Thursday, February 26, 2009

(south) GA

Marilyn has made her way to South Georgia. She was last
seen on I-75 at Exit 16 trying to thumb a ride south to
Florida. She stayed with a local family for a few days and
they tried to help her get connected with the battered
woman's shelter. (She told them she was fleeing from an
abusive husband, a police officer, and was scared because
he was trying to keep the abuse covered up.) The Woman's
shelter required a background check and she refused. So
the shelter turned her away. The family tried to help, and
in a moment of desperation, brought her to our mid-week

Long story short, we were able to get her a night in a
shelter, but the closer she got to the shelter, the more
of the delusion came out. I am not a clinician, but I
spent enough time with her to know that she is full-blown
delusional. everything is a conspiracy and when reality
strikes, the conspiracy increases. She is still carrying
the same letter referenced in the original post from
Boston and somewhat regrettably, we allowed her to make
copies of the letter to take with her before we read it.

Her story has changed. She claimed to be from a small town
in California where a man was falsely claiming to be her
husband. His motive is the large amount of money that is
tied to her. He wants it and will stop at nothing to get
it. He is using the race card and technology to manipulate
the authorities and the internet to get to her so she can
be locked away and he can get the money. (He needs the
money to complete his mainframe structure and secure his
network to lock down the world grid and thus assume
leadership of his new world government.) She can only be
truly safe in Little Havana, so she is going there. That
is the only place in America not infiltrated by his

Her goal is to reach Little Havana, secure the protection
of the Cuban minority once there by signing over the
rights to her money, but only after they get her passport
back and deliver her to Cuba. The only way to resolve this
is to get the minorities fighting on equal turf.

All of this information was given from Marilyn freely with
basically no questions asked to receive it. We have prayed
for her and will continue to do so. Our prayer is that she
will find her medication and that someone will read this
blog while they still have the opportunity to bring
influence to bear.

I will add that Marilyn carries herself very well and
makes a pretty good first impression. But it only takes
about 15 minutes of letting her talk to begin to see the
delusion. She did not appear to be a threat to herself or
anyone else. She is simply caught in her conspiracy driven
delusion and has lost touch with the REAL world. May God
protect her and those whom she encounters and may He lead
her to a place of healing.