Saturday, September 29, 2007

(no location)

smlvalentine posted a transcript and a scan, over here:

Friday, September 28, 2007

White River Junction, VT

My friend came to my house this morning with breakfast from Dunkin Donuts, and a white photocopied, hand written page. The same page that is transcribed above. She asked my friend for a ride to the nearest catholic church that was having a mass. As it was 8:00 on a Sunday, she gave her a ride to the Catholic Church around the corner from the Dunkins. Once she got in the car, she then asked for a ride to White River Jct., VT. Of course my friend said no, as that is an hour and a half away. Marilyn setted for 2 dollars and a ride to the church.

At 8:15AM, Marilyn documented an Oral Sex offense ride, carjacking by microwave abuse technology. My friend had no recollecection of this, and oddly enough, the floppy disc in my friend's car that she was on the way to my house to work on, was blank when she arrived here. Was that due to the microwave abuse technonlgy? Very strange...

Auburn, ME

9/28/07 I gave her a ride tonight from Auburn to Lewiston, ME. She is a very nice woman. I am guessing that she lives with schizophrenia. Her plan is to head to Portsmouth, NH.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lewiston, ME

LOL, I got this Same note today from what seemed to be a nice, friendly woman. I couldn't really make a lot of sense of it or read much of it, just enough to know it was bizaar and twisted.

Lewiston, ME

Friday, September 7, 2007

Erie, PA

I don't know if you are still interested in Mariyn sitings, but she is now in Erie, PA. I have attached the letter she is handing out. I met her while she was standing on a corner, waving down cars. She asked me for a ride to downtown, but I was heading a different direction. She then told me "I am a lobbyist" and handed me the letter. She said she needed help getting a man into a cemetary. But the letter says nothing about a dead man or a cemetary that I can see. She did not ask for any money. She handed me the letter and started walking away. I called her back to ask her what she wanted me to do. She said to read the letter and send it to "the Elks."

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

(no location)

I can't believe I googled John Rodwin Ringwald and it came to your blog. i just picked up this lady at the bank, she asked me for a ride to staples to make photocopies...I ablidged and then she just kept going ona dn on about this microwave abuse and the john rodwin ringwald guy. She gave me a 6 page photo copy of her "story". Isn't it amazing hom much she really belivieves what shes talking baout. By the way if you belive it, she's trying to get $2000 to go to Geneva Switzerland to talk to the U.N to get this stuff stopped. She asked me for a donation, i told her the ride was my donation, then she parted by saying, theres a travel agent right over there if you want to leave a ticket for me to Switzerland, its $900.

Wow I can't believe how much she really believes what she says!

When I get a chance to scan in the letter i'll do it and get it to you. Its really bizarre how much of a fantasy she's created.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

(no location)

sooo i just meet marylin gibbs last night 9/1 and i recieved a 5 page letter if ne one like i can post