Monday, October 8, 2007

White River Junction, VT

To all: WOW! Can you believe that because of THIS WOMAN, I now became a user/member of My Space. My 7 kids have been members for a long time but dear old dad was left in the dust...until NOW.

OK, Melissa, you can thank ME for giving this woman a ride from White River Junction, VT to the middle of Montpelier yesterday a.m. Obviously she found her way to your home AFTER I dropped her off around 8:15 a.m. yesterday at the busy intersection just past the State Capital Bulding going away from 89. I was on my way up to a business meeting in Williston. She first asked to go to a Catholic church in Williston but as I talked more with her, and she said she was a lobbyist with a cause, I said "Don't you want to go to Montpelier?" She said "Yes" so I dropped her off.

I got an earful on the 1 hour ride up from WRJ. Upon arriving in Montpelier, she informed me that I was her white helper, or something like that and she said we were friends for life. She also told me that her "stalker" who she claims in her paper is a black minister who is a pimp, was WITH US IN THE CAR THE ENTIRE TIME and that we had NOT had a safe ride. HE HE HE, HO HO HO. There I was, sitting all nice and calm parked in a nice quiet spot with HER telling me we had NOT had a safe trip. WOW! I know I'm getting gray and have 3 teens and am losing my mind at times but this was a revelation :-)

She also said she wished she could get the microwave chip out of her ear so this black minister could not track her. There were some other unbelievable things.

What amazes me is how she survives and gets around. She is anti-CIA and anti-government in general as she claims corruption within the "system" at some levels, at least. My guess is that she is harmless. What a bizzare encounter. I am Christian in my beliefs and even sang "What a Friend we have in Jesus" to her, in hopes to get her mind off this remarkable obsession she has with the matters she has written about in her document, etc.

Thanks for posting. Hope this helps those who may need it. I'd give her food and basic stuff but nothing more. I can't find any proof of what she writes about. If anyone has any proof of any thing she expounds on, I'd be interested to know about it.

Oh, yes, she said it was important for her to stay cold or cool so the technology troubling her body would be rendered ineffective. She was worried when I turned the heat on in the car along the way. What a sad case.