Wednesday, September 5, 2007

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I can't believe I googled John Rodwin Ringwald and it came to your blog. i just picked up this lady at the bank, she asked me for a ride to staples to make photocopies...I ablidged and then she just kept going ona dn on about this microwave abuse and the john rodwin ringwald guy. She gave me a 6 page photo copy of her "story". Isn't it amazing hom much she really belivieves what shes talking baout. By the way if you belive it, she's trying to get $2000 to go to Geneva Switzerland to talk to the U.N to get this stuff stopped. She asked me for a donation, i told her the ride was my donation, then she parted by saying, theres a travel agent right over there if you want to leave a ticket for me to Switzerland, its $900.

Wow I can't believe how much she really believes what she says!

When I get a chance to scan in the letter i'll do it and get it to you. Its really bizarre how much of a fantasy she's created.