Saturday, November 17, 2007

White River Junction, VT

Marilyn sat across the room from us at the Crossroads Café at 8:45 am (directly behind the bus station in White River Junction, VT. Great food btw!) The rather stylish looking black woman wearing a taupe trench style rain coat belted at the waist, she had dark hair what could have been "spit' curls framing her face (possibly a wig or just enough gel to make you wonder) with, she was seated just as we were coming in. She melted into the periphery with the business people having breakfast alone, absorbed in her paperwork. She was leaving at the same time we were, it was then she approached me, while I waited outside the restaurant alone. She handed me the folded packet of papers, she told me to read it, that it was important. She then told me the name of the hotel she had stayed at last night, and glanced back as my partner exited and held the door open again as she went back in to the restaurant, at about 9:15 am. The packet was 7 pages, and opened to the page marked PROTOCOL. "Dear White Women" (Which I happen to be) was circled in red pen as was the term "Microwave Abuse Oppression" There was also a page tucked in that began 'race separation', with other things heavily underscored. I can scan the pages if you'd like.
I can only imagine what she has been through. There is a tarnished brilliance scattered in with the mad ravings. She could be just a few terrible years of trauma on the other side of the side of genius. We all could be. May she find what ever piece of her shattered self she can, till then may she stay safe. Please watch out for her.