Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Zanesville, OH

I live in Zanesville Ohio and I had a meeting with this woman. I am going to start with this bothers me. Some of the things I have read really honestly bother me. yesterday August 26 2008, we pulled up to a red light to turn right when a decent dressed, fairly clean looking woman aproached the car and asked us for a ride to Columbus Ohio which is about an hour away from here. We told her no and she asked if she would give us five dollars if we would and we told her no. Then she threw some letters in our window and and told us that we needed to make sure that we gave them to the white man so that the white woman can stay on top. I don't understand the whole thing. How did she get to here?? What is she doing??? Is this for real because the letter is very desriptive about some very horrific things and I am very bothered.