Sunday, March 8, 2009

Minnetonka, MN

I'd like to report a sighting of Marilyn Gibbs that happened around March, 2008. My dad and I were driving near the Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka, MN, just outside of Minneapolis, and as we stopped at a red light, she approached from the median, and signaled for my dad to roll down his window, which he did. She handed us a 15-page photocopied pamphlet, said something like, "I'm an activist!", and then walked on, presumably to other stopped cars. I still have the pamphlet, and I happened to be typing in the words "Mrs. Kunston Sawyer Rodwin Ringwald" to Google, and that's how I found this blog. The last few pages of the pamphlet include bus and train tickets that appear to map out her itinerary: from Effingham, IL to Sacramento, CA by Greyhound in January, 2008; from Martinsburg, WV to Chicago and then to Minot, ND by Amtrak in February, 2008; then from Bismarck, ND to Fargo and Grand Forks by March 8. She has handwritten next to the ticket "Crookston, Bemidji, St Paul, Golden Valley," which I assume is how she ended up where we encountered her. In retrospect, I feel kind of honored to have run into Marilyn, and I hope she ends up safe.