Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brownsburg, IN

I work in a small print shop in Brownsburg Indiana, just west of Indianapolis. On Thursday of last week we noticed a lady outside the shop handing out something to passig cars. A bit odd in Brownsburg, but see it occassionally in Indy. We assumed she was affilated with some church. On Friday this lady came into the shop to get some copies made. She was a very polite, well dressed black lady who I again assumed was working with some church. As I waited on Her, she first wanted to make sure I understood that she was an activist, much like Martin Luther King. Only even more so because she is woman and is fighting against technology abuses. She then made sure that I understood that She only had almost $30 and could I help her.She needed 63 copies of 6 different pages.I did a little quick figureing ,came up with around $30 worth of copies and told her I could do for about $20. By now having figured out something wasn't right. I made her copies for her. They had to bee done in the order she handed them to me and after each set was made she very carefully counted the copies and then ripped up the orignals and threw them away. She then gave 2 ten dollar bills one of which had a note written on it. It had a lady's name followed by Davis California, white donation then underneath was scrawled microwave oppression rape. Her pages that I copied are same as what you read here in other entries. She told me before she left that she would only be in town for a couple more hours. She then returned to passing out her letters. I'm not sure at what point she left, we just noticed later in the day that she was gone. I'm not sure how she's traveling or how she came to be in Brownsburg. As she left the shop I encouraged her to "stay safe" she replied "that's the main thing". I hope she does