Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rolla, MO

Today I was walking back from class with a group of people when I noticed a lady standing on the corner handing out fliers. She approached us, handed out the fliers, and we just kept walking by. After skimming through her writing we wondered what exactly she was talking about. So we started walking back to find her and spotted her a block over still handing out her papers. I managed to get a picture of her as I was catching up to talk with her. She was walking with someone now, but I would imagine it was just someone that randomly ran into her like I did. Once I got up close to her I asked her what her paper was all about and she just kind of shrugged me off. If for some reason I see her again later today I'll try to talk to her some more.


Anonymous said...

We also came across the old black woman at a restaurant at midnight. She gave us her papers and left, we were all trying to decipher the message and hoped she got wherever she was going safely. Does anyone know what she is actually talking about? I'm surprised she's travelled so far, I figured she was local and was lost.

Anonymous said...

I came across her at the lake of the ozarks so I picked her up and she gave me some photocopied letters and told me to send them to some a few people. I would like to know much more Carl Wyman and Clarence Thomas the judge.