too. Finally, the lady from the church that had paid for her stay came in (where she was trying to get copies made there too, btw) and we all compared notes. It was enough for me to become very concerned about the safety of the other guests and employees at my work, so I called the police back. They came, and checked her room for this mystery boy that was seen with her. Nobody was in her room, but the cop said that she had defecated on one of our sheets and put it in the sink. He said it stunk in the room. Does anyone else know of any violent tendancies on her part of has she mentioned this knife to anyone else? What about a young boy with her? I am quite concerned about this.

    I attached the copies of the letter I got from her.

    Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    Cedar City, UT

    Cedar City, UT 8:40 am 1/13/09

    I was at Albertson's in Cedar City and when I was about to leave, a women with several suitcases and a plastic bag of toilet paper asked where she could get some breakfast. I told her that Denny's and IHOP would be her best choice. She then asked if I could give her a ride to the Denny's. I told I would and once she got in my jeep she asked if I could instead take her to WalMart on the other side of town. I told her I would and while we were on our way she then asked if I could take her to New Harmony which was about 15 min from Cedar. I told her I couldn't because I had to get back to the University to go to a class. Unphased, she then asked if I could take her to Kannaraville, which was also far and I repeated that I couldn't because of class. Finally when we got to WalMart she asked for some money so she could get breakfast. I gave her $5 and then she took out those flyers, didn't write anything, and handed me them. I read them when I got back to my dorm and saw that it made no sense.

    Later that night, I called the Police Department in Cedar City and told her about the woman. They then told me that she was doing nothing criminal so they couldn't arrest her and that she is paranoid schitzophrenic but not so much that they can institutionalize her. I think the next person to encounter her should definitly take her to a mental health clinic because she really shouldn't be travelling the country in this state.

    Sunday, January 4, 2009

    Cedar City, UT

    My wife and her girlfriend picked her up to give her a ride to a local coffee shop in Cedar City UT yesterday, January 4th. She gave both of them the handouts and spoke to them as if they already knew who these people in her writings were. The experience was unsettling to both of them and expressed a disinterest in ever giving someone a ride somewhere, no matter how nice and friendly they looked. After reading some of the writings, I was beginning to think the would make good lyrics for some Indy band. The "Microwave Abuse Oppression Offense" caught my eye, and I just had to find out if there was such a thing. Good use of abstract imagery. A white, racist Ani DiFranco might enjoy the inspiration.

    Friday, January 2, 2009

    Cedar City, UT

    I Encountered Miss Gibbs January 2nd around 5 pm at the cedar city utah staples. and she gave me a letter that makes no sense?