Friday, July 2, 2010

Tolleson, AZ

today is the second time i have ran into marilyn. funny i didnt know what she was all about, i figured she was just a rude crazy lady. i first meet marilyn when she stoped by my print shop in tolleson,az. she came in and just sat down calmly asking one of my employes for the owner or manager of the shop. i was busy on the phone, but could tell right off this wasnt going to be a ordinary customer. she came in with a black suitcase and had papers pinned to the front and back of her cloths. i tried not to look or mention them i was really busy and did not have time for a lony story. she had asked if i can donate some copies for her, she was very polite and did not need much. but my copier was actually out of service and i was waiting for the repair man to show up. she took it as if i was being racist and started to get upset. i tried to explain to here, but she wouldnt have it and stormed of calling all of us rascit and called our print shop a ugly house lol. we all didnt know what to think and it was soon forgoten... 2 days later i take my suv to get a flat fixed at the tire shop right down the street from my print shop, which is also right next door to the greyhound station! so im sitting inside whating for my truck to be repaird, and in walks marilyn with her suitcase and sits down next to me... i was like wow i cant believe this and i try to pretend to be busy on my phone to avoid her. that worked for about 30 sec. she started talking to the owners in the office which know me, so im brought into there conversation about the weather, and how the greyhound next door is being rude to her and kicked her out. she asked if one of them could accompany her next door to the greyhound for moral support... they of course declined cause they where the only ones there and she looks at me with this huge smile and ask me... having to clue at all she had meet me 2 days prior and called racist and other sorts... i was speechless and didnt know what to say! so of course i said yes, for reasons i have to clue why. so we walked down the street. she told me so was from flordia orginally and was spreading her word and protesting something that happen to her. after she told me that i decided to not ask any more questions. we arrived at the grey hound and walked in, the woman behind the counter was rude selling her a ticket to casa grande, az for 21.50. they argued back and forth because marylin was not sure if she was going to leave on sunday or monday. this sunday is the july 4th , so she tried to explain to marliyn there where closed. after about 5mins or so i told marliyn the ticket is good for monday also which would be july 5. so she got her ticket and we walked out. she told me thank you and handed me the paper to read. one for me and 2 for the tire shop and also told me to publish it in the paper...all i said was ok and good luck in casa grande. i then walked back to the tire shop and told them about this lady and how she was so rude to me the other day. they laughed and said sorry they had no idea and asked my why i took her to the greyhound. which i had to response except, i could not say no to her with that big smile. as i was leaving the tire shop i gave them the letter which they started to read and could not make any sence out of it. so i looked at mine i was intrigued by raft 2257 and microwave technology 6677.. so i googled it which lead me to this site of course lol wow. its pretty amazing and intresting i think. so casa grande look out marilyn gibbs is on the way leaving tolleson az. by grey hound on july 6... good luck on your trip marilyn...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tolleson, AZ

Marilyn had been here before, the first time she was here was sometime at the beginning of June and carried on about her cause and manifesto.
We didn’t know who she was and didn’t pay any attention to her but she did leave behind a copy of her manifesto and that was it. Today
She was here at the Tolleson Public Library. She came in this morning she had her wig off and she started talking about her separation of the Black Race and was going to claim her Hispanic Heritage. She went on about her manifesto and her cause. She ask to borrow some tape and we let her have some. She had like a black suite case with wheels, she went and sad down. We have a summer program going on and really didn’t pay attention to her. On the blogs we had read about her but thought maybe she will be nice to us and not leave any of her nasty bags behind
WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! SHE LEFT HER NASTY BAG BEHING AND INSIDE THE LIBRARY . She took tape and attached it to the bag and a copy of the manifesto and hung it on our rack where we keep brochures . Anyone out there “DO NOT TRUST THIS LADY” She looks very friendly but watch out because she will get you and call the Cops as soon as she walks in to your establishment. She is not all there but she talks about being cheated with all this money but how is she getting around all over the United States if she was cheated of all this money.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodyear, AZ

I was just getting off of work from the local gas station right off the I-10 and as i was walking out to get in the car with my husband i noticed an older black lady lugging around two black bags and asking for a ride and it being a Friday night she wasn't having any luck. She came up to our car and asked for a ride and my husband was not inclined to her request. My husband and I had a short conversation about her and how she seemed a little off and I made a call to my friend working inside to let her know what was going on with the woman then that was that. Then a few weeks later i see the same woman enter the store but this time she had found a ride with a man but as he was walking out the door she insisted on handing me this paper and told me to send it to a shelter in Phoenix I told her OK and then she left. I started reading this letter really out of sheer nosieness and began reading about microwave technology oral sex offence. After reading the first letter it seems now she has been into makeup, acrylic nail, eye brow arching, and wig abuse. She seems to be more lost now from what i have read about her and her letters are getting shorter mine was only one page. i hope she finds what she is looking for....just like the rest of us....

Monday, May 3, 2010


My family and I met Marilyn tonight. We were coming out of a burger place and she was "set up" with all of her papers on one of the outside tables. We were almost to our car when called out. She said she was coming from a battered woman's shelter and needed a ride to the Good Sam Hospital on 14th and McDowell. It's close to where we live and she really did seem harmless, so we agreed to take her. I noticed she had a ton of papers with lots of cursive writing on them, but I thought maybe it was a journal of some sort, maybe having to do with her treatment at the shelter she spoke of. She really didn't talk a lot. I tried to make conversation on the 5-10 minute drive, but didn't get a lot out of her. She said she was from California and that she had only been in Phoenix for a two weeks. She mentioned that it wasn't going very well at all. At one point we passed a mortuary and she was quick to point it out. I didn't want to ask any questions and be nosey, so I assumed she was going to see someone very ill at Good Sam. We got to the hospital and as soon as my husband was about to turn in, she requested a location further down the street (Safeway at 7th St. and McDowell). She obviously didn't have an "appointment" at the hospital. When we dropped her off, she handed me her "manifesto". She said she was an activist and I just said that was great. I handed her a $5 bill and she thanked me for the donation. As my husband helped her with ALL of her stuff (various grocery bags full of stuff and a few black bags) she told my husband, "the white brotherhood and white sisterhood had helped out today and we are now friends for life". Of course, once she got out of the car I started reading the paper she had given me. As soon as we got home I googled "Carl Wyman" and found this blog. I just spent the last 45 minutes reading all the encounters with her. I'm shocked. Nothing this interesting ever happens to me.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tempe, AZ


I just came across this woman on the light rail in Tempe to Mesa Arizona. She just handed me a folded up piece of paper with
very nice writing.

"Tell the whole town of Phoenix, Arizona to Watch my Domestic Violence Shelter"
The whole night: The men are on the inside. The elks lodge.

She goes on about the the 20$ pimp Carl Wyman. I really wanted to talk to her to satisfy my entertainment for
the day but I was just too exausted from studying the night before. This was about 9am going eastbound.
She had 2 black bags that were on the floor. For each bag there was a laminated paper pinned for display of
her writings. She wore sunglasses and her heals were badly chapped. I sat there and read it sitting across from her and
after I was done I looked at her but she didn't pay me any mind.

After all of this I went home and googled the 20 dollar pimp haha I just wanted to see what the hell she was talking about and I found this site.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Las Cruces, NM


My name is Adam, and I manage a restaurant in Las Cruces NM. This morning (March 31st) I was doing some routine paperwork at my desk when I saw an older black woman posting something on a light post through my window. At the time I really didn't think anything of it. Perhaps a "Lost Dog" poster or something.

Shortly thereafter, I peered out my office window to find that she decorated the light post with fliers, newspapers, and a mysterious bag flailing in the wind. The newspapers were taped together to create a paper chain of sorts. I assumed it was done to draw attention to her shrine as the noisy newsprint flapped viciously in the New Mexico wind. After finding this website and reading the other testimonials I decided the paper chain could be attributed more so to the fact that she is bat shit crazy, rather than an advertisement ploy.

Needless to say, the light post looked a bit trashy. So I went outside to get rid of the mess. Of course the center piece was the infamous photocopied letter. I will spare you the details of the specifics of her manifesto for they're chronicled many times over on this website (and still makes no sense whatsoever). Rape, Carl Wyman, Microwave Tech. etc.

Where my story differs from the other contributors is what I would like to focus on here. To add information to the mystery and motivation of this woman rather than repeat what has already been said. Which brings me to the bag.

The woman tapped a bag of feces to a pole! Yes, a bag of poop. Totally ruined my day! Called the cops. They took some pictures and said "They weren't trained how to handle bio-hazards". They called the city. They sent out a guy who didn't even get out of his truck, took a few pictures on his phone, and sped away. So I got stuck with the responsibility of the BM bag disposal. Thanks Marilyn!

I too am now captivated with this woman. I need to get to the bottom of this! What happened to her? When and where did this happen? What was the catalyst that sent this tortured soul into action and on her mission? And most importantly, why did she feel the need to tape a bag of shit to a pole?

Adam in New Mexico

p.s. I would love to hear what a psychiatrist has to say about her manifesto if anybody knows one.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Casa Grande, AZ

I am a Librarian with the City of Casa Grande in Arizona. I have not met Marilyn Gibbs personally, but several of our staff have. On Thursday, March 18, Marilyn Gibbs Rodriguez came up to the circulation desk and asked to use some office supplies. When she was told that she could only use it at the desk, she became angry and said she could use it wherever she wanted and proceeded to take the stapler away and staple things on top of the glass plate of our photo copier. After she was done, she went around the library passing out her manifesto (almost identical to what was written in the Davis entry) and before she left, whispered in the ear of one of the staff when she was looking away "(something something) is Puerto Rican". Unbeknown to us, she later hung her manifesto attached to cups filled with urine, bags filled with soiled diapers, used tampons, and other cups filled with unknown materials on a tree outside the library. The police were called and an officer came by and told us that other such hangings were found around town, including a church. They all had the name Marilyn Gibbs Rodriguez with the same, crazy writings and waste.

Staff who saw her personally said that other than her hair looking frazzled, she looked normal, though they felt uneasy around her.