Thursday, November 29, 2007

Burlington, VT

At 7:25 a.m., on November 29, 2007, I encountered Marilyn at a stop light at Main and Prospect Streets, in Burlington, Vermont. She crossed into traffic to hand me a copy of her manuscript through the car window. She had a handful of copies, and the next recipient was a local judge. I’m confident that he will set things straight.

Winooski, VT

Just met Marilyn at the Blue Star Cafe in Winooski, Vermont. She
came in to the cafe, ignoring the barista, and proceeded to sort
through random bags of stuff and scraps of paper for a half an hour
or so. She then borrowed another customer's cell phone (presumably
to make calls, though she may have been checking it for microwaves).
Back to the rummaging for a bit, then she approached the barista,
manifesto in hand. She handed it to the barista after making sure it
would get to the manager, assured us all that she was "headed to
Williston to straighten everything out with her birth certificate,"
and departed. Rest assured, if I ever meed John Rodwin Ringwald
(Carl Wyman), I will run the other way!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Amesbury, MA

i have just met marilyn gibbs at 1.30 pm in amesbury ma and decided to check
out this website. i have, of course, immediately disposed of the family
microwave (after explaining to my son that it is a dangerous dreadnought of
oppression, not the simply convenient means of making popcorn that he
thought). i read the critique of a person who called marilyn's diatribe as
"tarnished brilliance scattered in with the mad ravings"" and can only
assume that our critic failed to remove "tarnished brilliance scattered in
with" in order to adequately descibe a meeting with this woman. i once saw
a bumper sticker that read "support mental health - or i'll kill you",

Friday, November 23, 2007

Raymond, NH

hey...we picked up Marilyn in Raymond, NH on November 23..the day after Thanksgiving. she was freezing cold outside of the walmart distribution center asking to get to Portsmouth NH to pick up her birth certificate that had been stolen along with her suitcase. we weren't going that way so i dropped her at a mcdonalds to warm up and gave her a "friendship $20" as she called it - then she gave us this crazy "manifesto"...about 5 pages of ramblings about John Rodwin Ringwald and microwaves and her wash???? what's the deal with the lady???she was so incredibly sweet but obviously a bit "off".....

Newburyport, MA

I met Marilyn at Wendy’s in Newburyport, MA at approximately 3pm. I was having a late lunch with my daughter when she approached me and asked if I knew of a Salvation Army or Goodwill in the area. I told her that I wasn’t sure anymore, since the Salvation Army in Salibury had closed and I thought the next closest location was Saugus, MA. Anyway, as my daughter and I were leaving Wendy’s she asked if it would be possible to give her a ride to Portsmouth, NH. She said she was an activist that was staying the night at the Crossroads Shelter in Portsmouth. I did give her a ride, however she asked that I bring her to the Portsmouth Market Basket where she was going to spend the last bit of daylight handing out her paperwork, which she also gave to me with all the same info that everyone is reporting. I was surprised to see the entry from the person who gave her a ride from the Walmart Dist. Ctr in Raymond to McDonalds upon her request to get to Portsmouth to get her birth certificate and stolen suitcase on the same day I met her. When I picked her up in Newburyport, MA around 3pm, she had her suitcase with her and wanted to go to Portsmouth. I’d love to know what time of day she was in Raymond, NH.

All in all, Marilyn was very sweet. However, I’m still not sure what to make of this encounter after reading the other entries.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Colchester, VT

Marilyn was at Burger King in Colchester tonight!!!!!!!!!! I was a little creeped out by her as I was with my two young children, but she did give me her letter which prompted my google search! I'm intrigued! Is this the new Where's Waldo?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

White River Junction, VT

Marilyn sat across the room from us at the Crossroads Café at 8:45 am (directly behind the bus station in White River Junction, VT. Great food btw!) The rather stylish looking black woman wearing a taupe trench style rain coat belted at the waist, she had dark hair what could have been "spit' curls framing her face (possibly a wig or just enough gel to make you wonder) with, she was seated just as we were coming in. She melted into the periphery with the business people having breakfast alone, absorbed in her paperwork. She was leaving at the same time we were, it was then she approached me, while I waited outside the restaurant alone. She handed me the folded packet of papers, she told me to read it, that it was important. She then told me the name of the hotel she had stayed at last night, and glanced back as my partner exited and held the door open again as she went back in to the restaurant, at about 9:15 am. The packet was 7 pages, and opened to the page marked PROTOCOL. "Dear White Women" (Which I happen to be) was circled in red pen as was the term "Microwave Abuse Oppression" There was also a page tucked in that began 'race separation', with other things heavily underscored. I can scan the pages if you'd like.
I can only imagine what she has been through. There is a tarnished brilliance scattered in with the mad ravings. She could be just a few terrible years of trauma on the other side of the side of genius. We all could be. May she find what ever piece of her shattered self she can, till then may she stay safe. Please watch out for her.

West Lebanon, NH

I met up with Mariln Gibbs on Saturday Nov. 17. She showed up for a Church Service in West Lebanon, NH.and later, a potluck at my friends house in Hartford, Vt. We meet for church on Saturdays at around 10am. She was handing out some of the papers after the service. She then got a ride to the potluck with some visitors who haven't been back to our church in 10 years after relocating to Washington State. Through conversation I discovered she was from Auburn Ca.
I had a few friends and family that I knew that used to go to the church there...which she said that she had been there..grew up near the church. She did not know any of them. After speaking to her more...I realized that she may have a mental illness of some kind. She never talked about some of the items on the papers except that she had her license taken from her and was trying to make it somewhere westward (I can't remember) and that she was a lobbyist. She was polite, talkative...and perhaps has a streak of brilliance...and I often feel that if you are severely gifted in one area...another area in the brain may not be right. Or perhaps some childhood nightmare issue...but I am going with the first one.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

White River Junction, VT

Hi, I found your website...I saw Marilyn in WRJ, VT on the Advance Transit bus at about 7 am today...she was headed to the main bus station, I think she was headed to Virginia. She was passing out similar packets of photocopied sheets and wanted them given to the department of Domestic Violence in St. Johnsbury, VT. It looks like the content is similar to what you have posted on your website, except there are five pages here.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tyngsboro, MA

Hello, I am writing to you after finding your website about Marilyn Gibbs. I encountered her this morning around 7:15 am on the corner of Christine Ave and Lakeview Ave in Tyngsboro, MA. I was on my way to work and as I stopped at the intersection she handed me her letter. She stated that she works for a Martin Luther King activism group and asked if I'd give her letter to a battered womens' shelter. I didn't read the letter until I got to work, I happen to work for a mental health organization. I showed the letter to some of my coworkers and we googled some of the phrases, which eventually led us to your website. We figured she was staying at a shelter, and took the bus to Tyngsboro, which seems like an odd place, but she was standing right across from St. Mary Magdalen rectory. She seemed coherent, and I called my dad to ask if he had seen her on his way to work a couple hours later, and she was gone by then. Her letter was 7 pages long, it looks to be different from the one on your site. My coworkers agree that she has more than likely been abused at some point, it seems like this took place in a shelter. All in all, an interesting encounter. I'd be happy to scan the letter if you'd like.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Boston, MA

OMG! We caught Marilyn today just west of Boston. The note hasn't changed, apparently. The funny thing is, we caught her eating what was probably a $70 meal at one of Framingham's few really sheik restaurants. I guess she didn't need all that money after all! I'm kidding; I'm pretty sure she didn't buy it herself, because she was with a guy in a very nice looking suit that my girlfriend thought was probably CT's federal house of representatives member John B. Larson, who's also on the internal affairs committee (had to check into it after the fact; of COURSE I don't know that off the top of my head, guys!). He seemed to be taking her pretty seriously, and what's weirder is that he looked like he'd been roughed up a bit on the way there. We could only hear a few words of what they were talking about after Marilyn gave us a flyer when we were on our way to the restaurant, but when we got outside, we looked for the car with the fed plates, and sure enough it had stacks of her flyers in the back. But you know what it also had? Big scratches all along both sides, and very dinged-up bumpers. The only explanation we could think of for this is that a bunch of big SUVs boxed it in along some lonely highway in order to pull it over forcibly. Were they after Marilyn? The world may never know!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nashua, NH

Hi, A staff of mine spotted Maryln in Nashua, NH Sunday night in the EMS. She said she was an activist for Salvation Army. She gave her "protocol" to my staff. While most of it appears to be similiar to the one you have posted, it looks like she has updated it some. It is now seven pages long. I also can't believe I googled John Rodwin Ringwald and found your blog! I hope there are more spottings soon!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Claremont, NH

I, too, joined myspace just to track Marilyn Gibbs! I didn't meet her personally but did see a copy of her manifesto. I can say with certainity Marilyn was in Claremont, New Hampshire on November 7, 2007 and may still be here. From her writing and from comments in other postings, I gather Marilyn is an elderly, well dressed, black lady. Can anyone give a more detailed description? It's amazing she can survive, let alone travel so extensively. I wonder how she does it. We have a homeless shelter in this small town, so it's possible she's staying there. My heart goes out to her where ever she is. The nights here are getting cold!

Claremont, NH

Holy Shit! I guess I better put on my Tin-Foil hat so the Microwave Technology Abuse Oppression doesn't get to me! BWAHahahahahahaha!!!!

Okay....according to my Microwave Technology Abuse tracking devise, it looks like Marilyn Gibbs was in Claremont, NH on November 7th....12:55 pm to be exact (she wrote it on the envelope). She mailed a letter (I have in hand) labeled "Bathroom Button Offense" to the Board of Directors - Domestic Violence Organization. It's looks like it's about her stay at a shelter in Nashua, NH dated 10/11/07. See below:

1.) Take my toiletries to keep control of my wash in prostitution.

2.) Pouring out my toiletries (Lipstick offense fungus).

3.)Putting "black names ownership" and prostitution directives on my toiletries and saying that blacks pay for my toiletries.

It goes on and on!

I'm gonna scan and email Tom. If anyone else would like a copy ping me here on MySpace.



Claremont, NH

She was in Claremont, New Hampshire on November 7, 2007.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Newport, RI

omgggg- i was at work today at ma's donuts newport ri and this lady was in my job- she asked a costomer for a ride and he gave it to her to the bus stop- he then came back and was talkin about a microwave oppression and i read the pamphlet- wat the hell is it?????

Newport, RI

I am at work right now in newport ri, and i just ran into marilyn gibbs, and she gave me a 5 page story on the microwave abuse oppression, just thought you should know

Monday, November 5, 2007

Newport, RI

Marilyn is now in Newport, RI. She just passed a copy of her letter to me as I was stopped at a traffic light. Interesting person