Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodyear, AZ

I was just getting off of work from the local gas station right off the I-10 and as i was walking out to get in the car with my husband i noticed an older black lady lugging around two black bags and asking for a ride and it being a Friday night she wasn't having any luck. She came up to our car and asked for a ride and my husband was not inclined to her request. My husband and I had a short conversation about her and how she seemed a little off and I made a call to my friend working inside to let her know what was going on with the woman then that was that. Then a few weeks later i see the same woman enter the store but this time she had found a ride with a man but as he was walking out the door she insisted on handing me this paper and told me to send it to a shelter in Phoenix I told her OK and then she left. I started reading this letter really out of sheer nosieness and began reading about microwave technology oral sex offence. After reading the first letter it seems now she has been into makeup, acrylic nail, eye brow arching, and wig abuse. She seems to be more lost now from what i have read about her and her letters are getting shorter mine was only one page. i hope she finds what she is looking for....just like the rest of us....