Monday, October 8, 2007

Brattleboro, VT

I guess I am now of member of two "clubs". I had an encounter with the lobbyist, and I just joined MySpace for the same reasons as Tim. I took my kids to McDonalds for dinner last night in Brattleboro, Vt. The man in front of me in line had $2.oo in change and purchased a double hamburger. After his initial transaction, he asked the teenage clerk how much an order of fries would cost. She told him that it was $1.10. He only had a dollar, and walked away dissapointed. I offer him a dime and he was overjoyed ... he told my kids that I was a great man! I was left wondering why the clerk hadn't offered. While we were dining, I noticed a well dressed woman offer some reading material to another patron. "I'm a lobbyist", she said, "make sure that you read it". Later, we heard three LOUD burps. These were huge drawn out man sized belchs. When I looked (out of the corner of my eye), there was only the woman whom I had seen handing out the papers. My daughter, who had a better view, confirmed that it was indeed the woman who had made the commotion. We had a little chuckle, and I noticed from that point, that she ate her meal standing up. When we finished, she approached and asked for a ride to the dollar store. I agreed and as we left the restaurant, my ten year old son asked what would happen if she pulled out a gun and shot us. I assured him that I felt confident in my ability to overpower her if it happened, and pointed out that she could have shot us right there in McDonalds if she had been so inclined. We took her the short distance to the Dollar Store without any conversation. When she left, she told me for the second time in an hour that I was a wonderful person, told me that she was a lobbyist and handed me the paper. She mentioned that she was staying at a local motel and wondered if she would safe. That comment made me wonder tha same thing. After I tried to read the paper she had given me, and after reading these comments, I am more concerned than ever. Not that I think she is the victim of a stalker, or microwave technology, but because she is in a very vulnerable position ... obviously with some issues and depending on the kindness of others to negotiate her way. I hope that I am doing the right thing in doing nothing.