Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Claremont, NH

Holy Shit! I guess I better put on my Tin-Foil hat so the Microwave Technology Abuse Oppression doesn't get to me! BWAHahahahahahaha!!!!

Okay....according to my Microwave Technology Abuse tracking devise, it looks like Marilyn Gibbs was in Claremont, NH on November 7th....12:55 pm to be exact (she wrote it on the envelope). She mailed a letter (I have in hand) labeled "Bathroom Button Offense" to the Board of Directors - Domestic Violence Organization. It's looks like it's about her stay at a shelter in Nashua, NH dated 10/11/07. See below:

1.) Take my toiletries to keep control of my wash in prostitution.

2.) Pouring out my toiletries (Lipstick offense fungus).

3.)Putting "black names ownership" and prostitution directives on my toiletries and saying that blacks pay for my toiletries.

It goes on and on!

I'm gonna scan and email Tom. If anyone else would like a copy ping me here on MySpace.