Friday, November 23, 2007

Newburyport, MA

I met Marilyn at Wendy’s in Newburyport, MA at approximately 3pm. I was having a late lunch with my daughter when she approached me and asked if I knew of a Salvation Army or Goodwill in the area. I told her that I wasn’t sure anymore, since the Salvation Army in Salibury had closed and I thought the next closest location was Saugus, MA. Anyway, as my daughter and I were leaving Wendy’s she asked if it would be possible to give her a ride to Portsmouth, NH. She said she was an activist that was staying the night at the Crossroads Shelter in Portsmouth. I did give her a ride, however she asked that I bring her to the Portsmouth Market Basket where she was going to spend the last bit of daylight handing out her paperwork, which she also gave to me with all the same info that everyone is reporting. I was surprised to see the entry from the person who gave her a ride from the Walmart Dist. Ctr in Raymond to McDonalds upon her request to get to Portsmouth to get her birth certificate and stolen suitcase on the same day I met her. When I picked her up in Newburyport, MA around 3pm, she had her suitcase with her and wanted to go to Portsmouth. I’d love to know what time of day she was in Raymond, NH.

All in all, Marilyn was very sweet. However, I’m still not sure what to make of this encounter after reading the other entries.