Friday, July 17, 2009

Orange Park, FL

I just read your blog. Well as of today, 7/17/09 Marilyn is in Orange Park, Florida right outside of Jacksonville. I was at office max today in orange park, faxing something and let me tell you she stuck out, she kept mumbling things to herself she had all of her stuff (many copies, her black backback, water and a can of food sprawled out on the office max copy center counter. I noticed her because she was standing in front of me as I was waiting to ask the customer service rep about faxing. Anyways she had a bunch of bags (grocery bags) with something in them and she was stapling her highlighted papers on them. As I was waiting to pay for my fax, she handed me one of her papers and told me it was about Martin Luther King. So anyways I said okay thank you (I didn't want to be rude). Well anyhow she looked normal, nicely dressed and smelled heavily of perfume (so did the paper she gave me). She flagged me down in the parking lot as I was leaving and asked me if I would give her a ride. I politely told her I couldn't because I had to be somewhere (I DO NOT GIVE STRANGERS RIDES). Anyhow she walked away mumbling. So I get home and look over the copied papers she gave me, I was like what the heck!! IT made no sense. She spoke of her microwave technology and a raft and how Obama got elected from the 900 million, 800 trillion and all the money madeon her microwave technology 667 rackaterring offenses. Everything was quite funny but made abosolutely no sense. She also attached a brochure from some womens care center that she wrote a bunch of mumbo jumbo on about how the center put every black women out of the shelter to keep her and the shelter safe. It was really weird. And I noticed she also gave a white man in office max the paper also. She did not give any of the balck customers her copies. She also attached her Florida driver's license, some other identity card and a benefits security card...very strange...