Friday, August 29, 2008

Danville, IN

My husband, daughter & I were on our way home to Indianapolis, Indiana from a fun filled weekend at Raccoon Lake. We decided to stop at McDonald's in Danville, Indiana for a bite to eat. After going through the drive through driving slowly through the parking lot we were stopped by a older black lady in a blue dress. If you are familiar w/ Danville Ind. you know there are not that many blacks in this small town if any.

As my husband rolled down the window the lady looked surprised & said, "Oh, you're a white man." He asked, "Can I help you?" She said, "Three black police officers are trying to ruin my life and you can help me by telling ten of your friends." Since I always ride in the back w/ our 4yr old daughter she dropped 10 copies of a letter in our front passenger seat & walked off into the night. My husband started to talk on the phone to his friend in the truck in front of us and I sort of read through the gibberish on the paper. It wasn't actually until today at work that I actually read the whole thing. I have attached copies of both sides of the paper.

The paper she gave us had a standardized welcome letter to the Family Violence Prevention Center of Greene County P.O. Box 271 Xenia, Oh 45385 in the middle of one side. It had her name hand written in the space labeled: Dear______ & was dated August 27 & 28, 2008. (It is written in the exact same handwriting as the rest of the paper).
On the other side was a copy of a TV Channel guide for Regency Inn of Xenia, Oh.

All over the paper top, bottom, & down both sides was lots of crazy gibberish.... It was confusing, sad & disturbing because obviously the person who wrote it may have some mental issues. So I thought to myself what if she is someones loved one who has gone off of her meds & wondered off. Someone may be looking for her? So I decided to Google the name to see if I could find an article about a missing person fitting her description.... and to my surprise I found this website tracking her & tons of similar encounters from all over the country all over the web.

Please someone explain Marilyn to me.