Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tolleson, AZ

Marilyn had been here before, the first time she was here was sometime at the beginning of June and carried on about her cause and manifesto.
We didn’t know who she was and didn’t pay any attention to her but she did leave behind a copy of her manifesto and that was it. Today
She was here at the Tolleson Public Library. She came in this morning she had her wig off and she started talking about her separation of the Black Race and was going to claim her Hispanic Heritage. She went on about her manifesto and her cause. She ask to borrow some tape and we let her have some. She had like a black suite case with wheels, she went and sad down. We have a summer program going on and really didn’t pay attention to her. On the blogs we had read about her but thought maybe she will be nice to us and not leave any of her nasty bags behind
WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! SHE LEFT HER NASTY BAG BEHING AND INSIDE THE LIBRARY . She took tape and attached it to the bag and a copy of the manifesto and hung it on our rack where we keep brochures . Anyone out there “DO NOT TRUST THIS LADY” She looks very friendly but watch out because she will get you and call the Cops as soon as she walks in to your establishment. She is not all there but she talks about being cheated with all this money but how is she getting around all over the United States if she was cheated of all this money.