Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bonner Springs, KS

I was in a hurry working a service call this evening but had to stop for gas in the small town we live in. About the time I was getting out of the car I notice a rather odd looking black woman walking slowly down the sidewalk in my direction. About the time I was going to swipe my credit card into the gas pump she call out "sir .... sir". I turned to her and she asked me If I could give her a ride to Overland Park, KS. It was a relief to me to be able to politely decline on the basis I was heading for a service call right down the road. She then asked me how long the service call would take and I told her probably a couple of hours. I began fueling the car and expected her to walk away ... instead, she came towards me and handed me a very strange looking flier. I asked her what it was and she turned and walked away without saying a thing. When she turned I saw the same flier pinned to her back. Later in the evening when I arrived home I began reading it to my wife. Even before I was done reading it, my wife had found this blog online.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Warrensburg, MO

She was in Warrensburg MO last week (as another person
noted), and was in and out of businesses last week passing out her fliers, printed out on copies of pamphlets distributed by our local women's shelter.

Warrensburg, MO

Marilyn came by my consignment store today in Warrensburg, Missouri. Nothing really interesting happened. She was about to go on a tirade about how the Salvation Army ruined her life but I told her that the store wasn't the proper format for a political discussion and she politely changed the topic. I felt bad since I couldn't give her the handbag and shoes that she wanted but I was able to give her a slight discount on a pair of open towed shoes that she bought for $4 using what she called "white donation money".

She was a bit bossy but more or less polite calmly leaving two copies of her pamphlet on the counter. After reading the pamphlet the term "microwave abuses" stuck with me and out of boredome I decided to google it stumbling upon this website.

Quite interesting to see her travels being documented in this fashion and dispite her potential mental illness it is impressive to see that she has probably seen more things and been to more places than myself.

She seemed well and hopefully things work out for her...

Warrensburg, MO

I ate at an Applebees in Warrensburg MO, on Wednesday Sep. 24th and she handed out a flyer on an adult abuse center pamphlet. She managed to hand out about three papers before she disappeared. It took me a while to try to decode what she wrote and by the time i read it she was gone. I was a little freaked at first until i found she is all over the internet. Wow, what a traveler.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rolla, MO

Today I was walking back from class with a group of people when I noticed a lady standing on the corner handing out fliers. She approached us, handed out the fliers, and we just kept walking by. After skimming through her writing we wondered what exactly she was talking about. So we started walking back to find her and spotted her a block over still handing out her papers. I managed to get a picture of her as I was catching up to talk with her. She was walking with someone now, but I would imagine it was just someone that randomly ran into her like I did. Once I got up close to her I asked her what her paper was all about and she just kind of shrugged me off. If for some reason I see her again later today I'll try to talk to her some more.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flora, IL

Wow! I just met Marilyn! I was walking outside to get in my car to run some errands and there was an older black lady standing across the alley knocking on the church beside our house's door. She had a paper with a bunch of writing safety pinned to her. She was very polite and asked me for a ride to wal-mart. I assumed she was with a church or something. On the way, she explained that she is an activist for womens abuse and was talking about the local policemen and said that she is a victim of womens abuse. She went into detail about some very weird stuff that i didn't really understand, although i tried and how she has had her identity stolen. Almost to Wal-Mart she asked me for a toiletry donation. I didn't have any cash, so I took her into walmart where she bought some necessities. I also gave her some cash. She then asked me to drop her off at the nearest church, which as i figured was closed. I ended up dropping her off at the local library. She said her main goal is to get to Geneva, Switzerland to speak at the United Nations White Women Human Rights Commission but as of right now she's trying to get to Washington and says she can't live peacefully until some guy is in jail. She gave me some of her handouts, with some absoloutely crazy stuff written on it and told me to fax it to the last white woman at the supreme court. She also documented on my copy a hi-jacking at 1:15. I really don't understand the microwave abuse oppression. She told me that she went to a dermatologist to see about having her skin color changed. I wish I could separate the facts and actually understand what she was doing. I could not believe I found what I did on this blog. The paper has Marilyn Gibbs written on it so I decided to do an internet search and I am absoloutely astounded at what i found. Her story is so interesting. I hope she gets all the help she needs. What an interesting encounter. I will be praying for her.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crawfordsville, IN

Marilyn was in our Goodwill Store Sunday September 7, 2008 in Crawfordsville, Indiana. She came in and was asking for some free clothing. She also went around the store posting a hand written handout titled "Breaking and Entering on My Wash. John Rodwin Ringwald And Microwave Technology 667. It's a lot of rambling on about microwaves and bleach and rape. Not much else to tell…she walked around the store, spoke to a Team Leader and then left after making a purchase. We haven't seen her since.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Greencastle, IN

We met and gave her a ride in greencastle, in. She never asked for a donation, but she did give us very similar paperwork to what was described above.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Danville, IN

Marilyn came to my church/ daycare. She has been here for atleast a week i think and seems to be a nice lady. She came to the church looking for help getting her birth certificate. A co-worker of mine took her to the library in town and she's been seen random places during this week. She was asked to leave the church today and then later we received a letter from her in the mail. The letter was basically the same as all the others. It has a lot of gibberish about microwaves and rape and black police officers who are now white... the disturbing part of the letter was the last sentence... Even if they kill me they still have to return the money. I called our local Sheriff's department and was told that unless she hurts someone they can't do anything. I think its really sad that she's walking around all alone and living in this alternate reality. I feel like we should track down her family members and get the real story on Marilyn. I think its time that we get her some actual help. It seems to me like this poor woman has been drifting around the USA for the past two years believing that people are following her and want to rape and kill her.

Brownsburg, IN

I work in a small print shop in Brownsburg Indiana, just west of Indianapolis. On Thursday of last week we noticed a lady outside the shop handing out something to passig cars. A bit odd in Brownsburg, but see it occassionally in Indy. We assumed she was affilated with some church. On Friday this lady came into the shop to get some copies made. She was a very polite, well dressed black lady who I again assumed was working with some church. As I waited on Her, she first wanted to make sure I understood that she was an activist, much like Martin Luther King. Only even more so because she is woman and is fighting against technology abuses. She then made sure that I understood that She only had almost $30 and could I help her.She needed 63 copies of 6 different pages.I did a little quick figureing ,came up with around $30 worth of copies and told her I could do for about $20. By now having figured out something wasn't right. I made her copies for her. They had to bee done in the order she handed them to me and after each set was made she very carefully counted the copies and then ripped up the orignals and threw them away. She then gave 2 ten dollar bills one of which had a note written on it. It had a lady's name followed by Davis California, white donation then underneath was scrawled microwave oppression rape. Her pages that I copied are same as what you read here in other entries. She told me before she left that she would only be in town for a couple more hours. She then returned to passing out her letters. I'm not sure at what point she left, we just noticed later in the day that she was gone. I'm not sure how she's traveling or how she came to be in Brownsburg. As she left the shop I encouraged her to "stay safe" she replied "that's the main thing". I hope she does