Monday, July 14, 2008

Sioux Falls, SD

Yesterday, July 13th I believe I ran into the famous Marilyn Gibbs. I was excited to see others had ran into her knowing the experience I had. My family and I were driving through a parking lot when she flagged us down. Normally I would not stop for strangers but I thought maybe she just needed some directions. She proceeded to introduce herself and that she was known as the female Martin Luther King. If I remember correctly she mentioned that ‘for her, it wasn’t a compliment’. She described how she was a lobbyist and was wondering if we could give her a ride to the nearest goodwill so she could get a clean change of clothes. Unfortunately, my wife and 2 kids were in the car with me and we were driving our Honda Civic so I responded saying I would, but it looks like we have no room. She then asked if she could ‘squeeze in between my babies’. My ‘stranger red flag’ was now screaming in my ear and we stated that wouldn’t work. Then she grabbed one of many paper handouts from her black case and handed it to me asking me to have my wife read it. I’ve attached the hand out. She then stated ‘take care of your white girls’ and proceeded to walk away. I wish I had another opportunity to speak with her to discuss the content on her handout. I’m hoping she just has very radical beliefs but I’m leaning towards her having a mental disability and really needing help.