Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tifton, GA

I found your blog after googling "Marilyn Gibbs" and "Microwave Te
chnology 667". I work in a small townnear Tifton Georgia. Myco-
worker was in the office on Tuesday February 24, 2009around1:30 p.m.
when she heard the door bell go off that signals a customer has entered the
building.A black woman enteredwith ablack suitcase on wheels and
a jacket laid overthe top. She was dressed in a burgandy sweat suit and
wore a wig that had redish highlights. She had freckles on her cheeks
.She askedfor the Mayor'sdesk because she was advised to
stop and speak toMayors along her travels. My co-worker asked her wha
t was this pertaining to andthewoman said "I need to tell him about a
big bad black cop. He's bad" My co-worker repeated what she said back t
o her andthe woman said "He looks white now but he's black. His name is
Rodwin Ringwald. Everyone knows him. The Mayor will know him." My
co-worker says she felt instantly that something wasn't right. She asked
if this man had hurt her and she said "yes. He stole my identity." My c
o-worker asked where he was from and she said "Birmingham, Al." The w
oman asked to use ourbathroom where she stayed for a long period of time
. We think she was possibly bathing off.She came out of the bathro
om and asked my co-worker if she could type a letter for her. My co-worker
explained to her that she could not. She then stated that she only hat $7.0
0 and needed to make copies and wanted to know where the print shop was.
My co-worker told her where she could find one, in the next town, and she
said she was headed that way to catch the Greyhound. She then asked for
a pen and paper so she could write the name of the bad cop down for the May
or. My co-worker gave her a small message pad where she proceeded to write
3 pages of ramblings. She asked for a hi-liter and began to hi-lite cert
ain things on the paper. Here is what she wrote exactly as she wrote it:
Page 1:Mr & Mrs. John and Kurston Sawyer Rodwin Ringwald. Identity
Theft and Financial Theft.They are the ghetto connection to the poli
ce dept: Trash that got on my travel.Brutality.Corruption.Technolo
gy Abuse. Tell the Mayor to check the box on his frame. Page 2:His
microwave technology. 1:40 p.m. @ 2-24-09 @ Tues. I used the bathroo
m in his office. The White Men In the Night (that is hi-lited) of the el
ks organization. He will send his deal through his wife. She is a bla
ck hard core gutter street woman. They look white now (that is hi-lited)
.Send for them, they will destroy there staff to save themselves.
f Sylvester, Ga. (She included his license plate number)He is a wh
ite male driver.The Rodwins Black Ghetto Carjack in Good White Towns
on 667 Microwave Technology.At this point she was at the bottom of
the 3rd page and my co-worker asked her if she needed more paper. She t
hen said she did not, so my co-worker said, "Let me read this back to you s
o that I'm sure the Mayor is reading this correct." My co-worker read a
few lines and asked her, "You think the Mayor knows this man?" and she said
"OH yes, everyone knows him." My co-worker read some more and said, "Hi
s Frame Box? The Mayor will know what you're talking about?" and she said,
"Yes. All Mayors know this information. He will know. Tell him he nee
ds to speak to the women of the Elks Lodge, VFW, Moose Lodge. My co-work
er asked her what she did and she said she was a traveling lobbyist and tha
t she was traveling by knocking on doors and using her thumb. She said s
he was careful and knew if someone was safe when they came to the door.
She then decided she wanted the papers back she wrote and tried to get them
back but my co-worker said she would
just put it on the mayor's desk. She knew at this point that this woman
wasn't right and possibly the information she wrote down would be of some
use if the police would come looking for her. Shortly after that, she he
aded out the door with her suitcase. It was very strange.I really
hope she doesn't end up dead somewhere. She doesn't seem to be mentally sta
ble after reading about her on this blog.