Friday, September 7, 2007

Erie, PA

I don't know if you are still interested in Mariyn sitings, but she is now in Erie, PA. I have attached the letter she is handing out. I met her while she was standing on a corner, waving down cars. She asked me for a ride to downtown, but I was heading a different direction. She then told me "I am a lobbyist" and handed me the letter. She said she needed help getting a man into a cemetary. But the letter says nothing about a dead man or a cemetary that I can see. She did not ask for any money. She handed me the letter and started walking away. I called her back to ask her what she wanted me to do. She said to read the letter and send it to "the Elks."


Anonymous said...

hey i have just sited her in La Crosse Wisconsin. I work at a bar and she came in and started circling papers then handed them out. Just letting you know

Anonymous said...

Marilyn Gibbs was just in our office, 25 miles outside of Chicago, handing out fliers.

Wolfhound227 said...

23, April, 2008. We had an encounter with Ms Gibbs at 19:15.
As per her oft-repeated MO, she flagged us down at an intersection, inquiring as to where there might be a church holding bible study. When informed that we didn't know the area well enough, she asked us to give her a ride to a Burger King at the other end of town. We were late to pick up our daughter and grandchildren, so we had to decline. She handed us her manifesto from a large stack and hailed a passing cab. I noticed several pieces of extremely well-worn luggage on the sidewalk.
When we returned home, hours later, I did my best to work my way through her white paper. I have to say that in all my years (plenty) I cannot recall having ever read such a rambling, discombooberated hash of gibberish in my life - and I was in the Army and have had to deal with OSHA for 30 years.
I was curious about the Rev. Carl Wyman she vilifies so I Googled up numberous links to Ms. Gibbs. This site >>><<< gives an indication of how manic her travels are. She puts Dr. Richard Kimball's pursuit of the One-Armed Man in the classic TV series "The Fugitive" to shame.

I somehow feel connected to all who have encountered the "Lobbyist". An amazing encounter to be sure.

And that's not the rest of the story, but my part of it.