Tuesday, October 30, 2007

(no location)

I will make every effort to make this short, but you know as well as I do, it needs to be explained. I work as a Window Clerk for the US Postal Service and I encountered the same situation. This woman was black, not bad looking, but with the worst wig I have ever seen. She wanted me to weigh something and give her the postage. I saw the stack of papers that you wrote about and suggested that she get an envelope. After a little confusion, reluctance, and conversation, she bought an envelope and put the piece in. Because I put a "meter strip" on the piece, I had to take it across the counter. Whoa nelly, did that set her off. I knew at that point I wasn't dealing with an entirely sane person. She got angry, told me to give her money back and let her buy stamps. I did as she said and watched her every move. She stuck the stamps on the papers and went outside to put them in a collection box.
Apparently she wanted her word out, but didn't want me to see it. So, after she left, I went and pulled the piece, put it with the old envelope and gave it to the postmaster. It was the most bizzar shit I have ever encountered. No one knows what it was all about, so I googled one of the names on it and found you.

Leominster, MA

Yo i picked up this lady last nite and i kno i dont have a pic but i am a real person and i picked her up in leominster mass and she told me that she wanted a ride to a waffle house but we dont have these so i brought her to a bar and she gave that pamphlet and said she needed to go to a shelter more stuff bout carl wyman and then she left and i read the pamphlet and i called c. welsh and she is REAL!!!!!! and seriously i figuring out because i dont even get what 667 microwave technology really is but ima find out!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brattleboro, VT

hello, my friend and i recently came into the possession of this mysterious lady's letter, which seems to have the qualties of the one posted above. We are in brattleboro vermont and would like more information as to who this person is. The letter was received earlier today (10/28/07) along main st in brattleboro. there wasnt much time to talk with her becuase we were in traffic, but she said something about delivering her message somewhere (we couldnt really understand her). If anyone wants more information, message me. ill try and type up the letter sometime soon, but until then, i would be very pleased if I could obtain more information on this mysterious woman. look forward to hearing more!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Burlington, VT

I saw her today! She was in Burlington getting on the bus to go to Montpelier, and she now is wearing her photocopied manifesto in a clear plastic sleeve pinned to her back.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Somersworth, NH

what the hell is a tortured microwave lobbyist anyway. she stopped me in my tracks in a parkinglot in somersworth, nh 2 days ago at 7:00am and introduced herself. she handed me her "protocol" and said that she spent the night at the gonic shelter in rochester,nh. I have been facinated by the things she writes, like I am trying to decode it somehow. well, soon I googled some of her key words and have found other folks have these strange run ins and stories to share. please tell me any new developments you might have. Marylin has bcome a strange new hobby of mine, ha.

Monday, October 8, 2007

(no location)

Marilyn Gibbs was at my house today. My husband (a minister) gave her a ride to the bus station.

White River Junction, VT

To all: WOW! Can you believe that because of THIS WOMAN, I now became a user/member of My Space. My 7 kids have been members for a long time but dear old dad was left in the dust...until NOW.

OK, Melissa, you can thank ME for giving this woman a ride from White River Junction, VT to the middle of Montpelier yesterday a.m. Obviously she found her way to your home AFTER I dropped her off around 8:15 a.m. yesterday at the busy intersection just past the State Capital Bulding going away from 89. I was on my way up to a business meeting in Williston. She first asked to go to a Catholic church in Williston but as I talked more with her, and she said she was a lobbyist with a cause, I said "Don't you want to go to Montpelier?" She said "Yes" so I dropped her off.

I got an earful on the 1 hour ride up from WRJ. Upon arriving in Montpelier, she informed me that I was her white helper, or something like that and she said we were friends for life. She also told me that her "stalker" who she claims in her paper is a black minister who is a pimp, was WITH US IN THE CAR THE ENTIRE TIME and that we had NOT had a safe ride. HE HE HE, HO HO HO. There I was, sitting all nice and calm parked in a nice quiet spot with HER telling me we had NOT had a safe trip. WOW! I know I'm getting gray and have 3 teens and am losing my mind at times but this was a revelation :-)

She also said she wished she could get the microwave chip out of her ear so this black minister could not track her. There were some other unbelievable things.

What amazes me is how she survives and gets around. She is anti-CIA and anti-government in general as she claims corruption within the "system" at some levels, at least. My guess is that she is harmless. What a bizzare encounter. I am Christian in my beliefs and even sang "What a Friend we have in Jesus" to her, in hopes to get her mind off this remarkable obsession she has with the matters she has written about in her document, etc.

Thanks for posting. Hope this helps those who may need it. I'd give her food and basic stuff but nothing more. I can't find any proof of what she writes about. If anyone has any proof of any thing she expounds on, I'd be interested to know about it.

Oh, yes, she said it was important for her to stay cold or cool so the technology troubling her body would be rendered ineffective. She was worried when I turned the heat on in the car along the way. What a sad case.

Brattleboro, VT

I guess I am now of member of two "clubs". I had an encounter with the lobbyist, and I just joined MySpace for the same reasons as Tim. I took my kids to McDonalds for dinner last night in Brattleboro, Vt. The man in front of me in line had $2.oo in change and purchased a double hamburger. After his initial transaction, he asked the teenage clerk how much an order of fries would cost. She told him that it was $1.10. He only had a dollar, and walked away dissapointed. I offer him a dime and he was overjoyed ... he told my kids that I was a great man! I was left wondering why the clerk hadn't offered. While we were dining, I noticed a well dressed woman offer some reading material to another patron. "I'm a lobbyist", she said, "make sure that you read it". Later, we heard three LOUD burps. These were huge drawn out man sized belchs. When I looked (out of the corner of my eye), there was only the woman whom I had seen handing out the papers. My daughter, who had a better view, confirmed that it was indeed the woman who had made the commotion. We had a little chuckle, and I noticed from that point, that she ate her meal standing up. When we finished, she approached and asked for a ride to the dollar store. I agreed and as we left the restaurant, my ten year old son asked what would happen if she pulled out a gun and shot us. I assured him that I felt confident in my ability to overpower her if it happened, and pointed out that she could have shot us right there in McDonalds if she had been so inclined. We took her the short distance to the Dollar Store without any conversation. When she left, she told me for the second time in an hour that I was a wonderful person, told me that she was a lobbyist and handed me the paper. She mentioned that she was staying at a local motel and wondered if she would safe. That comment made me wonder tha same thing. After I tried to read the paper she had given me, and after reading these comments, I am more concerned than ever. Not that I think she is the victim of a stalker, or microwave technology, but because she is in a very vulnerable position ... obviously with some issues and depending on the kindness of others to negotiate her way. I hope that I am doing the right thing in doing nothing.

Worcester, VT

She was at my house in Worcester, VT (near Montpelier) this morning. She gave us the same paper.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Durham, NH

I found a copy of her 2-page manifesto tucked in a paper pile tonight and decided to Google "John Rodwin Ringwald" and came up with these blogs and websites - wow - what a phenomenon! Marilyn was on my bus on October 2, 2007 - I picked her up on the UNH campus on my Dover run and she kept yakking at me but I put her off as she was distracting me - I promised I would talk to her later. She wanted to get to Portsmouth (then WHY were you on a bus that was clearly marked "Dover"?!? Oh, well, the supposedly educated college students do it all the time...) She rode around until my next run, when I had a trainee and was riding. Marilyn asked if my hair was naturally curly - she seemed fascinated by it. She was well-dressed and articulate and asked about the area - very normal conversation for an out-of-towner... We got to the Fox Run Mall and she got up, pressed the one-page "Protocol" into my hand and made some dire warning about "watching out for" something or somebody - I don't remember her exact words - and abruptly left the bus. She never asked for money, nor were there any requests for money on the paper. Needless to say, I was stunned when I read the paper; she never gave any indication that she was loony - maybe she was wising up and being more guarded? I don't know. I do know that this is a fascinating saga and I hope she will be OK - it's amazing she continues to travel (seemingly) unmolested and well-kept/fed. You go, girl, Marilyn - you "Tortured Microwave Lobbyist!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Lewiston, ME

Good afternoon to you! Recently one of our members ran into Ms. Gibbs! She may already have contacted you. This contact happened in Lewiston, Maine. Let me know if you want more information.