Thursday, September 11, 2008

Flora, IL

Wow! I just met Marilyn! I was walking outside to get in my car to run some errands and there was an older black lady standing across the alley knocking on the church beside our house's door. She had a paper with a bunch of writing safety pinned to her. She was very polite and asked me for a ride to wal-mart. I assumed she was with a church or something. On the way, she explained that she is an activist for womens abuse and was talking about the local policemen and said that she is a victim of womens abuse. She went into detail about some very weird stuff that i didn't really understand, although i tried and how she has had her identity stolen. Almost to Wal-Mart she asked me for a toiletry donation. I didn't have any cash, so I took her into walmart where she bought some necessities. I also gave her some cash. She then asked me to drop her off at the nearest church, which as i figured was closed. I ended up dropping her off at the local library. She said her main goal is to get to Geneva, Switzerland to speak at the United Nations White Women Human Rights Commission but as of right now she's trying to get to Washington and says she can't live peacefully until some guy is in jail. She gave me some of her handouts, with some absoloutely crazy stuff written on it and told me to fax it to the last white woman at the supreme court. She also documented on my copy a hi-jacking at 1:15. I really don't understand the microwave abuse oppression. She told me that she went to a dermatologist to see about having her skin color changed. I wish I could separate the facts and actually understand what she was doing. I could not believe I found what I did on this blog. The paper has Marilyn Gibbs written on it so I decided to do an internet search and I am absoloutely astounded at what i found. Her story is so interesting. I hope she gets all the help she needs. What an interesting encounter. I will be praying for her.