Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spencer, IA

Marilyn was just in my church this morning (7-18-08) in Spencer, Iowa. I
missed her, but hte secretary and another persons were here. She left a
copy of what others have posted. She was seeking a ride to Emmetsburg, Iowa
about 30 minutes away.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

LeMars, IA

She has been in LeMars, Iowa the last couple of days. Have not seen her this afternoon, she may be on the move again.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sioux Falls, SD

Yesterday, July 13th I believe I ran into the famous Marilyn Gibbs. I was excited to see others had ran into her knowing the experience I had. My family and I were driving through a parking lot when she flagged us down. Normally I would not stop for strangers but I thought maybe she just needed some directions. She proceeded to introduce herself and that she was known as the female Martin Luther King. If I remember correctly she mentioned that ‘for her, it wasn’t a compliment’. She described how she was a lobbyist and was wondering if we could give her a ride to the nearest goodwill so she could get a clean change of clothes. Unfortunately, my wife and 2 kids were in the car with me and we were driving our Honda Civic so I responded saying I would, but it looks like we have no room. She then asked if she could ‘squeeze in between my babies’. My ‘stranger red flag’ was now screaming in my ear and we stated that wouldn’t work. Then she grabbed one of many paper handouts from her black case and handed it to me asking me to have my wife read it. I’ve attached the hand out. She then stated ‘take care of your white girls’ and proceeded to walk away. I wish I had another opportunity to speak with her to discuss the content on her handout. I’m hoping she just has very radical beliefs but I’m leaning towards her having a mental disability and really needing help.

Sioux Falls, SD

I was driving past our local bus station, when this lady came running up to my car screaming "They're gonna get me! You gotta help me!" Fearful for her, I opened the passenger side door, and let her climb on in. She went on and on rambling about how I needed to call Tim S in Sacramento California regarding the Microwave Abuse and and need to protect Grocery Stones... I didn't know what the heck she was talking about, so she gave me a piece of paper with a long hand written note printed on both sides (it was a photo copy) and wrote a note on it in red ink. She said her name was Marilyn Gibbs, and she was on a mission to Washington DC, as a One Woman Fight for her beliefs...

I picked her up at Jefferson Bus Lines at 1500 W. Russell, and dropped her off at 18th and Western in Sioux Falls, SD

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Silver Lake, KS

It was 2pm on Tuesday, July 1st when our small-town Silver Lake Library was visited by an older black lady. It was as if she came from nowhere. She had with her a plain, black rolling suitcase and a smaller black tote bag. Two members of the library staff watched her walk quietly to a work table in our main library area. She proceeded to unpack some of her belongings, which included lotion, body spray, numerous paperwork, business cards, and store fliers (in plastic bags). She then removed her 'wig' and set it beside her. As the afternoon progressed, she would politely ask for 3 sheets of copy paper, then a black ink pen, tape, scissors, a red ink pen, and white out, all the while rearranging her items; writing, and lotioning her arm that had no cast. The other was ensconced in a cast to below her elbow. She seemed very nice and polite and was calm throughout the afternoon.

I was working in another room in the library when a very loud belch suddenly reverberated throughout the whole building! I heard her apologize to the staff, who were in the same room as her. She seemed to have shocked herself. A little while later, she stood up and began cleaning the floor with her own toilet paper and disinfectant spray. She again apologized profusely for 'leaking' on the floor. She sprayed about half of her disinfectant spray on the stain and the smell enveloped the library. I asked if she needed any help, but she said, no, she would take care of it herself.

The time was nearing 4:30 and we were beginning to wonder what she was going to do. It was then that she asked to make some copies. I told her they would be 10 Cents a copy. She pulled $10 and some change from her pocket and asked that any extra copies she made would be a donation to her “cause”. She then asked for 125 copies of 3 separate pages - a total of 375 copies. In my state of mind, I didn’t realize the total cost of the copies should be $37.50! I allowed her to start copying and let the other staff prepare to close the library and go home. I glanced at some of the “writings” on the papers and couldn’t understand them, but what I did made me a little nervous. I saw “give the white church Hell back”, etc. It was just her and me in the library at this time. I also realized that she really had no way to get from Silver Lake to another place to stay for the night.

She would ask me if there were any churches in town or if I knew any pastors. I told her that the churches were probably closed by now and that the pastors had probably gone home. She also told me that she wanted to go to Holton, which is a very small town 30 miles north of Silver Lake. I told her that Holton wouldn’t have much in the way of lodging. I said that Topeka would have much more available. She said that she knew there was a University in Topeka that would have a library open there, because of summer school classes. I didn’t feel safe in bringing her to my home, so I called my husband and told him we had a “nice lady” at the library, who needed a ride to Topeka. He picked up our son and arrived to help in the next leg of our journey with this very interesting person. As we prepared to go outside, she proceeded to replace her “wig” on her head. Her hair was a very nice and close cut, so it baffled me that she would wear such an ugly, hot thing on her head. It had a plastic round piece on the top, with straight brown hair starting around that top and hanging down the sides. ( I realize now that it may be to keep the “microwave technology” from invading her thoughts) My husband and I knew she probably wouldn’t have supper, so we took her to Burger King on the way to the library. We tried to make small talk to draw her out but she just had short answers with no elaboration. We had a nice meal and then proceeded to take her to Washburn University to try to find their library. My youngest son was with us. She suggested that he go up to the door and check on the hours they were open. He came back and told us it was open until 9:00. She then gave us 3 of her original papers in a plastic protective sheet sealed with many layers of scotch tape. She told us her name was Marilyn Gibbs at that time and that she was a “Lobbyist to Stop Human Rights Abuse”. We said goodbye as she made her way to the library door. We wondered what we had just experienced!...and what Washburn University Library was about to experience!

We read through her papers to try and understand her “mission” but soon realized it was not possible. Much of it is only a slight variation on what has already been shown on this website. My husband suggested I ‘Google’ her to see if there was anything written about her. I tried…and came across this website. It’s amazing just how many people (from all over the world) have come in contact with Marilyn. We are praying she remains safe and that those who help her will do so in a kind and patient way.

Topeka, KS

Yesterday, July 1, 2008, at about noon, I was on my way home in my work van, pulling a trailer full of things I had removed from my daughter's garage following her garage sale. At a stop sign in northwest Topeka, I was behind a city bus that for some reason wasn't moving from the four-way stop. After a minute or so, it pulled away and I saw a black woman who had just gotten off the bus. She waved to get my attention, so I rolled my passenger window down. She said she was needing to get to Silver Lake, a town that is about 8 miles farther west on Highway 24. She looked pleasant and harmless as well as helpless, so I said, "Get in, I'll take you there."

As we started north, I explained that I needed to change vehicles at my home, so I wouldn't be taking my trailer on the highway and possibly having something blow off. "Oh, that's just fine," she said cheerfully. I asked her why she was going to Silver Lake, and she replied simply, "to find lodging." She indicated that she didn't know anyone in the town. I said I had just spent the morning cleaning out my daughter's garage. She replied, "I bet she really appreciated that!" to which I replied, "Yeah, especially since most of it was my stuff." She laughed. She was truly a pleasant, congenial person, so I tried to draw her out a bit.

"Are you a Christian?" I inquired, "a born-again believer?" She said "Oh yes," but didn't elaborate. She began asking me about Silver Lake, the town. I said it was a small community of less than 2000, but a really nice little town. She wanted to know how many blacks lived there, to which I replied probably 10% or less. I supposed that she might be disappointed that it was a bit whiter than most larger cities. She said that she was on a "one woman fight against domestic and other abuse," and that she had been abused by black police officers. "Here in Topeka?" I asked, and she replied yes. She asked if I was sure that Silver Lake had only 10% blacks, and I said it might be as few as 5%, but those I had met while going to the town's annual city-wide garage sale seemed like nice, respectable sorts.

"I would like it fine if it was only 1%, or none. I don't like black people! White people are much nicer." To this I laughed out loud, and then reassured her that I was laughing with her, not at her. We traded vehicles at my home, I got her a cold diet Coke, which she greatly appreciated, then we hurried off to Silver Lake. I explained to her that I need to be back quickly, so my wife could have her car to go to a funeral.

The trip was uneventful, and while she was not talkative, she was very articulate in her responses to my attempts to initiate conversation. I asked her where she would like me to take her in Silver Lake, and she wanted to go anywhere they might have a copy machine. She had given me a one-page handout describing her "one woman mission," but I hadn't had time to even glance at it. I had left it in my other van anyway. I suggested that one of the chuches might be willing to let her make some copies and perhaps help her find lodging. I pointed them out as we drove through the town. She asked if I knew where the police department was, and I didn't, so she suggested city hall. We stopped there briefly, which is in the same building as the fire department. She went inside and left a brochure. She asked to be dropped off at a grocery store, and then wanted to know if I might be so kind as to make a small donation so she could buy some Depends. I gave her $20, told her to keep the change, and with a smile and expressions of her sincere gratitude, she was gone. She first asked me for my address, so she could send me a thank-you card. I wrote it on the only paper I could find at hand, last Sunday's church bulletin. It will be interesting to see what, if anything she sends. Since our pastor's name and phone number were on the bulletin, I think it is probably more likely that I will receive a thank-you from her, but probably none from our pastor...

Back home again and scolded for being late, I retrieved the photocopied sheet of paper she had given me. I was amazed to find what appeared to be senseless, disconnected ramblings about "microwave abuse," and other strange subjects, nearly identical to those already posted. I won't take the time to reproduce it here. On the flip side was "The Salvation Army, Lawrence, Kansas, Emergency Shelter Resident Agreement." It was dated in hand-written pen, Sunday, June 29, 2008.

Godspeed, Marilyn, whereever and whoever you are. I may be $20 the poorer for having met you, but I am richer for the most unusual experience. I do wish you well, in this life and the next.