Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winooski, VT

Just met Marilyn at the Blue Star Cafe in Winooski, Vermont. She
came in to the cafe, ignoring the barista, and proceeded to sort
through random bags of stuff and scraps of paper for a half an hour
or so. She then borrowed another customer's cell phone (presumably
to make calls, though she may have been checking it for microwaves).
Back to the rummaging for a bit, then she approached the barista,
manifesto in hand. She handed it to the barista after making sure it
would get to the manager, assured us all that she was "headed to
Williston to straighten everything out with her birth certificate,"
and departed. Rest assured, if I ever meed John Rodwin Ringwald
(Carl Wyman), I will run the other way!