Saturday, November 17, 2007

West Lebanon, NH

I met up with Mariln Gibbs on Saturday Nov. 17. She showed up for a Church Service in West Lebanon, NH.and later, a potluck at my friends house in Hartford, Vt. We meet for church on Saturdays at around 10am. She was handing out some of the papers after the service. She then got a ride to the potluck with some visitors who haven't been back to our church in 10 years after relocating to Washington State. Through conversation I discovered she was from Auburn Ca.
I had a few friends and family that I knew that used to go to the church there...which she said that she had been there..grew up near the church. She did not know any of them. After speaking to her more...I realized that she may have a mental illness of some kind. She never talked about some of the items on the papers except that she had her license taken from her and was trying to make it somewhere westward (I can't remember) and that she was a lobbyist. She was polite, talkative...and perhaps has a streak of brilliance...and I often feel that if you are severely gifted in one area...another area in the brain may not be right. Or perhaps some childhood nightmare issue...but I am going with the first one.