Monday, November 12, 2007

Boston, MA

OMG! We caught Marilyn today just west of Boston. The note hasn't changed, apparently. The funny thing is, we caught her eating what was probably a $70 meal at one of Framingham's few really sheik restaurants. I guess she didn't need all that money after all! I'm kidding; I'm pretty sure she didn't buy it herself, because she was with a guy in a very nice looking suit that my girlfriend thought was probably CT's federal house of representatives member John B. Larson, who's also on the internal affairs committee (had to check into it after the fact; of COURSE I don't know that off the top of my head, guys!). He seemed to be taking her pretty seriously, and what's weirder is that he looked like he'd been roughed up a bit on the way there. We could only hear a few words of what they were talking about after Marilyn gave us a flyer when we were on our way to the restaurant, but when we got outside, we looked for the car with the fed plates, and sure enough it had stacks of her flyers in the back. But you know what it also had? Big scratches all along both sides, and very dinged-up bumpers. The only explanation we could think of for this is that a bunch of big SUVs boxed it in along some lonely highway in order to pull it over forcibly. Were they after Marilyn? The world may never know!