Sunday, February 1, 2009


I too came in contact with Marilyn Gibbs back in about February of 2009. She stayed in the shelter where I was the Director. I really wanted to help her, but I think she got scared and took off. She also gave me all of her microwave technology papers along with Carl Wyman story. I contact the salvation army because she told me he worked there and they had no idea who he was. I made various calls to try and find out if what she was saying was true, but couldn't find anything. We helped her get her birth certificate (born in Tennessee) then later moved to California. She left the shelter before it came. I talked to her about mental illnesses because I knew that she qualified for our program and she could have stayed in a nice room with a kitchen and everything she needed was there. The qualifications were to have been homeless at least 4 times in one year, and I knew this was true, and also to be disable or have a mental illness. She freaked out said I was going to call the police on her and she left down the street. She went to Salt Lake and started handing out these microwave technology information with some documents that I gave her regarding our shelter. The thing is it had my name on it. A lady from Salt Lake City, Ut. bus stop called me at work and told me she was claiming abuse from our shelter. I felt horrible because I really wanted to help her. Be careful about what kind of information you give to her because I have seen various peoples information put on the internet. If she goes into a Walmart store and comes in contact with someone, she may write about it on her papers and then hand them out. Whatever is going on with her-Lord save her...