Friday, October 30, 2009

High Point, NC

Yesterday I was exiting the High Point library and ahead of me was a woman also exiting. As we went through the doors a well dressed black women carrying a large pocket book and a clear plastic garbage bag full of stuff stopped us both and asked” Did we know where Leslie’s house ( a women’s shelter) was in High Point?” She was outside the library at the time.

The other woman quickly said “No” and walked away. I said “I have heard of it but don’t know where it is- perhaps if you ask in the library they will know”. The woman asked me to accompany her into the library – so I did. We asked the lady at the desk but the best she could do was to give her a telephone book to look up the address. At this point I was asked to look up the address. I found it. The woman then asked if she could use the library phone to call to be sure there was space in the shelter. The librarian had to ask her supervisor and the result was she gave the woman 25cents to use the pay phone. She did not call.

The woman now asked if I would drive her to Leslie’s house. It was not that far so I said” sure”. Driving there she told me she was Marilyn Gibbs Rodriguez from Davis California – she also rambled about being robbed – she was very well spoken and well dressed – only suspicious thing was the plastic bag full of stuff. Leslie’s house couldn’t admit her- it was full? She was told that the only person who could admit her under these circumstances was the director of Leslie’s House and she was off that day and the staff dare not contact her on her day off .

Marilyn was told that the Salvation Army would admit her to their shelter. Marilyn wanted to stay in Leslie’s house because it is for women only and she would feel safer- this was not to be! Off we go to the Salvation Army – where she was admitted – here and at Leslie’s house she asked (practically insisted) I accompany her into both places while she talked with the staffs.

She was admitted to the Salvation Army shelter but before I departed she gave me her manifesto – outlining the “troubles” she has been through (real or imaginary?? I don’t know) . In any event ,my encounter with Marilyn was interesting to say the least and short lived – about one hour. After reading the papers she gave me I googled her name. WOW – this is one well traveled lady and her approach to people and places is very consistent. God speed Marilyn – I hope you find contentment some day.