Thursday, September 4, 2008

Danville, IN

Marilyn came to my church/ daycare. She has been here for atleast a week i think and seems to be a nice lady. She came to the church looking for help getting her birth certificate. A co-worker of mine took her to the library in town and she's been seen random places during this week. She was asked to leave the church today and then later we received a letter from her in the mail. The letter was basically the same as all the others. It has a lot of gibberish about microwaves and rape and black police officers who are now white... the disturbing part of the letter was the last sentence... Even if they kill me they still have to return the money. I called our local Sheriff's department and was told that unless she hurts someone they can't do anything. I think its really sad that she's walking around all alone and living in this alternate reality. I feel like we should track down her family members and get the real story on Marilyn. I think its time that we get her some actual help. It seems to me like this poor woman has been drifting around the USA for the past two years believing that people are following her and want to rape and kill her.