Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tavernier, FL

This encounter was so odd I was dying to get online to google this woman to find out if she was a missing person or a wanted criminal. Long story short, My family and I were on vacation in the keys and gave Marilyn a ride from Tavernier, Fl to Big Pine Key, Fl. from there we gave her money and put her on a bus to Key West. Before getting on the bus she gave my husband a handful of papers that she insisted we take. I thought at first that it was just the letter she wrote asking for help but, when I got back to where we were staying I discovered that she also gave us a copy of her Birth Certificate (lot of info there),copy of her Fl ID card and a copy of her Social Security Benefits card. There is a greyhound bus ticket receipt with notes written all over it and then there is also a copy of a lot of receipts with notes written all over them re: box and line rape??Warm up technology,sexual assaults in bathrooms, etc. From the info she left with me, I can say that her current plans are to get to San Juan, Puerto Rico (passport not needed there), she wants an identity and a race change. The hour or so she spent in my car she was very polite and very grateful. I am a nurse and about 100% sure that she has a mental illness. Whatever Marilyn is searching for I hope she finds it. Like I stated earlier, I do have her photo ID with address in Miami, her DOB and all of her other info from her Birth Certificate, I would not feel right posting everything about her on this blog. I will say that she has a twin.